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ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 3: The Artifacts of Electricity: (Chapter 20)

ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 3: The Artifacts of Electricity: (Chapter 20)

Posted July 7th, 2021 by QuartzMaster

by UltimateOsaid
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 20


Kaze grumbled silently. He was upset, for many reasons. His plan failed, Glare caught him and wasn’t happy, and most importantly, he was still a newbie. 

This whole mission was supposed to be his chance to prove he wasn’t a newbie, yet what did he do? Prove that he still was. And he’d been caught; there was nothing he could do now. He imagined many scenes in his head, where he would disobey Glare and continue on with this whole artifacts of electricity business… but all of those ended with him getting into either more trouble, or actually end up getting killed.

So Kaze sat there in Glare’s spaceship and did nothing. He didn’t even look at Draco, who sat beside him. He just stared at the floor of the ship. 

“Yo guys?” Saturo then entered the spaceship. “Mehrunes suddenly just teleported me here. What happened?”

“Glare caught us. Mostly Kaze,” Draco said, sounding unbothered by this development. It was mostly Kaze that was bothered, as he was still grumbling quietly.

“Oh shoot!” Saturo slightly flinched. “Is he mad? Where is he now?”

Before Draco could respond, Kaze jumped up. 

“Satu, do you have the-” He then stopped when he saw that the axe wasn’t in Saturo’s hands. “Dang it!” There went his other plan to be involved with Dakure’s defeat. 

Saturo rubbed the back of his head. “Yeah uh… this one guy that called himself Tenker snatched it from me. I couldn’t really do anything.”

“What about Lagi?” Draco asked. He seemed far more concerned about him than the artifact.

“Lagi’s still down there,” Saturo answered. “And I’d assume everyone else is too.”

Glare then suddenly appeared in the spaceship. 

“Alright, you three will be going home. I will deal with you later,” Glare said, pressing some buttons on the spaceship. After he plugged in some coordinates, the spaceship left the planet’s ground. “You’re not supposed to be involved in this. And in fact, you only made it worse.” Without saying another word, Glare then jumped out of the spaceship. The door closed before the spaceship took off into space. 

Kaze sat there silently as he watched the stars pass by, thinking about all that had happened so far, and what he was going to do about it. 


Gagger cursed under his breath as he ran across the walls of the maze. The helmet was under his supervision and he was almost a hundred percent sure that it would be there for Dakure to take later on. But someone had taken the helmet while he was busy messing around with Mehrunes and Kaze. 

“I didn’t sense anyone, so what the fudge?!” Gagger thought to himself. He didn’t hear anyone either, or see anyone. None of his senses were able to catch onto whoever had taken the artifact. 

If he didn’t find the person and locate that artifact, Dakure would be mad at him. It was his job to watch over that artifact until Dakure was finished with Glare. And he had failed to do such a simple task. 

Gagger cursed again. He then saw Lagi standing near some stairs, all alone. Gagger pounced at him, unsheathing his sword midair, before he landed right in front of him, bringing his sword to Lagi’s neck. 

“Where the frick is it?!” Gagger exclaimed. He didn’t know who it was that took the helmet, but he assumed Lagi might have had something to do with it. Gagger was desperate at this point. He didn’t want to face Dakure like this.

Lagi let out a shrill shriek. “What?! Sword!? Sharp!” he shouted out, falling down in shock.

Gagger growled. “Where is it?!”

“What is it?!” Lagi began slowly crawling backwards.

“The freaking artifact, you dolt!” Gagger snapped.

“Vanished!” Lagi shouted. “W-what’s a dolt though?”

“Are you retarded or something?!” Gagger shouted. “I’m asking you a simple question here! Where. Is. The. Artifact?!”

“S-Saturo had it! Then it vanished, then he vanished!” Lagi answered, bumping into a wall. “S-so… can you please move your sword? You can hurt people with that, you know…”

“He didn’t take the helmet, Gagger,” Tenker said from the top of one of the walls of the maze. He spun the axe that Saturo had in his hands, and then leapt over beside Gagger. “He was here the whole time. I was watching him.”

Gagger, having heard what Tenker said, then retreated his sword, sheathing it. 

“Then who the heck was it!?” Gagger snarled.

Tenker shrugged. “I didn’t see anyone else besides him, the other three guys who are gone now, and the guy you fought with.”

Gagger clenched his fists. “Dakure’s gonna be so pissed if he finds out…”

“Yeah… we should probably do a search. Like, right now,” Tenker suggested. He looked over at Lagi. “How many people came with you?”

“Um…” Lagi then started counting on his fingers, restarting a few times. “N-nine? Yeah… nine!”

“Great, there’s freaking nine of you.” Gagger groaned. “Alright Tenker, let’s find this guy quickly!” 

“C-can I go now?” Lagi asked, slowly standing up.

“Yeah, you can.” Tenker patted him on the head with a sly smile.

“Okay! Thanks scary people!” Lagi said as he began sprinting up the stairs.

Gagger and Tenker then exchanged looks with each other before they looked up at some holes in the ceiling. They jumped all the way up to the holes and left that particular dungeon, beginning to search for the person who had taken the helmet.


“Whew!” Vivofit wiped off some sweat from his head, looking at his precious spaceship with a smile. “Finally done with repairs!” 

Vulgon picked up all the tools and put them back in the toolbox as Vivofit opened the spaceship door.

“Repairs are finally finished!” Vivofit exclaimed as he entered. Encounter, Uchiho, and Legion all looked over at him. 

“Good to know,” Legion said. “The others are taking a while though…”

“They’ve always taken a while,” Vulgon commented as he entered the ship. “Last time they took a while, and the time before that they took a while as well.”

“Yeah well, I don’t like this ‘while,’” Legion said. He moved over to the door, opening it right after Vulgon had closed it.

“You gonna go check on them?” Vulgon asked him.

“See if they’re okay,” Legion said.

“How will you know where they are?” Uchiho asked.

“I have a way,” Legion replied before leaping out of the ship and landing on the ground.

He then stood there for a second, glancing around for a bit.

He then dashed off into the temple without a word.

He ran through several rooms, not paying attention to any traps or dangers inside, as if he knew they meant nothing to him.

He then saw Lagi up ahead, and nearly came to a complete halt before stopping in front of him.

“Hi there!” Lagi said.

“Did the others already leave?” Legion asked.

“Yeah, I’m the only one left, they all tele-” Lagi started. He was interrupted by Legion promptly scooping Lagi up with one arm and running back towards the ship.

When he arrived, he opened the door with his free hand and gently set Lagi on the floor before getting in and closing the ship door.

“Start the ship,” Legion said as Lagi got into a seat and buckled in.

“What about the others?”

“Glare already picked them up,” he replied.

“How do you know that?” Encounter asked.

“Who’s Glare?” Lagi asked, smiling at the seatbelt.

“I’ll explain later, Vivo, Vulgon. Start the ship,” Legion said in a more serious tone.

“What about Mehrunes? Where is he?”

“He’ll be here in a bit. Give him a second.”

Accurately enough, a few moments later Mehrunes blipped into the spaceship. 

“Oh, there he is,” Vulgon commented. “So that’s all? We can get moving now?”

“As long as no one else left the ship while I was gone and hasn’t come back,” Legion replied.

“Aight then.” Vulgon turned to face the front. He and Vivofit pressed some buttons and flicked some switches, and the spaceship turned on. The spaceship then lifted off the ground before proceeding to leave the temple through the holes it made before. 


“Heck yea!” John Ceno ran through dungeons. In his hands was an artifact of electricity, the helmet that was on the statue. He didn’t know what he was getting himself into. He initially just wanted to mess around with Kaze and Saturo, since he had nothing else to do. 

Using the spaceship that his father had left him, he came to planet Miyat. Once he had landed, he used his powers to track Kaze and Saturo, found Kaze with Mehrunes at the statue, and decided to take the helmet, since Kaze seemed to be trying to get it. 

John had easily taken it due to his impressive stealthiness. It wasn’t until he had already left that maze room that Gagger noticed the helmet was gone. 

And John’s arrival to the surface of planet Miyat was near, though he had no idea that Gagger and Tenker would soon be after him. 

“I wonder what Kaze’s reaction will be once he finds out that I took this helmet, heh…” John chuckled, imagining Kaze being annoyed and irritated that he had taken the helmet he was after. “I bet he’d be glad to see me.” 

John ran up some stairs when he heard someone chasing from behind him. John looked back for a second, and a wave of darkness almost hit him in the face. 

“Oh sh-” John jumped to the side, dodging the attack. The wave of darkness hit the stairs in front of him and destroyed them. 

John, still invisible, turned to look at his attacker. Gagger stood below, holding his sword out in front of him menacingly. John knew that he was very irritated. Quickly, John recalled that Gagger was guarding that helmet… and he had antagonized him by taking it. 

“I know you’re there,” Gagger then said. 

“What?! How?!” John exclaimed mentally. John had hid all traces of himself, he was in full stealth mode! Shaking his head, John decided to figure it out. He needed to know his weaknesses so that he could counter them. 

“How do you know that I’m here?” John then asked. 

Gagger looked up at where John was darkly, even though he couldn’t see him. 

“Your invisibility is on point, and you hide yourself well…” Gagger explained. “But you failed in one spot.” 

“Uh huh… and what’s that spot I failed in?” John questioned.

Gagger then smirked. “You didn’t hide the artifacts’ energy. Or should I say, you can’t hide its energy.”

“What?” John looked down at the helmet he was carrying. He saw that it was covered in small bolts of electricity. It was practically an energy sensing neon sign. “Oh right, artifact… that’s what this is.” 

“Whoever you are, give me the helmet,” Gagger threatened. “Or else I will find a way to hurt you.” He swung his sword around with haste. 

John laughed a bit. “Yeah, sure.” 

“I wouldn’t take this lightly if I were you,” Gagger warned him. 

“Neither would I, if I was here in the first place.” John jumped past the broken stairs and ran for it. He didn’t need to look back to know that Gagger was chasing him. 

“Shiz, I think I just provoked him more…” John thought to himself when Gagger was catching up with him very quickly. 

He then got an idea. When Gagger kicked off the wall and slashed his sword at where John was, he used the invisible helmet to block the attack, only to then realize that that was a terrible idea and a double edged sword. 

Giant bolts of electricity burst out from the helmet, hitting both John and Gagger. Both of them screamed in pain for a moment; John was also no longer invisible. 

Gagger and John were on opposite sides of the stairs, and the helmet was right in between them. They looked at each other, and then at the helmet, before they both jumped at it. 

But Gagger used his sword to pick the helmet up before John could even reach it. He tossed it back to himself before he swung his sword at John’s face. John moved back swiftly, dodging most of the attack, but still got a little cut on his cheek. 

John cursed as he then turned invisible again. 

Gagger just chuckled and caught the helmet. He looked around carefully, expecting John to attack from any direction. Once he saw a drop of blood in mid air, he knew where John was. 

Grinning, Gagger jumped to the side, held his sword backwards so that the blade was facing behind him, and jabbed it back, stabbing John right in the stomach. 

“Urgh!” John winced, becoming visible once again. “Shiz…” 

“You’re very foolish, I did warn you at first,” Gagger said, taking his blade out of John’s stomach. “You didn’t listen, so now you’re gonna die.” 

“No… no I’m not.” John chuckled, tapping an earpiece- a device that was in his ear. “Computer, I need help!” John exclaimed. 

Before Gagger could react, a sudden explosion went off at the top of the stairs. The foundation of the structure collapsed, and a black spaceship with weapons out appeared. 

Gagger stared at the spaceship in disbelief. “What the frick? Why… how do you have an Obsidian Cruiser?!” he exclaimed.

John acted quickly while Gagger was distracted, kicking Gagger in the chest and sending him down the stairs. He grabbed the helmet and tossed it up towards the spaceship, which had turned sideways and opened a side door. The helmet fell right into the ship.

“See ya chump!” John then said. As he still was wincing, a hand to his stomach in an attempt to stop the bleeding, John jumped into the spaceship. The door closed right away.

Gagger growled, shooting a quick wave of darkness at the spaceship. It didn’t do any damage to it, however. The spaceship just turned around, its rear facing Gagger. 

Then it took off into space, blasting Gagger further down the stairs. 

Gagger cursed, slamming his fist at one of the steps of the stairs, completely cracking it. “That son of a gun…”

“Was I just seeing things, or did you just get attacked by an Obsidian Cruiser?” Tenker then appeared behind Gagger. 

“What do you think, dipshiz?” Gagger growled, getting up and grabbing his sword. “Yes, he had a freaking Obsidian Cruiser! I don’t know where the heck he got one, but he has one.”

Tenker nodded, scratching his chin. “I see. He did take the artifact with him, so we’ll have to investigate him.” 

Gagger just growled as he sheathed his sword. 

“But hey! On the bright side, Dakure won’t be so mad since this guy did have an Obsidian Cruiser. So you’re off the hook this time.” Tenker patted Gagger on the back with a smile. 

“Why the heck did you not help me?” Gagger growled. 

“Because, I was busy. Glare is still down there fighting Dakure. Or, he was,” Tenker said. “I don’t know where he went.”

“He left the planet.” Gagger and Tenker then saw Dakure standing there in front of them. “He ran like a coward. I was successful in taking the artifact from him, so now we only have two more.”

“Yeah, one’s with that teleporting kid, and the other is with the guy with the Obsidian Cruiser,” Gagger said. 

Dakure raised an eyebrow. “An Obsidian Cruiser?”

Gagger nodded. “He called it right before I could kill him.”

Dakure frowned. “Hm. We must go after him then, and get that artifact back. We’ve got no time to lose, let’s return to our spaceship.” 

“Yes sir,” Gagger and Tenker both said.

To be continued in the next chapter....

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