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ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 3: The Artifacts of Electricity: (Chapter 22)

ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 3: The Artifacts of Electricity: (Chapter 22)

Posted July 9th, 2021 by QuartzMaster

by UltimateOsaid
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 22


“Shiz…” John winced, his hand over his wound. His spaceship, an Obsidian Cruiser, had just left planet Miyat’s atmosphere. 

“Are you okay, Ceno?” the artificial intelligence implanted into the Obsidian Cruiser asked. 

“Does it look like I’m okay? Frick, I’m bleeding a lot.” John looked at his hand and it was covered in blood. “Crap!”

“In the back of the ship, there’s a healing pod,” the AI said. “It can fix you up.” 

“Wait, there’s a healing pod?” John looked back and saw a medical bed surrounded by glass. He walked over to it and inspected it. There were metallic arms with tools on them attached to the pod. 

“Go ahead and lie down inside. And make sure nothing is covering your wound,” the AI told him. 

“Aight.” John took off his shirt and climbed into the pod, laying down as the glass closed around him. The metallic arms then began to move, rapidly fixing John and ridding of his wound. 

John looked down at his stomach with a surprised expression on his face as the glass opened back up. His wound was completely gone. 

“Dang, that’s amazing…” He rubbed the area where his wound used to be. 

“You now will feel better than before,” the AI said. “I’ve used your father’s cells to heal you.”

“Wait, what?!” John looked up at the front of the spaceship, at the computer screen. “That’s kinda weird, not gonna lie.” He grabbed a white tank top from a sliding closet and put it on. “Oh well. Take me to some other planet. I’d like some fresh air.”

“Would you like to go to planet Geon Honia?” The AI asked. “It is not too far from our current location, you would arrive in a few minutes.”

“Yeah, sure, les do that.” John nodded. He sat in the pilot’s seat and laid back, patiently waiting for his ship to land. 


“Yeah, they’ve got one artifact with them.” Gagger nodded, looking at Vivofit’s spaceship that was in front of them. “The amulet.”

He and Dakure were standing behind Tenker, who was driving the spaceship, tailing Vivofit’s spaceship. When Gagger had located John Ceno, Tenker found Vivo’s spaceship and kept track of it. Once Vivofit’s spaceship left planet Miyat, they followed it. 

They followed them all the way to the Light Planet, and waited out in space, assuming they were going to go back in space in search of the artifact that John had taken. Their assumption was proven right then, as Vivofit’s spaceship left the Light Planet’s atmosphere. 

And that was what they were currently doing: tailing Vivofit’s spaceship through space. 

“Maybe they’re going to regroup with the guy that had the Obsidian Cruiser,” Tenker commented as they drifted through space. 

“They must be.” Dakure nodded. 

“All ten of the artifacts will be in one place… things are looking good from here,” Gagger said. 

“Mmmm yes.” Dakure grinned. “I look forward to this. Soon I will have infinite energy!” 

Little did Dakure know, Glare was in a spaceship along with Stare, following behind him. Three spaceships were flying through space, all headed to the same destination… Planet Geon Honia, where John was. 

As the three spaceships were flying through space, John had already landed on the surface of this planet. He sat in a vast rocky desert, leaning against a large rock, looking down at the helmet he had taken. His spaceship was parked beside the rock, very close to him.

“What exactly is this artifact thing…?” John muttered to himself. He could see symbols of lightning bolts on the helmet. He scratched the helmet, seeing it was made out of pretty durable metal. “It made some sort of shockwave explosion when that guy’s sword made contact with it… hmmmm…” 

John was curious about what exactly this helmet was, and what else it could do. He also wondered why Kaze and Saturo were after this helmet… 

But John’s pondering was soon interrupted by a loud sound. He looked up and noticed… Vivofit’s spaceship had just crashed in the distance. Shortly after, the side door of Vivofit’s spaceship opened, and John could see multiple people running towards him: Kaze, Saturo, Draco, Mehrunes, and Legion. 

“John! The helmet! Give it to us!” Kaze exclaimed. 

“Huh?” John stood up, holding the helmet. But just as he did, he saw a black spaceship land in the corner of his eye. Just as he turned to look over at it, he saw Gagger flying right at him, infused with a black aura. Way behind Gagger stood Dakure and Tenker, watching.

“Oh sh-” Before John could react, he was punched in the face, hard. “Gah!” 

“I’ll be taking this.” Gagger kicked the helmet up and grabbed it. 

As John sat back up, rubbing his cheek where he was bruised, he saw another black spaceship land in between the other two. Out of this one came Glare and Stare. 

“Shoot… this helmet is really important, huh? Heck no I’m not getting involved in this…” John turned himself invisible and quickly hopped into his spaceship. Gagger didn’t care since he had the helmet with him. 

As John’s spaceship disappeared into space, Gagger looked over at everyone else. Everyone was spread out, a distance of at least a hundred and fifty feet in between them. 

“Well, well, well!” Dakure then made himself the center of attention. “Here I am, Glare! Close to achieving my goal!” 

“Tch!” Glare positioned himself in a fighting position, ready for battle. His brother did the same, standing right beside him. 

Meanwhile, Kaze, Saturo, Draco, Mehrunes, and Legion were hiding behind a rock. Emiliya had joined them too, hiding herself from Glare. Glare had noticed Vivofit’s spaceship when he had landed. But that wasn’t important to him; stopping Dakure was. 

“It’s almost too late now, Glare,” Gagger said, walking up next to Dakure with the helmet. “We have nine of the artifacts.”

“And the last one?” Glare questioned. Gagger handed the helmet to Dakure, who then made it disappear, putting it with the other artifacts he had gathered, somewhere no one but him could reach. 

“The last one will be mine as well.” Dakure smiled. “Its whereabouts…” He raised a hand, pointing it right at the rock that Kaze, Saturo, Draco, Mehrunes, Legion, and Emiliya were hiding behind. The rock was then tossed to the side, revealing all of them. “Are with them!”

Glare looked over, only to frown in disappointment and slight anger once he saw Kaze’s face. 

“Shoot…” Kaze breathed. 

“Kaze! What did I tell you and the others?!” Glare exclaimed. 

Before Kaze could respond, Emiliya stepped forward.

“I made them come. It’s my fault, not theirs,” Emiliya stated.

Kaze was shocked. Emiliya was defending him? Well, defending him, Saturo, and Draco, but that still included him. Why was she doing this?

Glare looked at Emiliya. “Emiliya? Why are you here?” Then he shook his head. “Nevermind, we’ll talk later. Now we have to stop Dakure.” 

Suddenly, Legion smashed the ground right behind Mehrunes, causing it to shake a bit. Kaze, Saturo, Draco, and Mehrunes were alarmed. 

“Tch!” Gagger, who apparently was right behind Mehrunes, held the handle of his sword, about to unsheathe it. Legion had stopped him from hurting Mehrunes.

“I’m afraid tricks like that aren’t gonna fly with me around bud,” Legion said, as he pulled out one of his hammers. The handle and head of the hammer then fluctuated in length and size in a seemingly random manner before locking into a specific shape, a medium sized hammer head with a long handle, which he held with both hands, like a combination of a staff and a sledgehammer.

Gagger looked frustrated, to say the least, as now Legion was standing between him and Mehrunes. 

“Tch.” Gagger shook his head. “Making this harder than it needs to be…” 

“Hey Meh, how about you take the sneaky one over there?” Legion pointed off at a pile of rocks with his hammer, though no one seemed to be there. “He seems more your speed compared to reckless over here.”

“Oi, who you callin’ reckless?” Gagger questioned, unsheathing his sword.

“You,” Legion said, before he suddenly struck Gagger hard in the jaw with his hammer, sending him back a good distance. “Cause you chose to mess with people I’m guarding.”

“Tch!” Gagger looked annoyed as he landed on the ground. “You’re gonna regret that, dipshiz.”

“Am I? Then I’d like to know who’s gonna make me. Cuz it sure as heck is not you,” Legion scoffed as he did some stretches, still holding his hammer. 

“Tsk, this brat is annoying.” Dakure suddenly appeared behind Legion. “Where’d the one with the artifact go?” 

“You’ll have to ask him,” Legion replied simply.

“You’re in our way.” Dakure blasted Legion away, an annoyed look on his face. As Legion crashed into some rocks, Glare appeared in front of Dakure. 

“I’m your opponent, Dakure,” Glare rasped, emitting a golden aura. He waved his hand, generating a giant orb of light, before he blasted Dakure back to his original spot. “Kaze! All of you get away, it’s too dangerous!” Glare then said. “Which one of you has the artifact?”

“I-I think Mehrunes…” Kaze said. 

“Mehrunes, give me the artifact.” Glare turned to Mehrunes, holding his hand out. Dakure charged forward, but Stare came in his way and prevented him from reaching Glare, giving him some time.

Mehrunes shrugged and tossed the amulet at Glare. Glare caught it swiftly. He then jumped up and flew over to the spaceship he had come with, in only a few seconds. 

“NOOO!” Dakure exploded, the terrain around him disintegrating into dust. Stare shielded himself with a barrier of black goo. 

Dakure then created a giant ball of red plasma and shot it at the spaceship Glare was about to enter, completely destroying it. 

“I won’t let you get away with the artifact!” Dakure hissed. Glare looked at the remains of the spaceship. 

“Blast…” Glare said. He had dodged, so he was fine, but the spaceship wasn’t. There went his plan to escape and hide that last artifact… 

“Now, I will be taking that artifact.” Dakure appeared in front of Glare and struck him. Glare blocked it and countered by slamming his fist right in Dakure’s gut. 

“Urgh!” Dakure was knocked up into the sky. Glare shot his hand up before bringing it down, knocking Dakure down right into the large crater he had made.

Glare put the artifact in his robe pocket and then summoned a bright glowing sword. He surrounded himself and the sword with a golden aura. 

Once Dakure got up and saw Glare like this, glaring at him with his aura flaring, he cursed. 

“Oi, you need some help?” Gagger and Tenker appeared beside Dakure. “He has the artifact with him… and he looks pretty angry… this won’t be easy.” 

“No, it certainly will not.” Stare smiled, looking down at them from the top of the crater. 

Dakure growled as he looked from Stare to Glare. 

Meanwhile, back to where Kaze and the others were, Kaze, Saturo, Draco and Mehrunes were watching cautiously. Behind them, a few meters away, Legion watched while crossing his arms. He must’ve crawled out from the rubble. In fact, he looked perfectly fine! 

“Hey.” Emiliya was next to him and spoke to him. “Gagger and Tenker are gonna give Glare a disadvantage, even with Stare there to help. I humbly request your assistance in distracting them from Glare.”

“Sure thing,” Legion said, pulling out a second hammer, twirling it and the first one in his hands as they rapidly changed handle and head sizes before locking into medium handle length with a larger head than before. “Let’s get started.”

They both then approached Glare and stood beside him, watching their opponents closely.

This was the most serious Kaze had ever seen Legion before. He looked a bit scary. So did Emiliya, in fact. He didn’t see her in her usual attractive state… she looked scary too.

“You two are gonna help me?’ Glare then said to Legion and Emiliya, without taking his eyes off of Dakure, Gagger, and Tenker.

“It just seems fair to even the numbers.” Legion smirked as he banged the heads of his hammers together before getting into a fighting stance. 

Emiliya nodded. “We’ll take care of Gagger and Tenker, Master. You can focus on Dakure without worrying about them.” 

“That is very assuring.” Glare sighed in relief, before he then pointed his sword at Dakure. “Alright, Dakure! This is the end of the line! If you don’t give up on this last artifact, then I’ll have to defeat you!” 

Dakure was irritated. 

“Fine.” He growled, emitting a dark glow as he summoned a sword similar to Glare’s, only it was darkness instead of light. “I’ll defeat you then, Glare. That artifact will be mine.” 

He held his sword out to the side, as Gagger and Tenker had their swords drawn and were in fighting positions. Stare blinked and looked at the three of them, before looking over at the three on Glare’s side. 

“Good grief, this has turned into a difficult situation…” He thought to himself.







To be continued in the next chapter....

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