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ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 3: The Artifacts of Electricity: (Chapter 25)

ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 3: The Artifacts of Electricity: (Chapter 25)

Posted July 16th, 2021 by QuartzMaster

by UltimateOsaid
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 25


Glare gritted his teeth as he was knocked back in the air, lightning bolts shocking his body. Dakure laughed as he kept dispersing lightning bolts from the artifact sword. 

“Hahaha!” Dakure guffawed. “I should have used this in the first place!”

He swung the sword swiftly, producing a shockwave directed at Glare. Glare crossed his arms in front of him and blocked as much of the attack as he could, but still getting hit by some electricity. 

“How do you plan to stop me now, Glare?!” Dakure exclaimed, flying forward towards him. 

Glare brought his sword in front of him to block Dakure’s next attack. Dakure’s electric sword cut right through Glare’s sword, shattering it to pieces, which were then shot into Glare. One hit right above his eye, another hit his right arm, his left hand wrist, and his abdomen. 

Glare grunted and winced, blood dripping in the areas where he was transfixed. Drops of blood fell to the ground below in front of Stare, who was watching. 

“Oh.” Stare scratched his chin. “This doesn’t look good.” If Glare ever shed blood, that meant something was wrong. 

Stare looked over at the other battle going on. Emiliya and Legion were keeping Gagger occupied not too far from where he was, and Saturo and Draco were watching everything, trying to stay hidden as to not involve themselves too much. 

Stare then looked back up at Glare and Dakure. Glare had distanced himself from Dakure and remained calm while Dakure was laughing like a madman. 

“He’s in a tough position, but he should be fine.” Stare thought to himself. He stuck back to protect Glare’s students in case something went terribly wrong. He had a gut feeling that it would… 

Then Stare realized. 

“Hold on, where has Tenker gone?” 

Just then, Tenker came into view, zipping past Stare and kicking off of the ground, launching himself up towards Dakure. 

“Here, Dakure!” Tenker tossed the amulet to Dakure, who caught it with a mischievous smirk. 

“It’s over now, Glare.” Dakure chuckled. He took one last swing at Glare with the electric sword, knocking him down next to Stare. Glare landed on his feet and growled. 

“The students, brother.” Stare set his hand on Glare’s shoulder. 

Glare looked over and nodded. “Protect them, I’ll-”

“YOU’RE TOO LATE!” Dakure laughed loudly, still floating in the sky. All ten artifacts—a dagger, a sword, a chestplate, a helmet, a pair of boots, a bow, a staff, an amulet, an axe, and a shield—were floating in front of him, with a dark aura around each and every one of them. 

Gagger and Tenker were at Dakure’s side. Gagger had abandoned his battle when Tenker arrived. 

“It’s happening…” Stare muttered. He positioned himself in front of Saturo and Draco. Emiliya and Legion also hopped on over, standing behind Stare. 

Meanwhile, Glare was watching Dakure. 

“Now, let’s begin the Evocation.” Dakure brought his hands together as a dark, thick black aura appeared around him. He started to utter some words and the artifacts glowed. 

An invisible shockwave occurred, coming from the artifacts, like they were protesting. Gagger and Tenker drew their swords in an instant and shielded Dakure from the shockwave. 

The shockwave even reached the others down below, but Glare protected all of them with a light barrier dome. 

Dakure continued to utter magical words, and the artifacts began to shake and vibrate in their spots. It started off lightly but then it got extreme, and the ground began to shake too. 

“What’s happening!?” Saturo questioned, scared since the ground was shaking. 

“Dakure’s summoning a legendary creature, who doesn’t want to be summoned… it’s fighting back,” Stare explained.

“Hm. We definitely need to move,” Legion said. “We don’t want to be in range when this blows up in his face.”

Legion then picked up Draco and Saturo, one in each arm, before starting to swiftly bound in the opposite direction of where Dakure was. Emiliya followed, and they distanced themselves a mile from Dakure. 

Meanwhile, Dakure was almost finished. He, Gagger, and Tenker all worked together to form a protective barrier around themselves. The artifacts glowed brightly and circled around them while Dakure reached the end of the spell. 

The artifacts then fused together, and loud thunder was heard. Giant lightning bolts struck the ground. Stare and Glare put a barrier around Saturo, Draco, Emiliya, and Legion to protect them from all the electricity as more lightning bolts took form in the sky. 

“…and now!” Dakure then said. “I summon you, Chimæra of Electricity!” 

One last lightning bolt struck the fused artifacts, and the artifacts let out a bright, blinding light. 

The air filled with static. Even inside the barriers, which caused everyones hair to stand on end. This was followed by a near deafening roar and a large thud which shook the ground.

As the flash faded away, where the artifacts used to be there was now a large beast; it looked like it was over three hundred feet tall and four hundred feet long.

It had a shell like a tortoise on its back which covered a large bear like body with six powerful and muscular legs covered with sparking fur that shifted between yellow and blue spastically. It had a long scorpion-like tail and a head like a lion; its mane seemed to be constantly discharging electricity. Its gigantic body was enveloped in a constantly sparking field of electricity. 

Dakure looked very pleased as he examined the giant creature. 

The giant creature, however, appeared to be far from pleased. It was glaring at Dakure like he had done something terribly wrong. 

“Yes, I’m happy to see you too.” Dakure grinned. 

The giant creature growled at him. Shockwaves that were a hundred feet tall shot out of its feet, moving out across the terrain like tidal waves in search of shore. Luckily, it didn’t harm anyone since they were protected by a barrier. By now, Glare, Stare, Saturo, Draco, Legion, and Emiliya were all under a single dome. 

“Now, your infinite energy will be mine!” Dakure infused himself with a dark aura once more, and began to shout out incomprehensible words. The dark aura then started to diffuse through the giant creature’s body. 

It struggled, trying to shake off the aura. But the aura stuck, which made the creature react negatively, shooting bursts of electricity all around it violently. When that didn’t seem to affect Dakure, the creature let out a thunderous roar, discharging mountainous amounts of electricity. The entire planet shook from the impact. 

“Master, this isn’t good!” Emiliya exclaimed as Glare and Stare put more energy into the dome barrier, increasing its defense. “At this rate, the planet will start to break!” 

“Yes, I should do something…!” Glare said through gritted teeth. 

Stare nodded and stepped forward. 

“I’ll help you.” He offered his hand. Glare nodded and took it, and the two of them disappeared into the ground. 

“How are they gonna stop this?” Saturo asked, trying to not panic but struggling since the entire planet was shaking. 

“I honestly don’t know…” Emiliya told him. “We just have to wait here where it’s safe, and hope for the best.”


“So…” Kaze said, as he and Mehrunes were walking back at a slow pace since they didn’t feel the need to rush. “How do you think they’re doing back there?”

“I imagine one of two things, either they’re winning, having beaten the main summoner, or Dakrumuu is summoning the thing.”

“Dakru- wha what?” Kaze raised an eyebrow.

“Why would I need to try to say his name right, when I don’t care?” Mehrunes asked. “Anyway, I understood that Drak-omo doesn’t understand what he’s summoning. I doubt anything will go well here.”

Kaze chuckled. “Yeah. I have no idea how Drak-ula will get this ‘infinite power’ he’s looking for.”

Mehrunes snickered. “Yeah, Dork-ula didn’t do the math. Something that has infinite power has infinitely more power than you. It’s like, bigger than you think. Because it’s infinite.”

“Which is never ending. I doubt Dorkus Pocus will be able to get it even if he tried, he’d probably collapse cuz it’s infinite. His body won’t be able to handle the energy.” Kaze grinned.

Mehrunes smirked. “‘Dorkus Pocus.’ I like it.”

“It’s perfect, isn’t it?” Kaze laughed. “Though I probably wouldn’t call him that directly, cuz I value my life thanks.”

“Although the look on his face could be priceless…” Mehrunes smirked. “‘Hey, ‘Dorkus Pocus’, your magic is so bad that’s the only thing I can call you. ‘Steal infinite power’, more like fall on your face and then implode.’”

Kaze laughed. “Ha! Wait, we should come up for some for Gagger and Tenker too!”

“Gag and Tinkle,” Mehrunes said, without flinching. “They’re a good combo for the toilet.”

Kaze snickered. “That’s amazing bro.”

“Word of advice,” Mehrunes said. “Some people are totally worthy of not trying to say their names right, but they’re still people you want to be in good with. Just remember that.”

“Then I can just mentally say their names wrong.” Kaze chuckled.

“Ahh! There you go!” Mehrunes smirked.

“Unless they can read minds…” Kaze scratched the back of his head. 

“Is that more common around here?” Mehrunes asked.

Kaze shrugged. “Glare can read minds. Other than that, I’ve learned a little about psychic abilities from my powers textbook.”

“Hmm… interesting. Encounter’s notes apparently didn’t include that those were a thing, then,” Mehrunes said thoughtfully.

“Well, Encounter said you guys came from a different place entirely and you guys didn’t have Ultimate Crystals,” Kaze replied. “So that probably doesn’t exist where you guys were. Or at least, if it did exist, you never ran into it.”

“Actually, I knew they existed, some creatures have mastery over it. It’s good to know that it’s something that one can learn, though, that one was new,” Mehrunes replied. “And for all intensive purposes, we came from the same place, at different times.”

“Oh I see… Encounter did say that you guys were from a different galaxy, not this Ultimates one.” Kaze nodded. “Did you come from the same planet then?”

Mehrunes smirked. “Ah… home. We are from the same planet, as much as Encounter would prefer to have come from a vortex in space…” Mehrunes paused. “But, I’m sure saying more would make you too curious.”

“Yeah… I now have more questions than before,” Kaze said.

“My turn!” Mehrunes smirked, seeming to find this amusing. “What are your thoughts on your fellow classmates?”

“Oh, well Saturo is my best friend and Draco is pretty chill,” Kaze said. “He actually was the one who helped me and Satu when we had nowhere to go.”

“Mhmm…” Mehrunes nodded. “And the other one that was there beforehand… I believe Emiliya? What about her?”

Kaze hesitated. “W-what about her?”

“Well, she’s a classmate too, technically,” Mehrunes replied, raising an eyebrow.


“So. What. Are. Your. Thoughts. Dipstick?” Mehrunes asked.

“W-well…” Kaze said nervously. “She’s… pretty strong. Way stronger than me, Draco, and Saturo combined.”

“Enough to make you stutter like an abused puppy?”

Kaze nodded quickly, without really paying attention to what Mehrunes even said. “Yeah. Yeah that, definitely.” He just wanted to drop the subject. Saturo and Draco already knew about his crush on Emiliya, and even Encounter knew thanks to Saturo. He didn’t want anyone else knowing, because then Emiliya would eventually know too.

“So glad to see you’re on board with reconstructing your face, then!” Mehrunes said.

“Wha?” Kaze asked.

“Just seeing if you were paying more attention than you sounded like you were,” Mehrunes replied. “Whatever, we’ll move on and I’ll ask the book about this later.”

“Oh okay,” Kaze said before he realized. “Wait… ask the book?!” He had totally forgotten about that book. He began to slightly panic.

Mehrunes didn’t take notice, or at least pretended not to.

Kaze coughed a few times. Then he felt the ground shaking violently like an earthquake and heard a loud roar. 

“What the heck?” Kaze looked up and saw the giant creature in the distance. “WHAT IS THAT!?”

“IT LOOKS LIKE A TARASQUE,” Mehrunes replied loudly and calmly. “Although, it looks way too tall, and I’ve never heard of them being in that color…”

“The heck’s a tarasque?!” Kaze exclaimed. The creature let out another roar, and Kaze could see shockwaves being thrown out by the creature in all directions. 

He also noticed that the air felt tingly, and that he and Mehrunes’ hair was standing on end.

“Well, frick, this doesn’t look good!” Kaze commented.

The shockwaves were making their way towards him and Mehrunes, moving so fast. In a matter of seconds, a hundred foot tall wall of electricity was right in front of them. 

“Oh shoot…” Kaze just looked up at the electricity, knowing he couldn’t do anything to avoid it. 

Mehrunes suddenly grabbed Kaze’s arm and teleported into the air about three times the height of the wall. The wall kept moving and disappeared into the distance in seconds. 

Kaze blinked a few times as he realized he was now flying in mid air, way above the ground. 

“What just… happened?” He questioned aloud. He looked around and then saw Mehrunes floating beside him. “Oh, you teleported us?”

“No, we got hit with the wave and this is an ‘out of body’ experience,” Mehrunes replied. “It’s quite ‘shocking’ no?”

Kaze chuckled. “You’re kidding, right?”

“You can ask ‘the ground’ when we hit it here in a minute,” Mehrunes replied. 

Kaze then realized that they were falling. He then generated a wind barrier below himself and Mehrunes, and the two stopped falling and appeared to be floating in mid air. 

“So, who should I ask now?” Kaze then asked, looking over at Mehrunes with a grin.

“Emiliya,” Mehrunes gave a smug, one-word answer.

Kaze’s face flushed and he looked away when he imagined Emiliya.

“Seriously though, we might want to go closer, oh lord of the obvious,” Mehrunes said. “The ground shockwaves might not be good, but I’m sure we can handle ourselves in the air.”

“Y-yeah.” Kaze nodded. “Wait, go closer to what?”

“The tarasque. If only to get a nice look at it,” Mehrunes smirked. “I of course mean we’re gonna make sure everyone else is okay and not get too close to what is apparently something with infinite power, but it’s still cool looking innit?”

“Oh yeah, it would be cool to look at it.” Kaze nodded. “But seriously, what’s a tarasque?”

“That,” Mehrunes replied, looking over at the giant creature in the distance. “Is what one looks like, at least. They’re huge, they’re rare, and they usually only live to eat, destroy, and kill. And maybe not the first one. It’s one of the few things you could find that I haven’t fought before.”

“Wow. It looks scary, at least that one does,” Kaze said, shuddering a bit. “I don’t want to get any closer to it than this…”

“Alright then we can just assume your friends aren’t dying and stay floating right here in a severe lack of safety,” Mehrunes replied.

“W-well, they have Glare and his brother over there.” Kaze pointed out. “They should be fine.”

“They also have a giant electric monster, as well as Dak-noob, Gagger, and Tenkle,” Mehrunes added. “I dunno how those matchup but if you’re okay with the odds, I’m alright.”

Kaze looked over at the giant monster once more. It seemed to be struggling against something, moving around and dispersing electricity all around it. 

“Y-yeah, no… I do want to prove that I’m no longer a newbie, but this is just flat out suicide…” Kaze said, shaking his head as he shuddered. “That’s a legendary creature with infinite power… That plus Gagger, Tenker, and Dakure… We stand no chance.”

“Aww… you’re scared, then?” Mehrunes asked. “Sounds about right really, you wanted so badly to come and then it’s just too much. Hey in my opinion, you coming didn’t prove you weren’t a newbie, it instead proved that you have a drive to be better. So that’s good too, right?”

“Y-yeah.” Kaze nodded and sighed as the creature let out another roar. “I’ve got a lot to learn…”

“I’m sure other people would give you something like moral support of some kind of celebration that you said that, but I’m just gonna mention that you almost got hit with like, a wall of electricity,” Mehrunes then said. 

“Why even need to mention that?” Kaze asked, sitting down on the invisible air barrier.

“Because it would probably have hurt!” Mehrunes said, still standing. “I wonder if Saturo acts like a lightning rod…”

Kaze chuckled. “He does when he’s really into it.”

“And if Draco uses plasma, and Saturo uses electricity…” Mehrunes pondered. “That matchup would be like, really ineffective right?”

“Yeah.” Kaze agreed, nodding again.

“But what about you?” Mehrunes asked. “I know it’s a bit odd of a question to be asking right now, but how do you think you match up with your peers? Emi excluded.”

“Oh, well I can fly and control the air and stuff. But I don’t really have any attacks that do much damage compared to them,” Kaze replied. 

“Alright alright…” Mehrunes said thoughtfully. “Because from what I can see from my short time, and Encounters little notepad full of goodies, that you’re typically seen more on the bottom of the two of them, sound about right?”

“Yeah, cuz I don’t have any good attacks, I can never win in fights,” Kaze said. 

Mehrunes glanced over at the tarasque. “Well, since we’re waiting out the storm anyway, want a few ideas of what to do about that?”

Kaze’s eyes lit up. “Yeah, I could use some advice.” He smiled.

“Have you tried like, concentrating air? You know, to make something more solid than it usually is to attack?” Mehrunes asked. “The fact that we’re floating means you probably CAN do it…”

Kaze scratched his neck. “Y-yeah, I can concentrate air… It’s how I make barriers and stuff. Glare said it was how I could make gas feel like a solid or something.”

Mehrunes nodded. “Abusing density of matter, sounds fun. Try to make something, like a bat or a dagger… or a shoe I guess.”

“Like… how I make barriers?” Kaze questioned. “Cuz I can make invisible barriers, and then I can make ones that you can sorta see, like transparent ones that give off some sort of… you know?”

“Yeah I understand,” Mehrunes replied. “Something like that could work. Probably go for transparent, for now at least, so you can actually see it.”

“Alright…” Kaze then focused, imagining a shoe and all of its features. He tried to replicate it, positioning air particles in specific patterns to make a model of a shoe. He looked down at his own shoe just to make sure that he was getting the design right. 

Eventually, a transparent shoe appeared floating in front of him. Mehrunes smirked, finding it a little amusing.

“Now can you do things with the shoe?” Mehrunes asked.

“Probably.” Kaze took off one of his shoes and put the air shoe on. “For instance, I can wear it.” He stood up to show Mehrunes.

Mehrunes smirked. “Not quite helpful, but I suppose if you lose your shoes you have that.”

Kaze chuckled. “Yeah, but hey it works! Feels kinda rough though, just like this barrier.” He knocked on the barrier below him like a door, and it made a knocking noise.

“I feel like that’s an inaccurate noise, but what do I know,” Mehrunes commented. 

Kaze then took off the air shoe and put on his normal one. “Yeah, doesn’t really sound right to me either.”

Mehrunes pondered. “Well, you have a shoe of air, and if we’re trying to make it so you have actual attacks…” Then Mehrunes smirked. “Use the shoe to kick people! Like, without your foot.”

“Oh!” Kaze then had an idea. “WAIT I JUST GOT AN IDEA! I can make one invisible and have invisible weapons that I can throw at people!”

Mehrunes shrugged. “That feels like it would be less effective due to science but WHO CARES. Sounds like a sure fire way of annoying people.”

“I could probably make it effective if I practice it enough.” Kaze smirked. 

“Seems legit,” Mehrunes replied. 

Kaze chuckled. It was then silent for a bit. Then Kaze decided to say something. 

“Oh yeah, by the way…” He started.

“Hmm?” Mehrunes asked.

“I kinda uh… like her,” Kaze said, his face slightly red.

“Ah. Well isn’t that a predicament,” Mehrunes replied with a smirk.

“Yeah uh… can you not tell anyone though? I don’t want that getting out more than it has to…” Kaze said, awkwardly scratching the back of his head.

Mehrunes smirked wryly. “Sure Kaze. Sure.”

“Okay good…” Kaze then chuckled. “I didn’t want you to find that out from the book without me knowing. Wanted to make sure you stay quiet about it at least.”

“My follow up question would be ‘Does she know,’” Mehrunes simply replied. “I can see if something’s a secret without someone telling me.”

“Well yeah, but I want to make sure that you keep it a secret is what I’m saying,” Kaze responded.

“If I didn’t have a good gauge for keeping secrets, then I couldn’t hold it over their heads,” Mehrunes replied, looking at Kaze’s reaction. “I’m kidding.”

Kaze let out a sigh of relief. 

“Well, she doesn’t know,” Kaze then said. “She doesn’t care enough to. I’m just an annoying newbie to her.” He let out another sigh, but not in relief this time. “So I wanted to prove I wasn’t a newbie so that she wouldn’t look down on me.”

“That’s a little hard, because she’s taller than you…” Mehrunes jested. “Alright look, I’ll offer legitimate help with that feeling because it’s potentially damaging to think that way. Being looked down on is something you’ll always have, even if the downlooker has no right, reason, or purpose in looking down on you. It’s a part of life, more than it’s something that you’ll change in a few days.”

Kaze thought about what Mehrunes said. 

“Well… you’re probably right,” Kaze replied. “I still want to at least try… Get stronger and show her I’m not the weakling I used to be. Then I would at least stand somewhat of a chance.”

“If it would make you feel like you were accomplishing something, I could teach you how to use a blade,” Mehrunes replied. “Other than that, good on you, and with any luck you’ll continue to have me as a buffer for your tendencies to run into deadly things.”

“Yeah, okay.” Kaze grinned. “Using a blade is helpful in battle, yeah? If so, then I would definitely like to learn it. Then I at least would have a way of attacking.” 

Mehrunes smirked. “Sounds like a plan, then.”

Kaze smiled. “Awesome!” 

It then became silent once more. Kaze looked over at the giant tarasque, only to realize that it had disappeared. 

“Wait, that giant thing’s gone!” Kaze pointed out.

Mehrunes looked over. “Those kinds of things don’t just ‘gone.’ It must be something else… at any rate, we can go over there now that it’s safer.”

Kaze nodded. “Yeah, let’s go see what happened.”

To be continued in the next chapter....

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