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ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 3: The Artifacts of Electricity: (Chapter 23)

ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 3: The Artifacts of Electricity: (Chapter 23)

Posted July 11th, 2021 by QuartzMaster

by UltimateOsaid
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 23


Glare and Dakure’s eyes were locked as their auras flared. Emiliya and Legion were in fighting positions, focused on Gagger and Tenker, who were just as focused on them as they were. All of them were waiting for the other to make the first move. 

Emiliya then made the first move, stepping forward. She threw her hands to her sides and two swords of light generated, before she swung them at her opponents from a distance. It seemed like she had sliced at them from a distance.

Gagger and Tenker jumped back, while Dakure remained where he was, having blocked the attack with his sword. 

“Now, Legion, let’s go.” She then appeared behind Gagger and Tenker, who quickly turned around to face her, their backs to Dakure. 

“Sure thing,” He said, appearing next to her, holding a hammer in each hand. 

Gagger chuckled as he held his sword in front of his face. “Oh, do you actually plan to fight me, Emi?”

“Duh. I wouldn’t be here otherwise,” Emiliya retorted. 

“Then I suppose I’ll get to see if you’ve gotten any better or not.” Gagger swung his sword rapidly, generating tons of dark waves, which were all sent at Emiliya. 

Emiliya ran right at them, dodging each and every dark wave, before she struck with the sword she held in her right hand. Gagger blocked the attack with his sword, and when Emiliya went for his legs with her other sword, Gagger jumped. 

“So you’ve gotten faster.” He smirked while he was in midair. “Way faster than before.”

“You got that right.” Emiliya then slid right under Gagger and sliced at his back. Even though her blade made clear physical contact with Gagger’s skin, it did nothing to him. Only his robes were cut, which he seemed annoyed about. 

“Tch!” Gagger growled and quickly turned around to face her. “So you have gotten better. Guess there’s no point in holding back anymore.” His aura then flared. 

Emiliya stepped back, her body glowing as golden armor appeared around her. There were parts that were dark blue and white, at all of her joints, and her helmet’s sides pointed diagonally upwards like horns.

“Don’t leave your body exposed,” she said to Legion. “Or else you will be stabbed.” 

“I’m aware of that,” Legion said calmly. Tenker was just standing there watching as Gagger’s energy rose. He didn’t even have his sword drawn. 

It was like the two of them were waiting for Emiliya and Gagger to finish before doing anything themselves. 


Glare and Dakure clashed swords constantly with incredible speed. Both of them were focused on attacking each other, but unlike before, they were actually trying to hurt each other this time. Though neither was faster or better than the other, as both their attacks were powerful and precise that they canceled each other. 

This pattern was starting to annoy Dakure. He stopped attacking for a second, backing off from Glare. 

“I can’t seem to hit you now that you’re serious…” Dakure said, smirking. Glare just looked at him silently, waiting for his move. 

Dakure raised his sword, pointing it up at the sky as he continued to smirk. Glare knew he was up to something, he had something planned. 

“What is he doing?” Glare thought to himself. Glare watched Dakure very carefully, ignoring his surroundings since he was fully focused on his opponent. He could clearly see that Dakure was charging something. “I have to be cautious, or he’ll hurt me.” 

Glare let out some energy into his sword, preparing for a counter attack. 

“I’m just wondering one thing…” Dakure laughed as he lowered his sword, holding it behind him, ready to swing it. “Are you strong enough to negate my attack!?” 

He then swiftly swung his sword, as if it were a baseball bat and he was striking a homerun. A giant wave of darkness formed, it spread out over two hundred meters and was a hundred meters tall. 

It was less of a wave and more of a cataclysmic tsunami of shadow. 

“Blast…” Glare clenched his sword tightly. He had very little time to react, only a second or two, before the tsunami of darkness would hit him. He couldn’t dodge, even with his speed he would not be able to cover enough distance to avoid the attack. 

He was left with only one choice: to defend. 

Glare watched as the tsunami of darkness made its way towards him, and right before it hit him, he sliced his sword at it, discharging light from his entire body to form a barrier to protect himself. 

As Glare was busy doing that, Dakure was watching with a wide grin. He turned to his left, seeing that Kaze, Saturo, Draco, and Mehrunes were hiding in a hole. Mehrunes had dug it to avoid the dark tsunami attack. Kaze was looking out of the hole in shock; pellets of sweat fell down his forehead. Dakure grinned evilly.

The tsunami of darkness then passed and started to fade. Glare stood there with his sword, taking in a deep breath. He had successfully cut through the darkness with his light, allowing himself to evade the attack. 

“That was dangerous…” Glare then remembered that his students were here. “Curses! Are they alrig-” 

“Oi Glare.” Glare then heard Dakure’s voice. He looked over at him and gritted his teeth. 

Dakure was floating there with a wide grin, his dark red aura surrounding his entire body. He was also holding Draco, his sword of darkness right at his throat. 

Draco was gritting his teeth as he sweated, his irises a glowing cyan color.

“You know what to do,” Dakure told Glare, grinning evilly. 

Glare hesitated, mentally panicking. “Curses! This is why I didn’t want them to come… he’d use them against me!” 

Draco seemed to be getting more panicked, his irises were glowing brighter. 

Glare noticed this. “I can’t let my own student die…” Glare then shook his head, ceasing his sword of light as he then reached into his pocket, grabbing the amulet. 

However, Draco now looked more agitated. He hadn’t seen Glare reach for the amulet and was panicking.

“Let go of me!” He yelled as now his irises were glowing strikingly bright.

“Oi, don’t try anything funny, or I will actually kill you, you brat!” Dakure brought his sword closer, drawing a little blood.

This appeared to stress him out even more, as now his left iris was glowing with so much energy it looked like it was going to explode. Now he was quietly growling to himself for some reason.

“Stop, Dakure!” Glare then yelled. 

“Hm?” Dakure then focused back on Glare, seeing him holding the artifact out at him. Dakure smiled. “Ah, very good, Glare. Now, toss that over to me.” 

Glare took a step forward.

“Ah, ah, ah!” Dakure hissed. “I said toss it over! Take any step closer, and I’ll behead this little student of yours and ship it to you later!”

Glare stopped immediately, his body shaking a little.

By now Draco had started to scream a little, growling in between. The energy from his left eye was starting to burn him. 

“S-stop Draco!” Glare exclaimed. “You need to calm down or else you’ll be killed!” He was scared, scared that Dakure was going to kill Draco anyway, since it seemed to him that Draco was having a negative reaction to this situation.

It didn’t seem like Draco could hear him though, he just kept growling and screaming. Glare panicked, seeing the annoyance in Dakure’s eyes as he brought his blade closer to Draco’s neck. 

“Dakure!” Glare yelled. He tossed the amulet towards him. 

Dakure looked up, and when he saw the amulet airborne, he tossed Draco aside and reached for it. 

“Finally!” Dakure exclaimed. 

But before the amulet could collide with Dakure’s hand, it suddenly shot in a totally different direction, towards Dakure’s right. 

“What?!” Dakure looked to his right. Kaze stood there with the amulet in his hand. Only for a moment, though, as he then took off flying as fast as he could. 

“Kaze!” Glare exclaimed. 

Draco watched Kaze fly off, a mix of anger and shock on his face. He still was growling to himself on the ground, his hands clenching the ground was causing it to burn. And his left eye was still glowing incredibly bright. 

“You brat!” Dakure growled and took off after Kaze, but was suddenly hit in his left rib, getting knocked to the right. 

Glare floated there, his sword in his hand. 

“I’m still your opponent, Dakure!” Glare exclaimed. 

Dakure growled in annoyance. He knew he wouldn’t be able to escape Glare, even if he teleported, Glare would follow right behind him. 

Glare’s aura was fiery, and it was glowing brighter than before. He looked into Dakure’s eyes, this time with full intent to fight without holding back. 

“I will not let you hurt my students!” Glare yelled. He slammed the palm of his left hand right into Dakure’s chest. The impact of the attack sent Dakure flying, the force was visible due to how much there was. 

“Grahhg!” Dakure coughed up blood. He then stopped himself, floating meters above the ground. 

Glare then ripped off the golden robe he was wearing and tossed it aside. The robe was long and it limited his leg movement; when he would fight seriously he would take it off. 

Dakure looked down at Glare, seeing him in just a shirt and pants. He cursed under his breath, seeing that he had successfully provoked Glare; a little more than he wanted to. 

But his panic then disappeared, and Dakure smirked.

“Then let us fight to our fullest, Glare!” He exclaimed, laughing. 


“I did it… I got it!” Kaze exclaimed to himself as he flew. He had done it. The amulet was with him, right in his hands. “What should I do with it?! Keep it? Hide it somewhere!?” 

Then, Kaze noticed that someone was standing on top of him. He looked back and saw that it was Mehrunes. 

“Oh, Mehrunes!” He smiled as he waved the amulet for him to see. “Did you see that?! I got it! I saw my chance and I acted!”

Mehrunes slowly clapped three times. “Wow. Congrats.”

“Yeah, that’s good and all, but now I don’t know what to do. I haven’t planned that far.” Kaze laughed nervously. “Luckily, Glare didn’t let Dakure follow me, otherwise I would’ve been screwed.”

“Or Gaging or Tenker or…” Mehrunes started. “Basically anyone, really. I’m here to play keepaway with you, sound good?”

“Yeah, sounds good to me.” Kaze nodded, continuing to fly. “Are Satu and Draco alright, by the way?”

“Well, I was playing keepaway with keeping them away and then Dakure did a thing so I gave up. As far as I know one of them is having a panic attack and the other is behind a nondescript rock,” Mehrunes replied.

“Oh. Well I hope they’re alright…” Kaze said. 

“So you have no plan?” Mehrunes asked.

“Not really… just to get as far away as possible,” Kaze replied.

“I’d stay a little closer. Everyone who would’ve followed you is wrapped up in a fight, and anyone else is terrified,” Mehrunes said. “Honestly, if I didn’t think you were incompetent and just got lucky I’d commend you for getting the amulet and then this far away. So you should, y’know, chill and let the adrenaline wear off.”

“Alright, alright…” Kaze then descended towards the ground, landing. Mehrunes jumped off and landed on the ground as well. “So, what do you suggest I do now?”

“Well, the amulet gives off energy apparently. So it doesn’t matter what we do with that, they’re gonna find it,” Mehrunes said. “So we should, play keepaway, and hope nobody breaks off and tries to kill us while we’re out here. That’s the best idea I have. Still have your stone?”

“Yeah, it’s right here.” Kaze nodded, holding the amulet tight. “I’m not making the same mistake as last time.” 

“Coulda fooled me,” Mehrunes said. “Do you also have the rock I gave you before we started all this?”

“Oh yeah, I forgot all about that…” Kaze recalled the rock that Mehrunes gave them all at the very start of their quest. A rock that had a spell on it that would prevent them from dying. 

Kaze checked his pockets and felt the rock. “Yeah, I still have it on me!”

Mehrunes nodded. “Okay good. I want to get back on Glare’s good side, so you aren’t dying on me.” 

“Right.” Kaze nodded. He looked around at the terrain. It was just flat land with a bunch of rocks laying around. Kaze also tried to sense for energy, and couldn’t sense any, which meant they were safe. “Looks like we’re alone. I think we’re good.”

“Well, that’s good,” Mehrunes said.

“Unless someone’s hiding their energy… then I have no way of telling if we’re alone or not,” Kaze said, hesitantly looking around. “Is it just me that feels like we’re being watched…?” 

“We probably are,” Mehrunes replied. 

Kaze shivered a bit. “I don’t like this feeling…”

Mehrunes snickered. “You get used to it.” 

Kaze looked around some more, still shivering. “Why am I shivering and you aren’t? I feel like… I can’t control it.”

Mehrunes looked at him and frowned. He then held out his hand.

“Amulet,” he demanded.

Kaze nodded. “Just lemme do this real quick…” He then focused and generated a barrier of wind around the amulet. Then he handed it to Mehrunes. “There.”

Mehrunes nodded, drawing his sword. “With any luck you’re just panicking. I don’t believe that.”

Kaze then suddenly stopped shivering. 

“It stopped,” he commented.

“That’s more bad than good,” Mehrunes replied. 

“Yeah I don’t kno-” Kaze was saying but then stopped once he saw that Mehrunes was slightly shivering. “Wait, you’re shivering now!”

“Yeah I’ve noticed,” Mehrunes replied. “I fought something before that lurked in the darkness, it was awful to fight because it slipped away every second. Point is, might be similar. Just an idea though.”

“Something that lurks in the darkness?” Kaze’s eyes widened. He looked around. The sun was up in the sky, so there wasn’t much darkness… except for the shadows of the rocks, as well as Mehrunes and Kaze’s shadows. “The only darkness here is the shadows…”

“Yeah…” Mehrunes said, his sword giving off a green tinted glow. “We’re at a disadvantage always, any chance of that advantage being given up is finding an advantage of our own. Got anything?”

Kaze thought to himself. “Yeah, actually…” He looked up at the Sun for a moment, then back at Mehrunes. “Hey, can I have the amulet for a second? I want to test something…”

Mehrunes nodded, and put the amulet back into Kaze’s hand. Kaze held it for a few moments. 

Then he found himself shivering again.

“Just as I thought,” Kaze then said, looking up at Mehrunes. “Whoever is holding the amulet is affected by the shivering.” He then looked down at his shadow. “Which means, if you’re right about the shadows… That it’s my shadow currently! And when you’re holding the amulet, it’s your shadow!”

Mehrunes nodded, following. “Makes sense, how would we remedy this though? If we even need to, of course.”

“Well, we first have to confirm it is the shadow,” Kaze said, holding the amulet out to Mehrunes. “Take this, and watch my shadow, see if anything happens.”

Mehrunes nodded, and did what Kaze suggested to him, watching their shadows while taking the amulet. Kaze then gasped once they saw something suddenly move from his shadow, and in an instant, it traveled into Mehrunes’ shadow. 

“W-we were right!” Kaze exclaimed. “It is the shadows, and whoever’s shadow is being affected is what causes the shivering!”

“Of course it is,” Mehrunes said, now shivering a bit. “So what do we do.”

Kaze looked up at the sun. “We shouldn’t let go of the amulet, or else its shadow will be affected and we would lose it.”

“Right,” Mehrunes replied. 

Kaze then narrowed his eyes at the sun. “Okay, I have a plan… listen to me when I say it, though. I don’t want to explain because the shadow might hear…”

“Right, because I’m going to ignore you,” Mehrunes replied sarcastically. “I don’t particularly trust you, but I guess it’s better than nothing. And the phrase is ‘hear me out’.”

“Oh yeah.” Kaze chuckled, watching the sun. “Alright then, hear me out… when I tell you to do something, do it. Alright?”

“That’s something I’m good at,” Mehrunes replied simply, sheathing his sword.

“Alright…” Kaze then looked back up at the sun, which was almost right above them now. It was slowly becoming noon. Kaze waited for awhile, until the Sun was finally right above them. “Now! Lay down on the floor, make sure you’re not leaving a shadow!” Kaze then exclaimed.

Mehrunes dropped down and layed down as flat as he could muster, carefully trying to make no shadow. Kaze did the same thing, and both of them were lying on the floor. 

There were no shadows around anymore. 

“Yes!” Kaze exclaimed mentally. Now he just had to wait to see if his idea really worked. 

“Tsk, tsk…” He then heard a voice. Tenker’s voice. He looked up to see Tenker standing there, in his full physical form. “I have to say, I’m impressed. I didn’t think you would figure all that out.”

“That makes two of us,” Mehrunes commented.

“Your plan would have worked,” Tenker then said, as he raised his hand and pointed it up at the sky. “If I couldn’t do this.” 

A large platform suddenly generated right above them, blocking the sunlight and creating one big shadow. 

“Dang it!” Kaze exclaimed mentally. 

“You remind me of someone I dislike on a fundamental level,” Mehrunes said to Tenker. “Wait no, that’s someone else. Kaze, run. Now’s a good time for that.”

Kaze immediately got up and took off as fast as he could. Tenker watched him for a few moments and let him go, before he disappeared into the platforms shadow. 

“You don’t mind if I take that amulet, do you?” Mehrunes heard Tenker’s voice speaking to him.

Mehrunes’ grip tightened around the amulet, and he drew his sword. “I mind a little bit. Enough that I’m not gonna just give it to a shadow lurker.” 

“You won’t need to give it to me,” Tenker’s voice said. 

Mehrunes then suddenly felt a chill run up his spine and started to shake more than before. 

“Hmph,” Mehrunes said simply. He then dug his sword into the ground with a quick stab as he lost his balance from the shaking. 

A few moments later, his grip on the amulet lessened until he eventually dropped it onto the ground. 

Mehrunes glanced at it, and twisted his grip on his sword slightly. The amulet glowed green and then disappeared.

“There. Go get it from Kaze,” Mehrunes said in between shivers.


Mehrunes then stopped shivering. He looked over at the direction Kaze had ran in and saw a shadow, just a shadow by itself, traveling across the ground.

“No wonder nobody likes your presence, giving everyone the cold shoulder like that,” Mehrunes commented.

To be continued in the next chapter....

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