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ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 3: The Artifacts of Electricity: (Chapter 5)

ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 3: The Artifacts of Electricity: (Chapter 5)

Posted June 2nd, 2021 by QuartzMaster

by UltimateOsaid
in The Ultimates Galaxy

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Chapter 5


“Yo Dakure,” a teenage boy called. He was sitting on a cliff of a mountain, beside another teenage boy. 

“What is it, Gagger?” A man dressed in black robes walked over to the boys. 

One of the boys, Gagger, pointed at something down below. 

“Glare’s not here on the Rock Planet, but I found Stare,” Gagger said. 

The robed man, Dakure, raised his eyebrows. “Stare?” 

The other teenage boy nodded. “Yeah. That’s Stare alright. Maybe we can find out where Glare hid the artifact from him.”

“Hmmm… perhaps.” Dakure scratched his chin. “Very well. Gagger and I will go check it out. You stay here with the ship, Tenker.”

“Alright.” Tenker nodded. 

Dakure and Gagger then looked down the mountain. 

“Okay. Let’s go.” Dakure smiled as Gagger cracked his knuckles.


“So we’re gonna be learning how to hide and sense energy?” Saturo asked, taking a sip of water. 

“Supposedly,” Draco said as he finished what must’ve been his fifth piece of meat, which seemed to resemble a roasted leg of goat, in about a minute. As he, Saturo, Kaze, Uchiho, and Encounter ate, Stare was standing beside the fireplace, where more meat was being cooked. 

“Is your meat better than sandwiches?” Encounter mused.

“Hmmm… Depends on the animal, I suppose,” Draco replied in between bites. “For example, goat fills better than a sandwich.”

“Well that’s good…” Encounter said.

“I personally enjoy my chips and pizza rolls more,” Saturo commented as he ate.

“When was the last time you even ate a fruit or vegetable?” Draco asked Saturo before eating an apple by simply rotating it quickly and taking bites, eating it in seconds.

“Like two weeks ago, when we ran out of pizza rolls and I was hungry for something other than chips,” Saturo answered.

“Yeah that can not be healthy,” Draco replied before eating another piece of food.

“Yeah, you should probably eat healthier foods, Satu,” Kaze said, eating an apple.

“Nahhh. I’d rather eat tasty foods.” Saturo smiled.

“Then cover fruit in honey or something,” Encounter said.

“No, not honey. Chocolate!” Saturo said. “Honey is healthy.”

“You’re gonna have medical problems if you don’t eat anything healthy, you know.” Encounter chuckled.

Saturo waved the piece of meat he was holding but hadn’t bit into yet. “I am eating healthy.”

“I’m pretty sure potassium is just a tad more important than protein. Especially in your case,” Draco said before taking Saturo’s piece of meat and giving him chopped bananas mixed with strawberries in a bowl.

“Oh fine.” Saturo rolled his eyes. “At least fruits are sweet.” 

The others just softly sighed at this before going back to eating their food.

“Anyone want seconds?” Stare then asked from next to the fireplace. He was cooking more meat. “Or in Draco’s case…”

“I think it’s… fifths?” Draco replied. “Maybe.”

“Well, you want?” Stare smiled.

“Perhaps.” Draco smiled a bit. “I’ll have a few more. Then I should be full.”

“Alright, catch!” Stare then tossed a large piece of meat to Draco. “It’s a bit hot, but you can shoot plasma so you can handle it.”

Draco caught the piece of meat, and seemed fine holding it, despite the fact that it was steaming a good amount. “Thanks!”

The others had finished eating by now, so they just kinda watched Draco eat.

“Where does it all go anyway?” Uchiho asked as they watched him tear through it easily. “That piece alone is like, half his size.”

“No clue. He somehow eats a lot, yet he doesn’t get fat,” Kaze commented.

“At least I eat more than pizza rolls and chips unlike someone,” Draco said, glancing at Saturo.

Saturo pointed at the empty bowl of fruit. “I ate bananas and strawberries just a while ago. So ha!”

“He had to give you those though,” Uchiho commented.

“But I still ate them, didn’t I?” Saturo replied with a grin.

“Only because they were sweet,” Kaze said. “If he gave you something like broccoli, you’d refuse to eat it.” 

“That’s because I just don’t like broccoli. I’m fine with other vegetables,” Saturo replied.

“I don’t think tomato sauce and potato chips count as vegetables Satu.”

“I think potatoes are roots actually…” Encounter commented.

“So are carrots. Your point?” Draco asked.

“He said he thinks,” Kaze said. He then got up. “Hey Stare, where can I go to wash my hands?”

“Inside. You’ll find a sink somewhere, unless I forgot to install one,” Stare replied. “You can go check.”

“Alright.” Kaze then entered the cottage.

“I’ll go wash my hands too, they’re pretty dirty now,” Draco said, following after Kaze.

“I don’t need to wash mine though, cuz I used a fork,” Saturo said to himself.

Encounter wasn’t even at the table, much less paying attention, and instead was drawing circles in the ground like a bored child. He hardly ate anything too. 

“I wonder how teaching how to hide and sense energy will go for you all,” Uchiho said.

“Yeah, I’m actually pretty excited to learn it. It sounds cool!” Saturo said, standing up.

“It sounds like something I won’t be able to do yet, cuz I don’t have a crystal,” Encounter called from where he was drawing runic circles. “But I’ll pay attention.”

“That would be a good idea,” Stare said, walking over to where Encounter was. “Then you would be able to do it once you get a crystal.”

Stare looked down at the massive circles that Encounter had drawn. A circle within a circle, in the ground. He had filled about half the space between the two circles with runes of sorts, and was casually drawing more, not even looking up to talk.

“That’s the idea, innit? No point in the not knowing for later. I’ll catch up in Ultimate Crystal skills, and still have my magic.” Encounter continued to draw.

“Indeed.” Stare smiled. “Your magic is interesting, different from what I’ve seen before. Was it something that only your planet had?”

“As far as our history says, yeah. We discovered it. I don’t know about anything further than that, other than what I read, but I do know that to do it you need to know the words, actions, AND have magic energy, which can get annoying real fast.” Encounter chuckled. “I mostly use dragon magic, but I can’t really use it yet because a lot of it is some undead or darkness because of Jagged, and that just kinda kills people, and stuff.”

“I see.” Stare nodded. 

“If you want to know more, you’d have to ask one of my two friends,” Encounter said, almost filling the circles space. “One’s an alchemist, and the other has the most potential and learning curve I’ve ever seen. Of course, I can’t get to either of them.”

“That’s a shame,” Stare said.

Kaze and Draco then came out of the cottage. They noticed Stare over by Encounter so they walked over, and Saturo came along as well, thinking that it was time for their lesson. 

Kaze also grabbed the staff with him on the way.

“What’s going on?” Draco asked.

“I’m just occupying myself with magic,” Encounter replied, as he finished off the inside of the two circles and moving to start drawing a big rune in the very middle.

“I see. Which rune are you doing exactly?” Draco asked.

“It’s a combination,” Encounter replied. “I’m trying to restore Jagged. I try every day, and now’s a good a time as any. I’ve done it once, so I know it’s possible. I just haven’t been able to again.”

“Restore?” Draco asked.

“Yeah,” Encounter replied shortly. The rune in the center started to look like Jagged’s skull as he drew more. “It’s undead…”

“What exactly do you mean by restore?” Draco asked.

“Well, exactly what it sounds. I’m trying to restore Jagged’s actual life,” Encounter replied.

“Ah.” Draco gave a slight nod.

“If you don’t restore them, will they just become a pile of bones?” Saturo asked.

“No, luckily. He’s not briefly undead, that’s consistent,” Encounter replied. “Different spell that did that. Had to work with my two friends, but I would like to bring back whatever he was before this. Skeleton dragons aren’t the worst, but it limits my actual ability to channel magic through them. Y’know?”

“Oh… that sounds pretty complicated though,” Saturo commented.

Encounter finished drawing. “That’s why I’m practicing it consistently. I probably didn’t even do it right here, as well. Just the set up.”

Encounter looked at what he had carved into the dirt, and then frowned, throwing the dagger he used down, making a slight gash across the circles, looking very annoyed. “Yeah, I did…” He cursed under his breath. “Three of them are misplaced with each other!”

He then did a small knock on his head in frustration, as if what he did was a super obvious mistake.

“You can try again later,” Stare then said to Encounter assuringly. “But now, Kaze, Saturo, and Draco, I need your attention up here.” 

The three of them turned and saw Stare standing on a large rock. 

Stare smiled. “Alright, let’s start with the lesson. You all have your Ultimate Crystals absorbed?”

“Yep!” The three of them nodded.

“Okay good. You’ll need your crystals for this, as it’s not easy,” Stare said. “I’ll start off by teaching you how to hide your energy. Firstly, does anyone know why hiding your energy is important?”

“So that someone doesn’t sense you?” Encounter asked.

“So that your opponent can’t tell how tired you are?” Draco added.

“Both answers are correct.” Stare smiled. “Although there are Ultimates who can find their way around it, hiding your energy is quite useful. Especially in cases where you need to hide.” 

“So how do we hide it?” Draco asked.

“Well, you know that sort of fuzzy sensation sort of thing that happens when you and Saturo charge your powers?” Stare asked Draco before also looking at Saturo.

“Yeah? What about it?” Saturo inquired.

“That is your energy. You should know that, of course, depending on how much you charge up, the larger your ‘aura’, if you choose to manifest it, and the more powerful the attack, correct?” Stare continued.

“Right.” Draco nodded.

“Well, when you increase said energy, you become more noticeable to those who can sense it. And powers like yours usually are the easiest to notice, due to them being almost entirely energy,” Stare said.

“I see! And how do we hide that energy?” Saturo asked. 

“Simple. You either don’t charge it up and only emit your natural human energy, or you focus on keeping it in very tight control as to not leak out energy. We’ll start with the no charging method,” Stare concluded.

“Okay… so I’m not charging it right now. Can you sense me?” Kaze asked.

“Yes. Since you’re a living creature, you’re giving off natural energy, like heat,” Stare answered. “That’s where your crystal comes in. Your crystal can control the natural energy for you. Notice how I said control. Your energy will still be sensible, especially to those who are close to you. Your crystal will only hide it for you, and people won’t be able to sense it as easily since it’s very low and since everything else around them gives off energy.”

“Okay…” Kaze then focused, trying to use his Ultimate Crystal. “Hey Galex. Can you uh… do the hiding energy for me?” 

“I sure can,” Galex replied. 

Stare then could sense that Kaze’s energy dropped. Galex had successfully hidden it for him. 

“Yes, there you go! See, it’s quite easy because of your Ultimate Crystal,” Stare said. 

“What about us?” Saturo then asked, as he and Draco were focusing using their Ultimate Crystals as well. 

Stare noticed that their energy had dropped as well. They all had done it! 

“Nice work! You all got it!” Stare smiled. 

“Okay, what about sensing energy?” Draco asked.

“That one’s trickier,” Stare said. “You see-” 

Suddenly, a dark orb of energy flew at Kaze from behind, unbeknownst to him. Stare noticed it and was alarmed. He quickly jumped forward and blocked it. Kaze was shook. Gripping the staff tightly, he, along with Saturo, Draco, Encounter, and Stare, looked over in the direction that the dark orb of energy came from.

They spotted a man dressed in black robes. He had black hair and red eyes, and was floating ten feet in the air, looking down at Stare, with his arm outstretched towards Kaze. Faint embers of dark energy faded away from his palm as this man was also grinning. 

Stare narrowed his eyes as he looked up at the man, a growling-esche expression on his face. “You… What are you doing here?!”

The man chuckled. “Oh nothing. Was just searching for information.” He then floated over to them, before he landed on the ground. “I was going to make you tell me where Glare is, but it seems that’s unnecessary.”

Stare hesitated. The man was looking over at Kaze with a smile… actually, he was looking at what Kaze was holding.

The staff. 

“That staff. I’d like you to hand it over,” The man then said to him, a polite smile on his face.

“H-huh?” Kaze was confused. He had many questions. Who was this man? What was his relationship with Stare? And Glare? And why was he after the staff? What even was the staff? 

“You heard me. Hand over the staff,” The man said in a sterner tone.

Stare then suddenly appeared in front of Kaze, standing in between him and the man. There was rather a serious expression on Stare’s face as he looked at the man. 

“What do you want with the staff, Dakure?” Stare asked in all seriousness. 

The man, Dakure, smirked. 

“That staff is an artifact. An Artifact of Electricity at that. I’m simply just collecting all ten artifacts in order to summon the Legendary Electric Chim?ra!” Dakure exclaimed. 

Stare scowled. “Why do you want to summon it?”

“Simple.” Dakure smiled. “That creature, as well as the Master of Electricity himself, have infinite energy.”

“I-infinite!?” Saturo exclaimed in shock.

“Yes, infinite. Quite overpowered as well,” Dakure added with a smirk. “So, if you could hand over the artifact, then I will leave without harming anyone.” 

Stare shook his head. “You can’t have it.”

Dakure chuckled before a sinister smile appeared on his face. “Then I’ll just take it myself.” A red aura suddenly materialized around Dakure, and he dashed forward towards Kaze at full speed.

And he didn’t seem to be holding back either. It felt like time was nearly frozen for Kaze, yet Dakure looked like he was going dozens of times faster than Saturo did when he was boosted by Draco. Even if he were fast enough to dodge it, Kaze was frozen by fear. He could only watch as Dakure approached him and braced himself.

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YEAHHH Ultimates!!  I have

YEAHHH Ultimates!! 

I have no context for this but the longer you write it the better you get. Throwback to the times when literally the entire NSP would be Ultimates :,)

Time to rewind and reread. 


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YEEEAH Ultimates!   I for

YEEEAH Ultimates!


I for sure will keep getting better and better and some day it will be out officially! I dream of that day!

Time to work my butt off for the reboot.



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