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ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 3: The Artifacts of Electricity: (Chapter 24)

ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 3: The Artifacts of Electricity: (Chapter 24)

Posted July 12th, 2021 by QuartzMaster

by UltimateOsaid
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 24


Dakure was laughing as he floated in mid air, his arms wide. Glare was still on the ground, looking up at Dakure. Dakure could see in Glare’s eyes that he was far from happy; he was irritated, mildly angry at Dakure’s actions. 

Glare then suddenly appeared right in front of Dakure and swung his sword at him, to which Dakure quickly blocked, having summoned his sword once more. But then Glare twisted his sword downward, his blade still touching Dakure’s, before he swung it to the side with great force, causing Dakure’s sword to fall towards the planet. 

Glare then swung his sword at Dakure, who caught Glare's arm and kicked him back a few feet. 

But Glare kept on fighting, taking no pauses. He rapidly swung his sword at Dakure, cutting him a few times. When Dakure growled and grabbed Glare’s arm again, Glare let go of his sword and nailed Dakure right in the face.

“Agrh!” Blood sprout out of Dakure’s mouth. He then looked back at Glare angrily. But once more, Glare didn’t pause. He attacked again, shooting blasts of light right at Dakure. Dakure avoided them and swiftly spun in the air before he kicked Glare in the head. But before the force knocked Glare back, Glare grabbed Dakure’s leg and threw him. 

While Dakure was flying, Glare shot a bunch of orbs of light at him, and as Dakure deflected them, he appeared behind him and chucked his sword towards Dakure’s back. 

But right before Glare’s blade made contact with Dakure, Dakure’s figure suddenly turned dark. Glare’s sword went right through him- no, Glare himself went right through him! 

“Heheh…” Dakure then laughed. “Hahaha!” Glare looked back to see that Dakure had transformed fully into a shadow for a brief moment before turning back into his normal form. 

“Let’s see which is superior… Your light, or my darkness?” Dakure chuckled as his aura changed to be black. He summoned a replacement sword of darkness and pointed it at Glare. 

Glare swung his sword at Dakure. Dakure blocked it, and they clashed swords repeatedly as their bodies slowly floated back down towards the surface of the planet. 

But then Dakure flew up and charged down at Glare, kicking him in the head. Glare crashed into the ground below, and was followed by multiple waves of darkness. He rolled to the side and avoided them before he instantaneously got up. 

“It’s useless!” Dakure exclaimed as he then gave Glare a few cuts, causing his arms to bleed. “We are evenly matched, neither of us can win!” 

Glare then let go of his sword for a moment and shot a large beam of light right at Dakure. Dakure grinned before he suddenly turned into a shadow again, phasing through the beam and moving aside until he was out of it. Once he was out, he returned to his normal form. 

“It is useless, Glare! I can tell you’re trying right now, but that’s not getting you anywhere! No strategy you come up with will get you anywhere!” Dakure exclaimed. 

Light exploded from Glare’s fists and he punched at Dakure. But Dakure just blocked the punch, darkness surrounding his hands. 

“We are even!” Dakure laughed. “It’s useless to continue! We would simply be fighting forever, until one of us collapses from fatigue!” 

Glare then stopped attacking for the first time. He remained in his spot, just looking right at Dakure. 

“He’s right.” He thought to himself. “We’re practically even. I wouldn’t be able to defeat him easily.” 

Dakure smiled with his hands behind his back, watching as Glare thought to himself, trying to figure out how to beat Dakure. 

“My students are nearby as well, getting destructive would be a bad idea…” Glare kept on a poker face as he stared into Dakure’s eyes. “I need to control and target my power at Dakure only. The issue is he can negate and avoid them. And he knows most of my attacks already…” 

“What’s the matter, Glare?” Dakure chuckled. “Trying to figure out a way to beat me without using your full power? Hate to break it to you, but you can’t. I still have my own full power that has yet to be seen. Like I already said, we’re even.” 

“A lot of my attacks successfully hit you,” Glare commented. 

“So have mine.” Dakure smirked. “Your arms are bleeding because of me. My point still stands.” Dakure laughed. “We are even! But not for long, as soon I will obtain infinite energy!”

“You do know what infinite means, right?” Glare pondered out loud. “It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to control it. No matter what powers and abilities you may have gotten over the years, we’re talking about a legendary creature here that’s been around for millennia!” 

“I am not pitiful like you,” Dakure hissed. “I am an Ultimate, as you are. And our crystals allow us to break limits. You haven’t forgotten what you’re supposed to be an expert on, have you?” 

“Breaking those limits comes with a price,” Glare replied. “A painful price in this situation.” 

“I suppose we’ll see.” Dakure chuckled. “Once I get that infinite energy and control it, then I’ll be laughing in your face with my superior power! I would become unstoppable!” His aura then flared, becoming bigger than it was before. Dust and rocks were sent flying away from him at high speed. The smirk on Dakure’s face was inevitable as his raging red aura invaded the sky. 

Glare clenched his sword and unleashed his aura, which was about the same size as Dakure’s. 

“See? Equal. Perfectly balanced.” Dakure tittered. 

Glare held his sword with both hands and got into a fighting position as Dakure laughed. 

“SPARKING SPIRIT TIMES TEN!!” Draco suddenly yelled, catapulting a sphere of energy right at Glare. 

“Wha-” Dakure looked over at Draco as Glare absorbed the sphere of energy. Glare’s aura then suddenly towered over Dakure’s, becoming three times its size. “WHAT?!”

Glare then smiled as he controlled his aura to pipe down and surround his body. Then he shot forward and appeared behind Dakure in a fraction of a second. 

“It’s over now, Dakure!” Glare then said, slicing at Dakure’s back rapidly. His attacks were much faster than before. 

“Gah!” Dakure jumped forward to get away from Glare. “Curse you Glare…!” He looked down at Draco, who was breathing heavily. “You brat! What’d you do!?” 

Draco tensed up as Dakure shot orbs of darkness at him. But Glare appeared in the orbs’ path and knocked them aside like balls of cotton. 

“My speed, my strength, my energy capacity, my power…” Glare said, pointing his sword at Dakure. “All of that has been multiplied by ten. It’s over now, Dakure. We’re no longer equal.” 

“What!?” Dakure yelled. “No… this wasn’t according to plan! This wasn’t supposed to happen!” He growled as he looked down at Glare. Glare’s aura was raging with energy. 

“I’ll give you a chance to give up now,” Glare then said. 

“Tch!” Dakure was annoyed. He then made two large orbs of darkness in both of his hands and shot it at Glare. 

Glare sliced through the orbs, dissipating them. “You had your chance.” He dashed up towards Dakure and hit him right in the face with his fist, knocking him far away. Dakure cursed as he flew, and Glare raised his hand and charged up a giant orb of light. It was like a mini-star, glowing and giving off heat. 

Once Glare tossed the giant orb of light at him, Dakure engulfed himself in flame-like darkness. He pointed his hands at the orb of light, and soon they collided with it. 

Dakure released darkness from his hands. The darkness started to permeate Glare’s giant orb of light. 

While Dakure was focused on repelling the orb of light, Glare was floating right behind him. Dakure hadn’t noticed though. 

Glare sent a punch at Dakure’s back, aiming to shoot him into the orb of light. But what seemed to be an arm of darkness grabbed Glare’s fist. Glare made his fist glow brighter and the darkness disappeared. 

“Gah!” Dakure was then knocked into the giant orb of light. 

Glare swiftly shot his hands to the side and the orb of light exploded. Draco and Saturo, who were watching from the ground, covered their eyes since the explosion was very bright. 

When the brightness dimmered, Draco and Saturo saw Dakure’s body flop to the ground, landing in front of Glare, who had descended moments ago. 

Dakure winced and groaned as he got up. His body was worn out; he had taken a lot of damage from that attack. 

“C-curse you, Glare!” Dakure panted, breathing heavily. 

Glare said nothing as maintained eye contact with Dakure, holding his glowing sword to the side. 

Dakure summoned his sword of darkness once more and grabbed it, pointing it at Glare. He was still breathing heavily. A black aura generated around Dakure’s body. 

“I’ll get you for this!” Dakure’s aura then exploded, making another crater in the ground. Dozens of dark swords surrounded Glare and shot towards him. Glare knocked some of them away, but he couldn’t avoid them all, and some of them stabbed into his back. 

Glare winced and emitted a brighter light on his back, which got rid of the swords. Dakure then briskly swung his sword at Glare. Glare blocked the attack with his sword and the two of them clashed swords in a repeated pattern. 

Dakure then tossed his sword aside and sent a barrage of punches at Glare. Glare blocked his punches with his sword, and then uppercutted Dakure into the air, before blasting him with light. Dakure dodged the blast and shot himself down towards Glare. 

Glare extended his arm back, and punched Dakure right in the face. The impact was large and it sent Dakure flying again. But Dakure then spread his hands outward, and darkness began to pervade the sky. 

“Oh, no, you’re not doing that!” Glare knew what Dakure was doing and charged up at him to stop him. 

Dakure smirked as Glare swung his sword at him. Bolts of lighting inundated the sky. Glare was electrocuted and was breathing heavily now. 

“What… just happened?!” Glare looked at Dakure and saw that he was holding a different sword… It’s hilt looked like a lightning bolt symbol, and the blade was emitting static electricity like crazy. 

“Hahaha!” Dakure laughed as he showed off the sword. That sword was one of the artifacts of electricity. Glare gritted his teeth and clenched his sword tightly as the sky became fully dark. Dakure had darkness and a powerful sword, while Glare only had his abilities multiplied by ten. His advantage had disappeared, and he surmised that Dakure had the advantage now. 

“This isn’t good…” Glare thought to himself while Dakure laughed. 

Dakure chuckled. “This is it, Glare. I shall now defeat you and summon the legendary Chimæra of Electricity!” He stated with confidence as he held the artifact sword with both hands.


Kaze flew as fast as he could, trying to get as far away as possible from Tenker. As he was flying, the amulet suddenly appeared in his hand, and he automatically knew what that meant. 

“Oh shoot, Tenker’s coming after me, isn’t he?” He thought to himself. The barrier he had put around the amulet was still there. “I have a plan, but I don’t think it’ll work… Tenker knows what he’s doing.” 

Kaze looked back for a second to see if he was being followed, seeing that there was no one there. 

“But he can enter shadows…” Kaze gazed at the shadows of rocks all around him. It was no longer noon, so the sun wasn’t right above him. Kaze’s shadow was right below him too. 

Kaze then stopped flying and landed on the ground. He looked back at the way he came from, looking at all the shadows he had passed. He expected to see a lurking shadow… but instead he saw Tenker in his normal, physical body, walking towards him with tranquility. 

“What?! Why is he walking towards me normally? How come he’s-” Kaze thought to himself before he came to realization. “Oooh… He’s confident. Confident that he can take this amulet from me!” 

Tenker then stopped walking and stood a few meters away from Kaze. Kaze stared at him, holding the amulet tightly in his hand. He watched Tenker carefully… only to see that Tenker was just standing there, unarmed and defenseless. He appeared to be neutral. 

“I’m not going to hurt you, just so you know,” Tenker then said. 

“Oh yeah? Then how do you plan on stealing this amulet from me?” Kaze retorted. 

“I always leave violence as the last resort. So I won’t hurt you or inflict any sort of damage to you,” Tenker replied. 

“Is that so?” Kaze said. 

“Yeah, that’s right.” Tenker nodded. “You do have something that I’m kind of trying to get. So if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to get it.” 

Kaze looked down at the amulet and chuckled. “Well, you can try.” He had a plan, hoping it would work. 

Tenker smiled. “Yes, I can try, and I will.” 

A hand made out of darkness then came out of Kaze’s shadow, grabbing his arm. 

“Ack-” Kaze tried to shake it off, but it’s grip was too strong. It forced Kaze to drop the amulet, without hurting him at all. “No, darn it!” 

The amulet then plopped into another dark hand, which then extended meters, and handed the amulet to Tenker. 

“Thank you very much,” Tenker said with a pleading smile. “Your cooperation is very much appreciated, not that it would really make a difference.” 

Kaze growled, but then smirked. “Ha! I still have a plan, and now that he has it…” 

Kaze then lifted his hand up, and the barrier around the amulet shot towards the palm of Tenker’s hand, forcing the amulet away. The amulet went flying out of Tenker’s hand, into the air. 

While it was airborne, Kaze quickly made another barrier around it. When Tenker jumped and caught the amulet, Kaze used the same strategy again, shooting the amulet away from Tenker’s hand and into his own. 

Kaze grinned as he generated yet another barrier of air around the amulet. 

Tenker applauded Kaze with a nod. 

“Perhaps I’ve underestimated you,” he said. “You know what you’re doing, to an extent.”

“Yeah, I won’t let you take the amulet that easily!” Kaze told him.

“I do like a challenge.” Tenker smiled. 

“How do you plan to take it without hurting me?” Kaze questioned.

“That’s the challenge.” Tenker grinned. “At this point, it’s all about speed. So let’s see which of us is faster.” 

Tenker then kicked off of the ground, moving towards Kaze with impressive speed. Kaze hardly had time to react before the amulet was in Tenker’s hand. 

“Shoot!” Kaze quickly triggered the air barrier to collapse, knocking the amulet away from Tenker’s hand. 

Kaze quickly regenerated the barrier. As he did, Tenker fell to the ground, before kicking off of it, shooting himself up towards the amulet. 

“Not this time!” Kaze exclaimed, blowing Tenker away with his air powers. 

Tenker landed on the ground a few meters away, on his feet. 

“Hmmm… you can manipulate wind and the air.” Tenker observed. “This’ll be more difficult than I expected.”  

Kaze smiled as he watched Tenker stand there, thinking of a strategy. 

“Glad he doesn’t want to hurt me… This makes it easier.” Kaze thought to himself. “I can come up with a plan to escape…” 

“You have the upper hand here,” Tenker then said. “While I am faster, you can control the air around us. That gives you an advantage.” 

While Tenker was talking, Kaze chucked the amulet far into the sky, and boosted it with his powers to make it go farther and faster. He then looked back at Tenker, and shot a big beam of wind at him, knocking him in the opposite direction of the amulet. 

But then Kaze noticed that Tenker disappeared into his own shadow, and that the shadow itself sped through the ground, heading towards Kaze.

“Oh, shoot!” Kaze panicked for a second, until the shadow went right past him. “Wait…” 

He quickly turned around and figured out what Tenker was going for. 

“He’s going to the amulet’s shadow!” 

Kaze raised his hand and began to suck the amulet back to his hand. It took a few seconds before the amulet entered his field of vision. The amulet came flying towards Kaze’s hand. 

But Tenker suddenly came out of Kaze’s shadow and grabbed the amulet. Though Tenker was aware of the barrier, so right before Kaze could disperse it, he tossed it at Kaze’s arm. 

“Oh sh-” Kaze was too slow and dispersed the barrier then, which knocked the amulet back towards Tenker, barrier-less. 

“Thank you.” Tenker smiled before he sunk into his own shadow once more. “You weren’t that bad, but there’s a lot of room for improvement. Good luck!” And then he was gone. 

“Ah… darn,” Kaze sighed. “Well, I tried. Didn’t really have much of a chance to begin with anyways…” 

“Sure you had a chance, depending on how you look at your chances.”

Kaze looked over his shoulder and spotted Mehrunes. 

“Oh, hey,” Kaze said. “Yeah uh… I kind of failed. Sorry about that.” He rubbed the back of his head.

Mehrunes smirked.

“This wasn’t about us at any point, and you actually did a good job in my opinion. We weren’t the ones in charge of stopping this happening, we were running distraction in the back, to buy time for the people actually stopping it, you get?” Mehrunes asked.

Kaze nodded. “Yeah, I get.” He then looked back at the way he came from, wondering what was going to happen next. “I hope Glare won… or wins if he hasn’t yet.”

To be continued in the next chapter....

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