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ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 3: The Artifacts of Electricity: (Chapter 2)

ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 3: The Artifacts of Electricity: (Chapter 2)

Posted January 17th, 2020 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

A/N: Well, the last chapter got reads faster than before, so I'll post the next chapter. Enjoy :)



Chapter 2


Draco took in a deep breath to concentrate as his irises glowed cyan, facing towards Encounter. Encounter just smiled.

Draco dashed at him, readying a kick. Encounter swiped his hand in a plus sign shape, and a force erupted alike to the one he moved Kaze with. Both Draco and Encounter flew in their respective backwards.

Draco recovered and landed on his feet before doing the same attack again.

Encounter, who had positioned a good bit away, swiftly beginning a cast for a spell that looked identical to the one that cast a small flurry of homing bolts, hands glowing light blue.

Draco quickly changed his orientation, creating a sphere of plasma in each hand. Encounter used the spell and the identical blue bolts flew in unpredictable patterns towards Draco.

Draco quickly spun around, detonating the spheres in a way that it made an explosive shield that caused the bolts to dissipate.

“Hmph,” Encounter said.

Draco then used a burst from his hand to rocket towards Encounter, preparing a flurry of blows.

Encounter glowed a neutral white and took up a stance preparing for Draco, evidently not wanting to play keep away this time.

Draco then used a burst on the ground in front of him, causing a dust cloud to envelop Encounter.

Afterwards, Draco flew into the cloud from his aerial position, and attempted an axe kick from above.

Encounter grabbed Draco’s leg smoothly as can be, and using Draco’s forward momentum, redirected him, slamming Draco into the ground.

Draco quickly rolled forward on the floor, getting up as he did. Encounter swiped, and blew the dust away, once again launching Draco, but not himself.

Draco rebounded again using bursts, trying to make sure he had a clear view of what was happening.

“You really wanna take this to CQC, don’t you?” Encounter said.

“Well it’s evident you prefer the long range strategy,” Draco replied.

“Usually that’s because I can hide behind a dragon. If you really must test me, I’m not gonna make it easy for you,” Encounter replied with a smile.

“You make it sound like its a bad thing that I wanna test myself.” Draco smiled as he reaffirmed his stance from earlier.

“You always think I make it sound like a bad thing! Is my voice really that grating on your ears?” Encounter chuckled, a neutral white glow emanating from him.

“Okay so he’s doing that glow again… But I’m not entirely sure what it does yet,” Draco thought to himself. “I’ll have to test it.”

Draco then did another rush at Encounter, preparing a kick to see what Encounter would do.

Encounter took up a stance that looked similar to the previous one, possibly the same.

Draco then sent the kick, aiming it at Encounter’s side, watching to see what happened, and aiming to be prepared if something did.

Encounter dipped suddenly to sweep out Draco’s other leg. Draco didn’t have enough time to react since Encounter moved far too quickly and unpredictably, and Draco’s leg was swept out followed quickly by Encounter slamming him chest-first into the ground by placing his palm on Draco’s back, somehow having moved fast enough.

Draco then rolled to the side and used a burst to distance himself from Encounter, giving him time to stand up.

“Okay… so he nullified my physical attack again. Like before. Maybe it boosts his reaction time or is a counter or something,” Draco thought to himself. “Regardless, it seems to be his answer for dealing with my insistence on close quarters attacking.”

Encounter had paused, seeing that Draco hadn’t made any moves. “Trying to figure it out, or plotting your next move or something?” he asked.

Draco smiled at him before creating several spheres of plasma in his hands and close around him in the air.

“Why not both?” Draco asked as he then sent the spheres at Encounter in varying directions before also boosting at him with bursts from his hands.

Encounter hesitated, before he made a new motion with his hand, that looked kinda like he was air-drawing a ‘Z’. A misty neutral white glow appeared in the air, and then solidified into a glossy-like wall just before Draco reached it. It was jagged and imperfect.

Draco used a burst to stop himself, not wanting to see what the wall could do just yet if he himself ran into it. Instead, he paid attention to his ranged attacks to see what would happen.

The attacks collided with the wall, and shortly after a sound like glass shattering was heard. The wall broke and dissipated into the air, but it had blocked the attacks.

“If I hadn’t hesitated that wall wouldn’t have broken…” Encounter commented. “And if I paused for any longer one or two might’ve got through. Good job.”

Draco smiled a bit as he then did a back step to distance himself again.

“So that must be a physical related ability if he had to use a different rune to counter the spheres. Gotta keep that in mind,” Draco said to himself mentally. “And think of a plan!”

As he thought, the people watching were discussing the battle so far.

“Draco’s doing pretty well so far,” Uchiho said to Saturo and Kaze.

“Yeah, he’s figuring out a strategy,” Kaze commented. 

“Think he’ll actually be able to beat Encounter?” Saturo questioned, munching on another party sized bag of chips.

“I’m not sure if that’s what he’s aiming for,” Uchiho said. “Maybe he already knows he can’t  ‘win’ but is trying to accomplish something else.”

Encounter picked up on their conversation. “I think he’s trying to get me to try as much as possible, and so far he’s doing pretty well at it.”

Draco smirked. “That’s what I’m going for all right. I already know your some leagues ahead of me, so I may as well see how far I can make you go before I throw in the towel.”

“Yesss! Finally I got something right!” Encounter chuckled. “Come on now, or I’ll go back to range assaults. Let’s get back to it.”

“Right.” Draco nodded as he got back into a stance, this time his hands and feet were covered in blue wisp-like flames. And he made even more spheres around him in the air, while also charging a big one in his right hand.

Encounter glowed neutral white and made motions with both of his hands, quick enough that none of them could follow them on normal terms. A massive white sphere of mist started to collect in front of him. 

Draco began sending the spheres at Encounter at a pretty constant rate, while still charging the larger one in his right hand.

Encounter raised one hand and swiped occasionally, deflecting them as they came to him.

“What do you think they’re doing?” Uchiho asked. “They’re both just kinda standing there.”

“What do you mean? They’re battling,” Saturo said, munching on chips.

“Well I know that, but they’re both staying in their spots. Before, Draco was charging at him again and again,” she said.

Draco shifted his right arm towards the front of him a bit as the sphere grew larger. Taking in a deep breath, his voice had a bit of an echo. “Nova…”

 Uchiho was watching curiously as Kaze and Saturo smiled, knowing what Draco was about to do. And Encounter simply smiled and waited.

The sphere suddenly grew even larger before Draco starting closing his hand, making the sphere condense in on itself and glow a bright light blue color that caused the grass beneath him to waver as it was generating wind. He slowly pulled his arm out and behind him, like he was going to throw a baseball.

Encounter crushed his ball, which had condensed into a sheer white glow, into his hand itself, with a smile. If one looked at him right, they could see his glow as any color imaginable.

“Go on,” he said.

Then, Draco swung his right arm forward and out in front of him, his hand outstretched as it faced towards Encounter. He gripped onto his wrist tightly with his left hand as Encounter seemed to ready the glowing ball he had made.

“PULSE!” Draco then yelled. The sphere exploded into a large wild beam-shaped torrent of blue plasma at Encounter, causing the ground to stir a little and a lot of wind to be generated, blowing away small rocks and nearly blowing away Satu’s chips.

Encounter quickly made movements and shouted something in his magic language, smiling the whole time. His orb flew out of his handthrough his handand directly into the huge beam, redirecting the entire thing into itself and nullifying the energy completely as it contacted it.

Draco seemed a bit surprised to say the least. His attack faded away as he stopped putting energy into it. “Interesting.”

“Very,” Saturo commented, having finished another bag of chips.

“It was really cool too,” Uchiho added.

“Well, since that attack didn’t entirely work, I guess I’ll have to try something else,” Draco said with a slight smile, his enthusiasm not lessened at all by his largest attack being completely nullified.

Encounter raised his hand, and the orb came back as a mist, charging again. “Not even gonna question that, huh? I like that. Figure it out later, right?”

“Well it kinda spoils the fun if you just tell me.” Draco smiled.

“Would you like a hint?” Encounter smiled back.

“Well I assume you can do something with that sphere there that came out of the clash,” Draco said. “But if you want to, then sure. I’ll take a hint.”

“It’s physical based, multi-elemental as they say and may involve my specialty.” Encounter smirked.

“Specialty, huh? Guess I might have to up the ante some,” Draco said with a slight smirk.

“Wait… is he gonna use that technique?” Uchiho asked Kaze and Saturo, having an idea of what Draco was talking about.

“Yeeep!” Saturo said, eating yet another bag of chips. “Sparking Spirit!”

As they spoke, Draco made a sphere of plasma in his hand. It looked underwhelming compared to the ones he made throughout the battle.

“I take it you haven’t seen me use this trick yet?” Draco asked Encounter with a smile as he held the sphere in his hand.

“Not at all, I might get Jagged over here in case I need them. This sounds exciting.” Encounter smiled, whistling for Jagged afterwards.

“Then I’ll introduce you.” Draco threw the sphere up into the sky, before reaching his hand up towards it. “Sparking Spirit!”

The sphere suddenly turned a bright red with raging embers emanating off of it as Draco then pulled his hand down towards him, causing the sphere to shoot down at him, glowing brighter as it did.

“Times three!” Draco yelled as he then absorbed the sphere, and a split second later, erupted with a large red aura that burned like an inferno around him as it generated high winds around him, and made the ground shake, with small red bolts of electricity surging across his body. “RRAAAAAARGH!”

Draco winced a bit through clenched teeth as he smiled at Encounter, who looked impressed and worried.

As the aura around Draco seemed to settle a bit, its energy was burning his shirt a bit.

“You alright there?” Encounter asked, as Jagged had come over and now laid down near the onlookers.

“As long as I don’t go over triple, I’ll just have some scuffs and bruises. Unless you do something to add to that,” Draco said as his shirt practically burned away, and he was sweating a bit. “Good thing Glare got me heat proof pants.”

Encounter chuckled lightly. “Not like it makes that much of a difference. Jagged, what do you think?”

Jagged growled and made a small roar from behind.

Draco simply narrowed his eyes a bit and smiled at the skeleton dragon.

“I dunno, Draco’s got a lot of power there,” Encounter replied.

Jagged grumbled at Encounter.

“Fine, I’ll try to take him by myself.” Encounter gave in, turning back to Draco. “You’re really gonna make me try, eh? You don’t seem acclimated yet, so do your best.”

“It hurts a good bit less than when I first attempted it. So there’s that at least,” Draco replied before red plasma flames appeared on his feet and hands. The hand flames took form similar to claws. “Lets see how you deal with me when I’ve tripled all of my fighting abilities!”

Encounter had prepared about a dozen of his own white orbs at this point, and he looked intent on using them effectively.

Draco smiled as his irises had a slight reddish glint due to the aura as he then dashed forward. But he appeared to flicker out of sight for a moment as just a dust cloud appeared behind where he was.

Encounter seemed to focus for a moment before his face lit up and he quickly blocked in front of himself with his arms.

Draco then spontaneously appeared a moment after, his strike being blocked by Encounter, causing a slight burnt crater to appear at their feet from the impact as Draco smiled, looking up at Encounter before taking a back step away from him.

“Woah!” Uchiho exclaimed, a bit excited. 

“Things are gonna get more serious now.” Kaze chuckled as Saturo devoured his chips.

Meanwhile, Encounter growled at Draco. “You shouldn’t make me use my shield…” He then grabbed one of the orbs and crushed it between his hands, driving it into the ground with a few loud words in a magic language.

The ground split and cracked and a massive stone hand flew out of the cracked ground, exploding directly at Draco in an attempt to grab him.

Draco swiftly created a sphere of plasma in one of his hands and slammed it into the stone hand, causing it to explode and turn to dust.

The dust, however, didn’t stop rushing Draco. It’s redoubled efforts created a storm of sorts as it flurried in a rage.

Draco covered his face to defend from the dust as he then took in a deep breath before letting out a loud yell that forced the dust away from him.

Encounter, while Draco was doing this, had taken another sphere and took up a similar pose that Draco did and once again shouted. So when Draco yelled, Encounter opened his palm and loosed a massive beam blast, like the one Draco had used, only more concentrated to one spot. Effectively smaller.

Draco quickly leapt into the air, keeping an eye on the beam and Encounter as he then made two large spheres of plasma in his hands, and was charging them. Encounter adjusted the beam upwards, simultaneously throwing another orb into the air and yelling, which dissipated into a mist, but did nothing more at the moment.

Draco then used one of his hands that was enveloped in a plasma sphere,  using it as a sort of non damaging contact point and he pushed himself off and away from the beam again, charging the spheres even more.

Encounter, the beam he was previously using having been spent, grabbed one of the spheres between his pointer finger and thumb, raising it high in the air and starting to say something in his language.

Draco landed across the yard from him, seeing that the beam was gone. He focused his attention on Encounter, while still charging the spheres in his hands.

Encounter started speaking louder, and his white orb started to turn yellow, electric yellow. A mist appeared where he’d previously thrown the orb, charged with electric bolts jumping between it.

Draco narrowed his eyes at Encounter as he watched the mist’s lightning bolts carefully.

Encounter shouted a last couple of phrases, and the orb in his hand shot up into the center of the mist.

“Low tier!” Encounter shouted. “ROAR!”

The electricity emanated a thunderous grumble, and the orb in the center changed. It began to resemble a reptilian eye, fully yellow. Then, it looked like an eye for sure, and it looked at Draco scarily.

“ZAP!” Encounter shouted.

It was enough warning for Draco, and enough of an order for the mist being. It immediately shot a massive blast of electricity at Draco.

Draco quickly made a spare sphere of plasma in the air next to him and sent it off away from him.

The blast redirected and struck the sphere instead.

Encounter chuckled. “Storm him!”

The being trembled and the mist’s area expanded. It started sending repeated pulses of electricity at Draco, like a machine gun.

Draco, in what seemed to be a moment, had decided on something and stretched his arms with the plasma spheres out in front of him at Encounter and the mist, making them condense and burn red. Afterwards, they started to orbit each other for a moment.

Then, for a moment, it felt like time was standing still as the bolts of electricity were only a few feet away from Draco.

“DUO NOVAPULSE! TIMES THREE!” Draco screamed. The spheres exploded into a gigantic red rotating beam of viciously surging plasma, surrounded by red lightning as it pushed forward relentlessly at high speed towards the cloud of mist and Encounter. Compared to the Novapulse from before, it was like comparing a stream to a large raging river. “RRRAAAAAAAARGH!”

The others simply watched in what seemed like a mix of shock and mild, silent fear as the beam approached Encounter.

Encounter quickly stomped, and all of the orbsthere were six leftnext to him dissipated. Within an instant, Jagged was in front of him, roaring and projecting a massive bone wall in front of the beam. Encounter was apparent in his lack of confidence that he could stop this by himself.

The bone wall splintered and cracked and even melted under the pressure. It turned black from the intense heat, looking more like charcoal than bone. But Jagged just simply roared again even louder and it regenerated, this time twice as bulky.

This kept on for what was only a few seconds in real time, but for Draco and Encounter, it felt like the struggle was going on for hours.

“RAAARGH!” Draco screamed one more time as the last of the beam surged out, nearly doubling in size before starting to fizzle out a few seconds later.

Then, just like that, it was over. What was left was just Encounter and Jagged behind a burnt, cracked wall of blackened bones, and across from them, a Sparking Spirit-less Draco, who was covered in bruises and scuff marks. Draco was still hot enough that his sweat was trailing off of him in the form of steam as he stood there shakily, his muscles seemingly spazzing a bit, flexing and relaxing on their own due to how much effort he put into the blast.

Finally, after standing for a few more seconds, Draco’s shaking, bruised legs gave out and he collapsed to the floor, lying on the now dry and burnt trail of dirt his attack had made. Not a word spoken.

The rest of them stayed in their spots for a few silent moments before they seemingly realized what had just happened.

“Draco!” Uchiho exclaimed as she along with Kaze and Saturo quickly stood up and ran over to him, he was still kinda just laying there, breathing, but not really moving.

Encounter didn’t move; stunned. He was still processing what had happened, slightly bewildered by it. “Even if bone isn’t a good counter to plasma… that was still brutal…” he thought to himself.

While he was thinking, the other three had managed to carefully roll Draco over so his face was facing up at the sky, seemingly unconscious.

“Well, he’s breathing. That’s good.” Uchiho stood up and ran inside the house to get something, probably to deal with Draco being decently injured.

“He really tried his best, huh?” Saturo commented, looking over at Kaze and Encounter.

“Yeah… he used his Sparking Spirit times three.” Kaze nodded. “But that sure was a fun battle to watch!” He grinned.

Uchiho then returned with her instrument and a first aid kit.

She sat down next to Draco and started to play her instrument as Kaze, Saturo, Encounter, and Jagged watched. A few moments later, the instrument and her began glowing a golden color, releasing what seemed to be pulses of energy.

Kaze then noticed that as the pulses came into contact with him, the slight soreness he had gotten from his match had faded away.

And as the pulses hit Draco, his bruises and scuff marks started to fade away.

“Oh hey, he’s healing.” Saturo noticed.

After a few more seconds of her playing her instrument, Draco was essentially at the same condition he was when the match started, minus a shirt of course.

“That was quite the match, wasn’t it?” Glare’s voice was then heard. Everyone except for Uchiho and Draco looked over and saw Glare floating in the air a few meters away, in a criss-cross position, drinking tea quite calmly.

“It was self destructive for sure…” Encounter mumbled, disturbed.

Glare smiled, his feet returning to the ground. “One could say that. Though, I saw a lot of improvement on Draco’s part. Even Kaze.”

“Really?!” Kaze asked. “You were watching the whole time?”

Glare nodded. “I didn’t have anything to do, I only told you you had an hour so I could see how you would spend it.”

“I figured as much…” Encounter commented. “You’re a mysterious one. I didn’t actually expect you to have had nothing better to do, other than watch Kaze get a few minor hits in and Draco burn himself out like a candle.”

“Personally… I think it’s more like gunpowder.” They then heard Draco say as he had woken up by now. He still seemed to be wincing a bit as Uchiho healed him. “Anyway, I accomplished my goal of the match. So I’m happy.”

“You made me use minor dragon magic for sure,” Encounter said. “I’m still reeling, honestly.”

“Really? And why’s that? Wasn’t expecting that amount of force?” Draco asked as Saturo tossed him his jacket.

“No, because that was essentially self-sacrifice into an attack that didn’t even hit me,” Encounter paused and looked at his left arm, which was slightly scorched. “Much.”

“Well it wasn’t my goal to hit you. It was just to make you try. If you couldn’t actually stop the attack in any capacity, then Glare would have probably done something. Though, I assumed you’d be able to since you hadn’t used Jagged yet,” Draco said. “And besides, Sparking Spirit is only a technique I should use in an actual combat scenario if there’s literally no other options left. It’s a last resort.”

“So it’s your trump card?” Kaze asked.

“You could say that. It multiplies all of my fighting abilities. But there will probably be times where I don’t even use it for retaliation or attacking,” Draco replied. “Plus, I obviously can’t use it for too long or at too much of a high multiplier, or else there will be a chance of what I just did happen. Using up most of my energy and essentially making my autonomic nervous system shut everything but my vitals down.” 

“Indeed.” Glare snapped his fingers and his empty cup of tea disappeared. “Well, since you’re done, I can drop you off at your lesson.”

“Sure,” Draco said, standing up. “But should I get a new shirt first? Or at least my bag?”

“Go ahead. Everyone else, to the spaceship.” Glare turned and walked over his spaceship that was parked on the other side of the front yard.

Draco ran inside the house, while the others followed Glare to his spaceship. They all took their seats, and once Draco returned with a new shirt and his bag, took off into space. 

Kaze, Saturo, and Draco wondered what their training session was gonna be like, since this was the first time they were leaving the Light Planet for it. And of course, they wondered who was going to be training them.

A/N: To be contineud in the next chapter...
Also fair note, I kind of did try to stretch this book out a bit so it got long.... But eh, it's not too bad. I did rush a lot of it. Still enjoyable though, so I hope you enjoy :)

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