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ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 3: The Artifacts of Electricity: (Chapter 26)

ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 3: The Artifacts of Electricity: (Chapter 26)

Posted July 21st, 2021 by QuartzMaster

by UltimateOsaid
in The Ultimates Galaxy

Here is the next chapter! Which is also the last chapter of this book.




Chapter 26


Glare and Stare stood beside each other, positioned right under Dakure, Gagger and Tenker who were floating hundreds of feet above them. The giant tarasque was right in front of them, sparks of electricity coming off of its hide. Their hair was standing on its end, and the air felt tingly with all the static electricity around them. 

“It doesn’t look like its electricity is affecting Dakure,” Stare spoke to Glare telepathically. 

Glare looked up and saw that the shockwaves weren’t doing much to Dakure. He was surrounded by his dark aura and a barrier that Gagger and Tenker were providing. 

Glare then traced the dark aura, which had surrounded the giant tarasque, preventing it from making any movements beyond the aura. The tarasque was growling as lightning dispersed from it; it was looking at Dakure angrily through the dark veil that surrounded it. 

Glare inspected everything, trying to quickly think of a plan before it was too late. 

“The dark aura has trapped it,” Glare commented. “I suspect that it’s some kind of powerful dark magic to be able to restrain such a powerful creature. Where did Dakure even learn this?!” 

“That doesn’t matter right now… right now we have to stop this somehow,” Stare said.

Glare then noticed that lightning bolts surrounded Dakure, becoming a part of him rather than attacking him. 

“He’s already started to steal its energy!” Glare exclaimed mentally. “We don’t have much time!” 

“We need to free the Chimæra,” Stare said. Glare nodded and started blasting orbs of light at the dark aura, trying to get rid of it or find its weakness. But his attacks didn’t seem to affect it. 

“That doesn’t seem to work… we need to figure something else out!” Glare exclaimed. As they spoke, the giant tarasque was having its energy drained, and the attacks it gave as resistance was weakening. 

Stare then teleported above Dakure, and sent a barrage of attacks right at him. But the barrier around Dakure protected him.

“Tsk! Move away, you two!” Stare snapped at Gagger and Tenker, who were the ones that were providing the barrier. 

Gagger and Tenker exchanged looks with each other, and then backed away from Dakure, floating down towards the ground. 

“It’s already too late.” Gagger grinned at Stare. “Dakure’s gonna get that energy, and there’s nothing you can do about it!” 

Stare looked away from them and back at Dakure, who was paying him no attention since he was busy extracting the Chimæra’s energy essence. He summoned floating dark fists and punched at the barrier with his full power. 

Glare had caught on to what his brother was doing, and flew up to join him. Now the two of them were throwing all sorts of attacks at the barrier surrounding Dakure, at full power. The barrier didn’t budge, however, so they stopped.

“This is a waste of time…” Glare said. He then looked at Stare, who read his mind and knew what to do. 

The two of them appeared back in the barrier where everyone else was.

“Draco! Use your Sparking Spirit technique on Stare and I, times twenty!” Glare ordered.

“Oh! Right!” Draco nodded, charging up a sphere of red plasma in each hand for a few seconds. “TIMES TWENTY!” Draco then tossed the spheres at Stare and Glare, who absorbed it. 

Glare and Stare then immediately teleported back to Dakure, their auras flaring with energy and power. Then they dashed right at Dakure, punching the barrier with all their might. The barrier shattered instantly, and before Dakure could figure out what happened, he was punched in the face, getting knocked right into the ground below, making a crater. 

The dark aura around the Chimæra began to fade. The Chimæra dispersed its final wave of electricity, which rid the darkness entirely. 

It let out one last roar as it then shrunk down to a smaller size. It just stood there, now only five feet tall. 

“Grahhh!” Dakure rubbed his left cheek, where he had been punched. “That hurts!” He then looked over at Glare and Stare, who were still floating in the air. “YOU IMBECILES!!” He was clearly furious. “I will get you for this!” 

“Oh no, you won’t be dealing with just us.” Stare chuckled. 

The Chimæra was walking towards Dakure menacingly, sparking of electricity still surrounding its body.

Dakure was shaking as he got up. But he knew he had already lost. 

“Tch! You will pay for this later, Glare!” Dakure spat at them. “Gagger, Tenker, let’s go!” 

“Yessir.” Gagger nodded as he and Tenker ran off along with Dakure. 

Glare and Stare watched them until they were out of sight. Then they disposed of their auras and returned to the ground. 

“Are you alright?” Glare walked over to the Chimæra. 

The Chimæra nodded. 

“That’s reassuring…” Glare let out a sigh. “It’s over now…” He turned to Stare. Stare smiled softly and patted his brother on the shoulder.

“Why don’t you go check on your students?” Stare suggested. 

Glare smiled at him and nodded. 

“What happens to the artifacts now?” He asked the Chimæra before leaving to check on his students. 

“They’ve scattered around the Galaxy once again.” The Chimæra spoke telepathically to him.

“I see. Though, I’m afraid that Dakure might try to do this again…” 

“Fear not. He won’t succeed if he does.” 

Glare smiled and heaved out a sigh. “That’s good to hear.” 

“Oh, and thank you for freeing me. If it weren’t for you, I would have lost my power.” 

“Of course.” Glare smiled. “You’re very welcome, Chimæra of Electricity.”

“I go by the name of Glitter these days.” 

“Ah. Then you’re welcome, Glitter.” Glare smiled warmly.

Glitter smiled back at him. “I shall now take my leave. Farewell, Glare and Stare Relnitron.” 

“Farewell.” Glare and Stare both said before Glitter zapped away into space in seconds. 

They then turned around and walked over to the dome barrier they had made. Glare raised his hands and got rid of it, revealing Emiliya, Saturo, Draco, and Legion who were inside. 

“I-is it over? Did we win?” Saturo questioned. 

“Yes, it’s over.” Glare nodded with a smile. 

“Hurray!” Draco exclaimed, a bit tired after using all of those Sparking Spirits. 

“Now we’ll go back to the Light Planet,” Glare said. He looked around. “Where’s Kaze?” 

Emiliya pointed behind her, and Kaze and Mehrunes were visible, flying over on the wind barriers that Kaze made. 

Glare nodded. “Good. Then we’ll be heading back.” He turned around and then realized… “Oh.” 

“Yeaaaaaah, Dakure destroyed our ship. We don’t have a ride,” Stare commented.

“That complicates things…” Glare sighed.

This made Legion think for a bit.

“Wait a minute, we came with Vivo,” Saturo said, looking around. “Where is he?”

Legion looked around. “They should still be here…” He scanned the horizon. 

“Oh, they hid when all the fighting was happening.” Stare pointed out. “They are over there, using a cloaking device.” He pointed over at a direction. 

“Huh. I forgot they bought a new one,” Legion commented.

“Is there enough room in your ship for all of us?” Stare asked. 

“Standing? Yes. Seating? No,” Legion replied.

“It’ll do. It’s the only choice we have anyway,” Glare said. 

“Alright then,” Legion said, “let’s get moving.”

All of them then walked over towards the direction that Stare had pointed at. It seemed that Vivo and Vulgon noticed and deactivated the cloaking device, since the ship became visible, and the side door opened. 

“Yo dudes, is it over?” Vulgon popped his head out of the door. 

“Yes, it’s over,” Glare told him. “Can you take us back to the Light Planet?”

“Uhh, yeah, yeah, sure thing Mister.” Vulgon stepped aside so that they could enter. Everyone got into the spaceship. It was pretty tight. 

“Uhh, you guys can sit down.” Vivofit looked back from his seat at all the passengers. He counted them. Kaze, Draco, Saturo, Mehrunes, Legion, Emiliya, Glare, and Stare. Total of ten people, including him and Vulgon. 

“I dislike that you assume we’re all dumb and don’t know how to sit,” Mehrunes said.

“Then sit down already,” Vulgon retorted, while Kaze, Draco, Saturo, Mehrunes, and Emiliya took their seats. Legion, Glare, and Stare remained standing since there was no room for them to sit. 

“We were getting to that.” Kaze rolled his eyes. 

“Cool, so, Light Planet. Same place as before?” Vulgon asked, looking forward as Vivofit prepared the ship for take off.

“Yes, that’s right.” Glare nodded. 

“Aight, lit.” Vulgon helped Vivofit out, and shortly after they took off into space, leaving the planet Geon Honia behind. 


“Alright, if you don’t mind, I can take it from here.” Glare spoke up once Vivofit’s spaceship approached the Light Planet. 

“Huh? Oh uh… sure thing Mister.” Vivofit got out of the pilot seat and let Glare take the wheel. 

Glare sat down quietly and drove the spaceship into the Light Planet’s atmosphere. Soon the spaceship descended towards Glare’s house, and it landed smoothly in the glowing front yard. 

Glare then stood up, looking back at his students. He looked back at Vivofit and Vulgon.

“Thank you for your service, Vivofit, Vulgon.” Glare smiled at them. He dug into his pocket and pulled out his wallet, and paid them. 

Vivofit took the money and grinned. 

“Of course! You’re very welcome!” He beamed. Glare nodded to them with a smile, and walked over to the back as the side door opened. “Come on, students.” 

“Yes sir.” Emiliya got up, as well as Kaze, Saturo, and Draco. They all followed Glare out of the spaceship. Stare also joined them and left, leaving Vivofit, Vulgon, Legion, and Mehrunes on their own.

Glare then looked back at his students. He wasn’t smiling or frowning.

“I’m afraid you four made some poor decisions,” Glare then said. “There will be consequences for those.”

The four of them remained silent. Stare was standing behind them with his arms crossed, watching silently.

“You may go to your rooms,” Glare instructed.

“Yes sir.” Emiliya lead them all into the house. Saturo and Draco followed without saying a word. But Kaze didn’t move from his spot… His mind was occupied by the events that had taken place these past few hours. When he was on the Rock Planet training with Stare, and how he left without permission, seeking the artifacts to stop Dakure. Looking back at it, Kaze could see how his actions were stupid, and how reckless he was. 

It had been awfully quiet this whole time. No one said a word during the trip back to the Light Planet. They didn’t really want to, since adults were with them. 

“Yes Kaze?” 

Kaze blinked, being brought back to reality. He looked up at Glare.

“I’m uh…” Kaze said nervously. “…sorry. What I did was reckless and stupid… going after the artifacts and all was dumb, and I could have gotten myself killed…” 

“Good. Then you learned your lesson.” Glare patted Kaze on the head, smiling. “The path to power is a difficult path when you’re starting from the bottom. You need to climb up the staircase of power slowly, at your own pace. Skipping steps will not give you the results you want.” Glare paused as Kaze nodded. “Now, go get some rest. You’ve been through a lot.” 

“Yes sir…” Kaze then went after his peers, closing the door behind him. 

Glare watched him as he disappeared, a smile on his face. Seeing his students grow made him proud. 

A few seconds after, Mehrunes appeared a few feet away from Glare, and walked up to him uneasily. 

“Do you need something, Mehrunes?” Glare asked, looking over at him.

“Yeah, I do. Several things, in reality, but it’s all the same at the end of the day,” Mehrunes replied. 

“Well, I have duties to get to. I would appreciate it if you make it quick,” Glare told him.

Mehrunes maintained eye contact with a little frown. “Fine. First and foremost, I want to apologize for enabling Kaze, even if the end result came out desirable.” 

“It’s alright.” Glare smiled weakly. “All that matters is that everyone’s safe.”

“While true, it’s not alright for my standards, and I doubt you actually see it as such either,” Mehrunes replied. “Which ties into the next thing. Even though I worked to make sure your students were safe, and the purpose of the excursion was to get Kaze off his high horse, which was accomplished, you clearly did not want that as you are going to be dosing out consequences. Coming from a military perspective, taking a certain amount of responsibility comes naturally, and the fact is I also simply want to stick around your students and Encounter.” Mehrunes paused to breathe. “So I was hoping we could work something out to benefit both of us in one way or another.”

Glare nodded. “Yes, that can all be arranged.” He raised his eyebrows. “I’ll have to remodel the house to provide you all with rooms. You wouldn’t mind sharing a room with your friend Encounter, would you?”

Mehrunes faltered slightly. “No, I wouldn’t.”

“Then you may stick around, as you wish,” Glare said. He paused for a few seconds before talking again. “You are new to this galaxy, are you not?”

“I am very,” Mehrunes replied, nodding.

“Then sticking around would be a good idea, until you learn more,” Glare responded. “You might as well learn a few things with my students, and perhaps spar with them.”

Mehrunes nodded.

“There are countless dangers in this galaxy,” Glare said. “Like you’ve seen, with that Chimæra… Some powerful beings won’t treat you well. Or even other Ultimates who are stronger.” He paused and smiled. “You’ll catch up on these things in no time, I’m sure of it.”

“Probably,” Mehrunes agreed. 

“Indeed.” Glare nodded. “That settles it, then?”

“Sounds good to me,” Mehrunes replied.

“Great. Feel free to make yourself at home.” Glare smiled. “If you need anything when I’m not around, ask Emiliya. And preferably, don’t go anywhere without permission.” 

“Does anywhere include on-planet, or are we talking about just staying in the system, it’s a very important distinction,” Mehrunes said. 

“Oh, I’m referring to my land,” Glare replied. “I’m a scientist, and not all of my experiments are safe. So I’d like you to remain in the house.”

“Ah, alright,” Mehrunes said thoughtfully.

“You can always move around the planet and system,” Glare said. “I’d only advise you to do so with caution, of course, in case you encounter danger.”


Glare nodded and smiled. “That’ll do for now. Take care.” Then he walked over to Stare, who was waiting for him a few meters away. Mehrunes watched the two of them disappear, before he turned to look back at the house. 

Mehrunes smirked a little, thinking about how Encounter managed to get into his position. “He’s slyer than I am.”

Mehrunes then walked off, intent to explore the surroundings a little bit before he came back to the chaos that was this household.


While Kaze walked through the small glowing hallway, his stomach growled. He looked down, rubbing his belly. 

“Shoot… I haven’t eaten in hours.” He realized. He then walked into the kitchen, seeing that Saturo and Draco were already there, making something to eat. He did a quick scan of the room and saw that Uchiho was there, helping out with making food. Emiliya was also there, sitting at the table, feeding Pebbles some fruit.

Saturo was almost done making his food while Draco was still grabbing loads of stuff to make his meal.

Kaze realized that he might have to hurry and get what he wants to eat now so that Draco didn’t eat it all. 

“Hey, save some food for me!” Kaze said.

“Then hurry and get what you want!” Draco replied as he was still grabbing things. Kaze grumbled as he hurried over to get himself some food. He had to weasel around Draco in order to get what he wanted, but he managed.

“Ya done?” Draco asked him. 

“Yes.” Kaze stared at him for a moment, and walked towards the table while maintaining eye contact with Draco. “You ain’t eating all of the food.”

“We’ll see,” Draco replied plainly as he continued grabbing things to eat.

Eventually he stopped grabbing things and finally sat down at the table with a giant spread of food. Saturo had finished making his food and was already sitting. 

Kaze, Saturo, Draco, Uchiho, and Emiliya all were sitting at the table. Kaze was sitting at the shorter side on his own, while Draco and Saturo were to his right, and Emiliya and Uchiho were to his left. Everyone was sitting silently for a few moments, just eating their food. Albeit, Draco’s rapid eating did make a little noise.

At this point, everyone was used to the way Draco ate, so they didn’t comment about it anymore. Granted, they still didn’t know HOW he was able to eat so much. It remained a mystery.

“Oh, by the way,” Kaze then said. “Where’s Encounter? And didn’t we bring Lagi with us too?”

Saturo shrugged. “I haven’t seen them.”

“Lagi went out back for some reason, Encounter just sorta disappeared,” Uchiho replied. 

“Ooooh.” Kaze nodded slightly. “Well alright then.” He continued to eat his food. 

“You guys are kind of in trouble, by the way,” Emiliya then said.

“Yeah,” Draco said, pausing for a second to speak before continuing to eat. “It’s kinda expected at this point considering all we did.” 

“Yeeeep…” Saturo agreed, looking over at Emiliya. “But hey, you’ve been here for awhile, right? You could tell us what to expect…?” 

Emiliya grinned. “Not really. I doubt the punishments I’ve had will be the same for you all. But good luck to you anyways, you might need it.”

“Can you not?” Kaze grumbled. “We want to rest, not worry about our punishments.”

“You don’t need to worry, really,” Emiliya replied. “You can still rest. Just be on the lookout. Everything here has consequences.”

“As long as my punishment isn’t having to eat carrots, I’ll be fine with whatever he gives me,” Draco said, by now he was about half done with his food.

Emiliya shrugged. “I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.” 

Kaze then stood up, having finished his food. “Well, I’m done for the day.” He walked over to the sink and washed his plate. He heaved a slight sigh. A lot of things had happened during the day. He was feeling pretty tired. “Cya guys later.” 

He left the kitchen, walking out into the hallway before entering his room. He looked around for a few seconds before opening his drawer and taking out some clothes. Leaving his room, he approached the bathroom to take a shower. 

Meanwhile, Draco had finally finished eating. 

“Today was… a lot. We went through a lot,” Saturo commented. He was snacking on some spicy chips now.

“Yeah, I just hope Kaze has learned his lesson from all of this. And that he doesn’t do anything like it again for a long time,” Draco replied.

“Yeaaaah. Did you see that giant thing!?” Saturo exclaimed. “It was huge, and lightning was everywhere, and an earthquake happened!”

“It was no joke, that’s for sure.” Draco nodded. “I’m just glad everyone made it out okay.”

“Yeah. We were definitely far from ready to come even close to something like that,” Saturo said. He looked over at Uchiho. “You weren’t there, which is a good thing by the way, because WE ALMOST GOT KILLED! Though we didn’t because Glare and his brother protected us.”

“I’m just glad he remembered my Sparking Spirit before Dakure could get too much energy. Though doing three of those at high multipliers within a short time span really tired me out,” Draco said.

“How would have things gone if we weren’t there? Or, well, if you weren’t there to use your Sparking Spirit?” Saturo wondered aloud.

“I don’t really want to think about that.” Draco shuddered.

“Maybe it was a good thing you guys got involved then,” Emiliya commented. “Otherwise, Dakure would’ve done what he did, basically cheating, using an Elemental Master’s weapon…”

“Wait, what? Elemental Master’s weapon?” Saturo looked over at her, confused.

“The artifacts, they all belong to the Elemental Master of Electricity,” Emiliya answered. “You probably couldn’t see what was going on… but basically, Dakure kind of just whipped it out and started using it, giving him an advantage over Glare.”

“Huh, that’s crazy that just an artifact can make him so much stronger. Especially since before he did that I had given Glare a times ten multiplier,” Draco said. “He was ten times faster, tougher, stronger and more reactive, and yet he couldn’t land a hit!”

“It is the Elemental Master’s weapon, anyways,” Emiliya commented. “We’re talking about the Master of Electricity, one of the most powerful electricity users in the universe…”

“Holy frick… powerful people like that exist?” Saturo blinked a few times, awestruck.

“Apparently…” Draco replied, also shocked. “Are there other Elemental Masters?”

“There are Elemental Masters for every element. Fire, Ice, Flora, Plasma, Wind, etcetera,” Emiliya said. 

“Man, they all must be unimaginably strong…” Draco said, a slight smile on his face as he seemed to be day dreaming.

“They have enough power to join the Ultimate Council, so yes.” Emiliya nodded. “These guys are the real deal.” 

“Oh yeah, I’ve heard of the Ultimate Council before…” Saturo said, looking over at Draco. “Draco mentioned them once, but I don’t actually know who they are…”

“Well yeah, that’s because you’re not from around here,” Emiliya commented. “But to keep it simple, they’re basically the strongest beings in the universe. They deal with the real dangerous threats out there, and basically run the entire galaxy.” 

“Oh wow…” Saturo stared at her in disbelief. 

“We can’t really learn more about them, though,” Emiliya said. “They’ll only teach you the simple basics of how it works in school. To learn more, you have to either work for them or be involved with them in some way.”

“I don’t think I’m worthy of learning more, if they’re that high and almighty…” Saturo said.

Emiliya chuckled. “Yeah. Yeah, no, you’re not. I’m not even.” 

“What about… Glare?” Saturo raised an eyebrow.

“Oh, he can. He’s told me that he’s met them before too.” Emiliya smiled.

“Really?! That’s amazing!” Draco exclaimed.

“Yeah, I know right!?” Emiliya grinned. “He actually is working on a project, designing the ultimate Ultimate Crystal tracker to make them really easy to find!”

“Really? That’d be useful,” Draco said.

“Mhm.” Emiliya nodded. “But anyways, I should get going. Clean up after yourselves, would you?” Pebbles hopped onto her hand and she got up, carrying Pebbles with her.

“Sure thing,” Draco said.

Emiliya nodded and then disappeared from the kitchen, leaving Draco, Saturo, and Uchiho on their own.

“I wonder what punishments Glare is gonna give you guys?” Uchiho wondered as she was taking her dishes over to the sink.

“Dunno, it’ll probably be something difficult,” Draco said as he finished up his food.

“I also wonder when he’s gonna give them…” Saturo commented, throwing his bag of chips into the garbage.

“Time will tell, I suppose. I just wanna take a nap after today.” Draco yawned, stretching his arms.

“Yeahhh, I could use one too.” Saturo agreed. 

After Draco had finished washing his dishes they all headed off to their rooms. Draco and Saturo felt especially tired after what they’ve gone through today, and they rested. 

Things were calm and quiet now… the day was over. 

After Kaze finished with his shower and got dressed in new clean clothes, he sat down on his bed in his room. 

“That was quite a day.” Kaze’s Ultimate Crystal, Galex, then spoke to him in his mind.

“Yeah, it sure was.” Kaze thought. “I’ve realized just how weak I currently am… I need to get stronger, for myself and for Saturo… so that one day we can find our way home.” 

“Yes. Just keep working hard, and you’ll get there. Just like Glare told you before, you have a lot of potential and hidden power inside of you. With enough effort, you’ll be able to access that power.” 

“That’s right… we’ll just have to keep on training.” Kaze nodded. He then laid back onto his glowing bed. 

The day was officially over for Kaze, as his fatigue then caused him to drift off into sleep… 

To be continued in the next chapter...

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Caught up again! Admittedly

Caught up again! Admittedly I speed-read. Good to see that the chimaera is fine (Glitter? really? what a name for an ancient being.) 

Wonder what'll happen when we see Dakure again. Also, Folly has been...absent for the last few chapters. Wonder when he's comin' back!


Good yard,

(Warmest regards)


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