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ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 3: The Artifacts of Electricity: (Chapter 4)

ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 3: The Artifacts of Electricity: (Chapter 4)

Posted May 31st, 2021 by QuartzMaster

by UltimateOsaid
in The Ultimates Galaxy

Since I already started posting this here, I may as well finish posting book 3's old rewrite, right? So I'll do just that. :)



Chapter 4


Kaze and Saturo’s movements were a lot faster than before. They made multiple attempts to grab the staff out of Stare’s hands, but regardless of their doubled abilities, Stare continued to dodge them with a smile. Kaze then charged up a wind beam, and after positioning himself right in front of Stare, shot it right at him. 

“Nice try.” Stare smiled as the wind beam went right through him, not affecting him at all. “You’re gonna have to use all the help you can get. You and Saturo alone won’t get you anywhere.”

“Yeah, he’s right. DRACO! ENCOUNTER! HELP PLEASE!” Saturo shouted, looking back at them. 

Draco then dashed forward, focusing on something as he ran towards Stare.

Then, as he ran, embers of blue plasma fire started to spark around his feet. He also seemed to get a bit faster, at least enough to slightly flicker from sight as he then leaped at the staff in Stare’s hand.

“Nope.” The staff appeared in Stare’s other hand, and he knocked Draco into Saturo with the staff.

Draco then quickly got up, helping Saturo up as he did, before looking at Stare again.

He then focused his mind again, the embers around his feet becoming more prominent in the process.

“Satu, I want you and I to both try and get the staff, move as fast as you can, but don’t just go for it blindly,” Draco whispered to him.

“Okay!” Saturo nodded.

“Alright… go!” Draco exclaimed before the two of them dashed forward, away from each other.

They then sped up as fast as they could, fast enough that, for Kaze at least, they had vanished. The only clue of them being there was the occasional dust cloud they would kick up as they seemed to be roughly circling Stare, who was literally just standing there. 

Kaze then decided to try and do something too, and he flew up, charging another wind beam. 

He then saw that Stare was shifting from his spot every few moments. He was apparently dodging something. The rate of the dodges was increasing as time went on.

“What’s happening?” Kaze thought to himself. “Hey Galex, what’s going on?”

“Draco and Saturo are trying to grab the staff. They’re just moving pretty fast so you can’t really see them,” Kaze’s Ultimate Crystal, Galex, responded.

“Oh! But… Stare is dodging them! They’re not fast enough!” Kaze was still charging his attack. 

As Saturo and Draco continued to attempt to grab the staff from Stare, and Kaze was floating in the air watching, Encounter and Jagged were just watching from a distance, choosing not to involve themselves.

“Okay, this isn’t working out… I have to do something… but what?” Kaze began to think of something to do that would help get the staff from Stare. He then watched Stare’s movements carefully, and saw that Stare was still dodging Saturo and Draco. 

Then, without talkingat least to KazeDraco and Saturo both leapt away from Stare for some reason.

Jagged spread their wings and hopped up a little, pulling their legs up under them and being suspended mid-air. It then started to propel itself on the ground with its legs and launch itself forwards with its wings.

And the giant skeleton dragon was positioned far away, as they had moved, but it still made it to Stare within instants. Like ‘you did not notice the giant dragon there before? It’s there now, so you get giant dragon.’ amounts of fast. And naturally, this was timed with Saturo and Draco jumping back so they didn’t get trampled by fast skeletal dragon feet.

With haste, Jagged went for the staff with their forearms, but Stare barely dodged, causing Jagged to hit him and not the staff. Except it didn’t hit Stare. It went right through him. 

At the same time, Saturo and Draco saw an opening and blasted out orbs of electricity and plasma right at Stare’s feet, causing a small explosion. This was then followed by a powerful roar coming out of Jagged.

Then everyone noticed, that while Stare was below in a cloud of dust, the staff had been blown up into the air. 

Draco quickly shot bursts of plasma from his hands, boosting him up into the air. After a few bursts, he was almost to the staff, so he reached out for it. 

But then Stare appeared in his way.

“Crap!” Draco exclaimed, clearly a bit frustrated as he had gotten so close. 

At the same time, Saturo used the same strategy as Draco, boosting himself up to try and get the staff. But when Stare had appeared in front of Draco, he had also grabbed Saturo’s leg, stopping him from grabbing the staff. 

“Noo!” Saturo was also frustrated, as he had also gotten close. 

But before Stare could knock the two of them back to the ground, Encounter suddenly appeared in the air, having hopped off of Jagged’s head. He was right behind Stare, going for the staff while Stare was distracted. 

By the time Stare noticed Encounter, Encounter’s fingertips had already touched the staff. Stare knew he wouldn’t be able to grab the staff before him, so instead he stopped Encounter from grabbing it, using an arm of darkness that came out of his hand to grab Encounter’s foot. 

“!!” Encounter was alarmed as the staff fell out of his hand. Stare then looked over at the staff, making another dark arm came out of the same hand, which went for the staff. 

Draco then suddenly shot beams out of his hands, as he was only intercepted instead of grabbed, shooting them behind him to propel himself at the dark arm and the staff, tackling the arm to stall it. 

“KAZE! DO SOMETHING ALREADY!” Draco yelled at him.

“Been on it!” As all that was happening, Kaze was charging up a ball of wind. He then chucked it up at the staff, and once it positioned itself right behind the staff, the ball of wind transformed into a wind beam. 

The wind beam shot the staff away from the scene, directing it right at Kaze. Stare looked over and saw this happening. But by the time he was about to do something… 

The staff was already in Kaze’s hand. 

“…I got it! GUYS! I GOT IT!” Kaze exclaimed.

Everyone then fell to the ground as Stare removed his dark arms, looking over at Kaze who was quite happy. 

“Well done.” Stare smiled. “You got the staff, with the help of your friends.”

Draco, lying on the ground, waved his hand and the Sparking Spirit aura around everyone faded away, before sighing as he was a bit tired. 

“Alright. That was fun,” Encounter said, from basically thin air. “One problem though, my clothes are slightly disintegrated, so I’m gonna go get new pants and stand behind a big rock or something.”

“Oh. Okay.” Saturo chuckled. 

“Anyway, you guys succeeded. You hungry?” Stare asked them. 

“Yesvery,” Draco said very fast, standing up practically in an instant and his stomach growling. This made Kaze, Satu and Uchiho laugh a bit.

Stare chuckled. “Well then I’ll get you guys some food. You can rest in the meantime, since you tried your best.” 

As Stare walked over to the wooden cottage, Kaze asked, “wait, what should I do with this staff?”

“Oh, you can hold onto it for now,” Stare replied. He then disappeared into the cottage. That left Kaze, Saturo, Draco, and Uchiho outside, along with Jagged and an invisible naked Encounter. 

All of them just stood around for a bit, except for Uchiho since she was sitting down. 

“Woo!” Saturo stretched his arms. “We did it. That was pretty hard.”

“Yeah, those boosts of speed and reaction time from the Sparking Spirits were a lot more helpful than I thought,” Draco said as Uchiho put her koto away and walked over to them.

“Yeah, sure was,” Kaze said, looking down at the staff. “This staff is pretty cool. Do you think it’s a normal staff?” 

The staff looked like a normal staff from the bottom, but the top of it looked like it had something missing. There was a small empty area on the top that looked like something could fit there. 

“I mean, I dunno. It seems normal to me,” Saturo said.

“Could be special, could be not. Only Stare would probably know,” Draco said.

Encounter reappeared rather suddenly. He was wearing some blue pants, and that’s about the most that could be said. He was shirtless, and didn’t have shoes on, so the others could see his scars that littered his chest and arms and the faint runic circle on his chest.

Also he was covered in light bruises.

“Uhhh…” Kaze looked at Encounter’s scars. “Where’d you get those…?”

“Hmm? Oh, it doesn’t matter,” Encounter replied, effectively dodging the question.

“Uh alright.” Kaze shrugged it off. “So then-” 

“Well well well!” Kaze was then interrupted by a familiar voice. “Why if it isn’t Broshi!”

“Oh no…” Draco gumbled, as everyone turned to the voice.

The person they spotted was none other than Folly, with his bat-like wings spread out behind him. Beside Folly was also a pink haired boy, Filato, who was just standing there with his hands in his pocket.

Folly grinned. “I’m not finished with you yet, Broshi. I still have to kill you.”

“What, are you gonna have him put me in the Dream World again?” Draco asked, a bit hostile, pointing at Filato as his irises glowed cyan.

“Oh no. He’s here to deal with the callows while I deal with you,” Folly replied. He turned to Filato. “Go ahead, give me a clear opening.”

Filato nodded, and suddenly he was right beside Kaze, Saturo, and Draco. He went to attack Kaze first. Kaze was alarmed and pointed the staff at Filato by instinct. 

Unexpectedly, the end of the staff glowed and Filato’s shape shifted, before he suddenly was sucked up by the staff. 

“Oh,” Encounter said. Everyone, including Folly and Jagged, stared at the staff that had just sucked up Filato. Kaze was surprised, looking down at the staff.

“Uhhh…” Draco’s whole hostile expression faded away as he looked at Kaze in confusion.

“W…what just happened?” Kaze questioned. 

“Filato just… got sucked up by the staff…” Saturo commented.

They were all then silent for a few moments, before they looked over at Folly.

“T-this wasn’t supposed to happen…” Folly muttered. He knew that if he tried to kill Draco, he would be stopped by his friends, making it much harder. Without Filato there to help, he would face many obstacles. “Ugh! Fine, you win this time Broshi! But I will be back!” 

“Sure… I guess,” Draco said.

“Bye Folly,” Encounter said casually.

Folly then flew off, grumbling since his plan had failed.

“So that all happened,” Draco said as his irises returned to normal.

Stare then came out of the cottage, carrying some food. A large amount of it at that.

“Alright guys, I brought you lunch,” Stare said with a smile. But then he looked over at the staff that Kaze was holding onto. “Wait…” He then looked up at Kaze. “Did you… use it?”

“Y-yeah haha…” Kaze scratched his head.

“Two guys named Folly and Filato showed up, wanting to fight us. Filato went to attack Satu and Kaze, but Kaze pointed the staff at him or something and it sucked him in. Then Folly flew away,” Draco explained. “And Filato seems to be stuck in there for now.”

“How did you use the staff?” Stare asked Kaze. 

“I don’t know! It just sorta happened!” Kaze replied.

“It wasn’t supposed to happen,” Stare said. “Whoever this Filato guy is, he’s stuck in there now.”

“Huh, that sucks,” Draco said.

“Can we not get him out?!” Saturo questioned.

Stare shook his head. “Only the owner of the staff can. No one else can.” 

“Well, who owns it?” Uchiho asked.

“Someone I can’t exactly get in contact with easily,” Stare replied, not answering Uchiho’s question fully.

“Well hopefully we manage to get him out, Satu and Kaze told me that Filato was actually a pretty decent guy besides the whole ‘Ally of Folly’ thing,” Draco said as he looked down at the staff.

“You can’t. He’s stuck in there,” Stare said, pulling a wooden table over and setting the food onto it. 

“Dang,” Draco said a bit solemnly.

Kaze felt pretty regretful as he stared down at the staff. “Sorry Filato… that was on accident…”

“Well anyway, you should eat,” Stare then said to them. “After lunch, I’ll teach you how to hide and sense energy.” 

“Alright,” Draco said before they all sat at the table to eat.

Due to the whole Filato getting sucked up into the staff incident, the atmosphere around them was still a bit in the dumps in terms of positivity.

To be continued in the next chapter.... 

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Love it! Forever &

Love it!
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I love how Folly's vendetta

I love how Folly's vendetta keeps getting Filato (who really does seem like a pretty nice guy) in loads of trouble smh


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