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ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 3: The Artifacts of Electricity: (Chapter 3)

ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 3: The Artifacts of Electricity: (Chapter 3)

Posted May 8th, 2020 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

Aight, I guess I'll keep posting. XD


Chapter 3


A man dressed in a dark robe looked up at the sky. A giant mountain blocked the horizon. No matter where the man looked, there was a mountain. Behind him was a small wooden cottage, and a fire place where meat was being cooked. 

As the man was looking up at the sky, it seemed like he was waiting for something. He was standing there patiently. 

Then, a glowing spaceship appeared in the sky and into the man’s view. The man waited patiently as the spaceship descended, deploying the parking gear and landing right in front of him.

The spaceship’s side door, the passenger door, opened up, and Kaze, Saturo, Draco, Uchiho, and Encounter came into the man’s view. 

“Woah!” Kaze then hopped out of the spaceship, followed by the others. “What is that you’re wearing? It looks like Glare’s, only it’s not glowing!” 

“Oh, yes.” The man smiled at Kaze, his voice quite soft despite his appearance. “These are the same robes that Glare wears.”

“Indeed they are!” Glare then came out of the spaceship. Saturo opened his mouth to speak, but Glare then said, “yes, this is the man who will train you for today.”

Everyone looked at the man. He looked quite similar to Glare, the only difference being that he had some facial hair. 

“I assume you two are related in some way?” Draco asked.

“Yes.” Glare nodded, smiling. “This is my brother, Stare Relnitron.”

“Hello.” Stare waved with a smile. “I’ll be teaching you today, since Glare is busy.”

“Busy watching us spend an hour?” Encounter commented.

“Oh no, I have to go to the University,” Glare said. “I’ve got an appointment. I’ll come by to pick you up afterwards.” He then walked back into the spaceship. “If you need anything, ask Stare. Otherwise, good luck with your training!”

“Okay!” Kaze replied. 

The spaceship then took off, going back into space. Everyone turned to face Stare, who stood there, smiling. 

“So…” Stare said. “Shall we get started with the training session?”

“Can I summon my partner at least?” Encounter asked.

“Depends. Are all five of you going to participate?” Stare asked back, looking at all five of them.

“I mean, I don’t really have powers yet,” Uchiho said. She, Saturo, and Draco had set the stuff they brought with them down in front of the wooden cottage.

“Ah. So just the four of you?” Stare questioned.

“I mean I just asked if I could summon my bud…” Encounter commented. “Because I kinda need em… to be effective.”

Stare smiled. “Well the activity we’ll be doing today isn’t exactly easy. So you can feel free to have your partner help.”

Encounter smiled and walked off to start summoning Jagged.

“Wait, not easy?” Kaze asked. “What are we gonna be doing?!” 

Stare smiled as he stuck his hand out. A white staff then appeared in his hand. 

“It’s simple, really. You just have to take this staff from me,” Stare said.

Draco raised an eyebrow. “I feel you’re trying to make us underestimate the task.”

Stare chuckled. “It’s a simple task. I never said it won’t be a difficult one.”

“In concept, perhaps. But you’re still the one who is asking all four of us to attempt to grab it, and Jagged too,” Draco said. “It’s probably not gonna be so simple in execution.”

“Of course,” Stare replied, from about three meters behind them. “All five of you can work together though. Along with the skeletal dragon.” Kaze, Saturo, Draco and Uchiho then noticed that Encounter had summoned Jagged.

“How much do we have to worry about breaking the staff?” Encounter asked.

“Not at all. It won’t break easily.” Stare smiled.

Kaze then suddenly dashed at Stare. “Enough talk! Let’s do this!” He pointed his hand out at the staff Stare was carrying, attempting to grab it using his control of the air. 

But Stare’s grip was too strong and the staff didn’t even budge. Stare stood there, smiling.

Encounter took the next move, his arms glowing brown as he was using the same spell that trapped Kaze previously with stony hands. His spell caused stony hands to launch up out of the ground around and below Stare to pin and pull him down. Meanwhile, Jagged rushed Stare to try and wrench the staff away.

With a swing of his arm, Stare collected all of the stone and launched it at Jagged, hitting the skeleton dragon in the head and slowing him down. 

Saturo then ran towards Stare from behind, his body surrounded in electricity. Saturo then jumped, hitting the ground with his fist and making a shockwave appear. 

While all of this was happening, Uchiho and Draco just watched from in front of the wooden cottage.

“Good start,” Stare commented, hitting Saturo in the face with his left hand without looking back, which knocked him into the ground a few feet away. And the shockwave Saturo made didn’t seem to affect Stare, it went right through him.

Jagged continued their charge at Stare again after recovering from having a large amount of rock thrown at their face. Stare didn’t even look over at them as he smiled at Kaze, who was just standing there, thinking that this was going to be impossible. 

“This is impossible! Stare is probably as strong as Glare! We can’t even touch the staff, even if we work together!” Kaze thought to himself.

Jagged reached Stare in a full dragon sprint, going to tackle the man and try to, again, wrench the staff from his hands. Stare, without looking at the dragon, stuck his hand out as if he were going to pet Jagged. Then he suddenly flipped over them, using its head as a boost.

While Stare was still in midair, Kaze shot a decently large wind beam, in which Stare simply deflected it, causing it to hit Saturo instead, who had just gotten up but was knocked back down.

Meanwhile again, Draco finally decided to start doing something, and made four spheres of plasma in his hands before sending them up at a mildly slow pace into the air.

Uchiho looked up at them before doing a little sigh. “I’ll go get my instrument out of the case.”

“Thank you Uchi!” Draco said positively to her with a smile as she walked off to get her koto.

Meanwhile, Kaze and Saturo were trying to grab the staff from Stare, but he kept dodging them. 

Kaze then sent a gust of wind at Stare’s legs to try and trip him, but Stare just jumped over it. And when Saturo tried to blast him with electricity while he was still in the air, Stare knocked it over at Kaze. However, Jagged stood in the way of it so that it wouldn’t hit Kaze. And Encounter was just casually making more of those white spheres he used against Draco.

“Gonna have to make more effort than that,” Stare commented as he dodged Saturo some more, and Kaze was charging up another wind beam.

Saturo then tried to grab the staff again, but Stare moved it and bopped him on the head with it. At the same time, Kaze had flown up into the air, shooting a wind beam down at Stare. 

But this time, Kaze didn’t remain in his spot. Instead, he entered his wind beam and flew down at Stare at a much faster speed than usual. He rammed into Stare, knocking him back a few centimeters. Stare then just jumped back, making some distance between him and Kaze and Saturo.

“Getting better.” Stare smiled. 

Kaze and Saturo stood beside each other as they faced Stare, with Jagged right behind them, looking quite intimidating. Stare remained calm and had a cheerful smile despite him facing a giant skeletal dragon. 

On the other hand, Draco and Encounter were still setting up their next attacks. In fact, Draco had even sent a fifth sphere of plasma up into the air to go up with the four other ones. And Encounter had fifteen of his white spheres, continuing to make even more.

Meanwhile, Uchiho was waiting next to Draco with her instrument, prepared for when she would probably have to heal someone. 

“What are you all waiting for?” Stare then asked, waving the staff in the air. “Come and get it!” 

Kaze pounced forward, along with Saturo, and both of them tried to grab the staff. Again.

But all they got was the same outcome. Failure. Stare jumped over them and kicked Saturo to one side, and hit Kaze to the other with the staff. 

Kaze pushed himself back towards Stare using his control over the air, and shot a gust of wind right at Stare’s right hand, which was carrying the staff. 

“Nice try.” Stare smiled as he spun the staff rapidly, and it appeared in his left hand. Then he hit Kaze in the chest, knocking him back. 

Right after that, Saturo tried to grab the staff again, only to be thrown next to Kaze. 

“Your strategy will not work. You two alone will never succeed,” Stare then told them, spinning the staff. 

“He’s right.” Kaze looked over at Draco and Encounter. “Guys! We kinda need your help here!”

“We’re getting to that, just give us a sec!” Draco said back, before looking at Encounter, “you almost done?”

Encounter had eighteen orbs. “Two more, then yeah. I’ll have mine done.”

“Alright, by the way, do you want times four or five?” Draco asked him. “I gotta know how much you can handle.”

Encounter shrugged. “Go with five.”

“Aight.” Draco nodded before looking at Uchiho, “you ready?”

Uchiho nodded, her instrument in hand as she sat on the ground, ready to play it.

“Then we just need Encounter to finish.”

Kaze and Saturo watched and waited as Stare just stood there with a smile.

Encounter finally made twenty orbs and aligned them in a circle. They then suddenly turned into a massive bone white misty rune, which turned into a concentrated beam and shot into Jagged.

Jagged roared, and his shape altered. Bone spikes jutted out on his spine and he grew a slight bit larger on all aspects. His eye sockets had a small glowing bone white orb in them, giving off a misty trail effect when the skeleton moved its head.

Jagged’s teeth also grew, as well as his bone claws. The teeth grew to look a little blunter and hook like, perfect for the situation. And the claws became closer to bony talons, while still retaining their basic shape.

Jagged was now a little taller than three times Encounter’s height, at about twenty two feet tall. Jagged roared again, the spell’s effect made him glow a bone white and occasionally put off a white mist from his bones.

Kaze and Saturo looked up at Jagged, both surprised and very impressed. Meanwhile, Stare just continued smiling.

“Alright, my turn now.” Draco smiled, before reaching up at the spheres in the sky while Uchiho started playing the song that healed injuries, releasing the golden pulses across the field.

“Times two!” Draco exclaimed. Using two fingers on one hand to point at two spheres, he made them both turn into Sparking Spirits, before pointing said fingers at Saturo and Kaze. “Brace yourself guys. This may feel rough at first.”

The spheres then zipped towards Kaze and Saturo, one heading to each, changing into a red burning version as they approached.

Then, the spheres were absorbed into their bodies, which felt tingly.

Then, in an instant, they felt a large pressure on their body, and a large surge of energy throughout their veins. With a slight burning sensation. Their senses felt heightened. They felt more… powerful.

They were both also engulfed in a bright red aura, with Satu’s being mainly bolts of red electricity, and Kaze’s taking a sort of red wind column shape around him.

“HAH!” They both exclaimed as the energy surged across them. It took them a few minutes to control it. The two of them looked down at their hands, smiling.

“Sick!” Kaze laughed.

“I feel so buzzy!” Saturo laughed as electricity surged around him at an extreme rate. “This is great!”

Draco grinned as he then looked up at the three remaining spheres of plasma. 

“Times five!” Draco then pointed at another sphere, making it turn red as well, before pointing at Encounter, who absorbed it.

A similar process occurred as Encounter was surrounded by a very bright red aura, that was nearly three times the size Kaze and Saturo had.

“Woah… this is weird man. Sick,” Encounter said. 

Draco smiled before reaching up at a fourth one. “Times three!”

He then brought it down and absorbed it himself, making him retake the same aura he did against Encounter, only this time he had his jacket and shirt on and not burning.

“HRAGH!” Draco exclaimed as he made the aura flare, before looking up at the fifth one and reaching up at it. “Let’s see if this works.”

“Times twenty!” Draco called out to the sphere, catching the attention of the others as the sphere expanded, turning into a swirling burning red orb with electricity shooting off of it. It already looked intense.

“What’re you doing, Draco?!” Saturo asked, worried why Draco had used the time twenty multiplier.

“Testing to see if Sparking Spirit works on skeleton dragons born from magic,” Draco replied simply as he then sent the sphere at Jagged, getting absorbed.

Then, for a few seconds… nothing.

“…Huh. Maybe it doesn’t wo-” Draco started to say before a giant red flash flew out from Jagged, enveloping them all, before a large force of energy sent them all, except Stare, hurtling away from Jagged.

As they got up off the ground, they saw that Jagged essentially had every gap in their skeleton filled in with raging red fire, red lightning surging across their wings.

It looked scary to say the least as their very presence caused the grass to burn and made chunks of the ground break off and float off into the air around it. Also, the ground was shaking. A lot.

“Nevermind! It did work! Very well in fact!” Draco said to the others loudly over the sound of the aura and the ground shaking. Kaze and Saturo just stood there, amazed.

“So are you going to try and take the staff now?” Stare then asked, waving the staff.

“Well I wouldn’t make them absorb those spheres if it wasn’t to help them do something. So yes,” Draco said as he got into a stance. 

Stare smiled. “Well then let’s see if that actually did anything to help.” 

Everyone got into fighting positions, their auras flaring as they faced Stare, who was just standing there normally with a smile.

“Alright guys, how about you take your new doubled abilities for a spin?” Draco asked Kaze and Saturo with a smile.

“Gladly.” Kaze smirked.

Then he and Saturo jumped forward at Stare, ready to see how much better they could do with their abilities doubled.

“Heh.” Stare smiled as he remained calm and stood there, waiting for their arrival.

To be continued in the next chapter.... 

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