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ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 3: The Artifacts of Electricity: (Chapter 6)

ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 3: The Artifacts of Electricity: (Chapter 6)

Posted June 8th, 2021 by QuartzMaster

by UltimateOsaid
in The Ultimates Galaxy

The next chapter for the rewrite of book 3. There are 26 chapters in this book so, it's gonna be awhile of posting. Whew. 



Chapter 6


Kaze closed his eyes, looking away from Dakure, holding the staff tightly. Dakure was no more than five feet away, his bright red aura flaring. But before Kaze would get trampled by Dakure, Stare shoved Dakure to the side. 

Dakure stopped moving for a second, moving his head to look at Stare. 

“Kaze, and everyone,” Stare then said, without looking at them. He maintained eye contact with Dakure as he spoke. “Run away from here.”

Before any of them could respond, Jagged suddenly picked all of them up in their ribcage and flew off, picking up Uchiho on the way. 

In a matter of seconds, Kaze, Saturo, Draco, Encounter, and Uchiho were far away from Dakure and Stare. Kaze looked back and saw that Dakure and Stare were fighting. Stare was keeping Dakure busy so that they could escape with the staff.

Kaze shook as he held the staff tightly. The rib cage was large, and so everyone fit, if being a little cramped. Everyone was hanging on and sitting in there, silently.

“Who was that?!” Saturo then asked, breaking the silence.

“Dakure, apparently,” Encounter replied matter-of-factly, as Jagged flew higher, slowly becoming parallel to the mountains around them.

“And he wants the staff to revive something or whatever,” Draco said, a bit less matter-of-factly, as he seemed to still be a bit shaken by the events. 

“Yeah…” Kaze said, also pretty shook. “He was scary though… he must be like, super strong.”

“Super is most likely a big understatement,” Draco commented.

“Oh trust me, it is,” a voice then spoke. That teenage boy, Gagger, was standing right on top of Jagged’s spine, looking down at them. He was dressed in black robes similar to those that samurai wore. He also was somehow standing on Jagged’s spine, despite the spikes that were there. 

Gagger smiled once everyone, except Jagged since they couldn’t exactly look back, looked up at him. “Wussup.”

“Flying on/in a skeleton dragon, you?” Encounter replied casually.

Gagger then jumped down from Jagged’s spine, snatching the staff from Kaze’s hands all of a sudden. “Just taking this. Bye!” 

“H-hey!” Kaze exclaimed. 

But Gagger had dropped down to the ground, falling down thousands of feet. Kaze, Saturo, Draco, and Uchiho looked down, shocked that Gagger had literally just jumped down from that high.

Meanwhile, Encounter was unimpressed. “Kaze, your grip is weaker than a little schoolgirl. Should we worry about getting the staff or continue to run away?” 

“Well, we don’t have a reason to run! Go after that guy, Jagged!” Kaze said, pointing down at Gagger, who was still falling.

Jagged grumbled and turned on a dime, jostling every rider and diving at Gagger, forcing itself down to catch him like a hawk.

“Jagged says this is a horrible idea.” Encounter laughed, in the meantime.

As Jagged grew closer, at a pretty fast speed, Gagger looked up and noticed. He then quickly dodged to the side, avoiding Jagged. 

Jagged was having none of it. They swung their massive body around, almost losing some of its passengers, and snapped at Gagger and the staff he was holding. 

Gagger cursed and unleashed a black sword that was his size from out of nowhere, blocking Jagged’s attack and getting knocked back a few meters from the force.

“Hey, you guys wanna help out a bit?” Encounter laughed, as he then climbed out of the ribcage and Jagged rushed Gagger again, snapping its massive jaws.

Gagger cursed again as he shot himself forward, entering Jagged’s mouth and avoiding being bitten. Gagger then held his large sword up and smashed Jagged’s lower jaw, snapping it.

“Jagged!” Saturo exclaimed as the jaw fell a few feet before splintering into dust, which was confusing to say the least. This was all happening high up in the sky too.

Encounter suddenly swung in from behind Gagger and kicked him in the back, causing him to crash violently into the top of Jagged’s jaw. A bone spike then suddenly came from the top and speared Gagger in the back.
“DON’T YOU EVER!” Encounter yelled angrily, casually falling as well.

Gagger was unaffected by the spike, however, and kicked off of the top of Jagged’s jaw, pushing himself right into Encounter and taking him down with him.

Encounter burst into a bright white rainbow illusion glow that was more intense than when he fought Draco, and grappled Gagger in a way that caused him to flip over so that Encounter was above him. Encounter then proceeded to kick off of Gagger and up to Jagged, where he bounced off and slammed into Gagger, sending him flying at a terminally faster speed towards the ground.

Gagger smiled as he fell. “Thanks fam!” 

He proceeded to spin around to face the ground, and his speed accelerated even more as the distance between him and Jagged increased dramatically. His sword had also disappeared and he was holding the staff.

Encounter then grabbed onto Jagged as Gagger fell down, and Jagged stopped the chase.

“We’re done here,” Encounter said to the others demandingly. “He’s moving at some ludicrous speed, by the time we’d reach him he’d be on the ground, and then we’d be disadvantaged.”

“I have no family friendly words for how bad things are going right now,” Draco commented.

“Neither do I,” Saturo added. “Hey, Kaze, are you alright?” 

Kaze nodded slyly. “Yeah… but I’m still shook about what happened.”

“Yeah, that was intense…” Saturo agreed. “I think we should go back to Stare and tell him that this guy showed up from out of nowhere and stole the staff.”

“Hopefully he’s alright,” Uchiho said.

“I hope he landed wrong and broke his own spine,” Encounter grumbled. “And that was hardly intense. He only defended, he was trying to run the whole time.”

“You know she meant Stare, right?” Draco asked. 

“Yeah yeah…” Encounter said dismissively.

Draco didn’t look like he believed him though. At the same time, Jagged had changed direction and was flying back to Stare so that they could tell him that the staff was stolen and to check to see if he was okay. 


Dakure and Stare sent barrages of attacks at each other. Stare was using that same technique he had used earlier, generating arms of darkness from his hands and rapidly sending punches at Dakure with them. 

Dakure, surrounding by his red aura, blocked Stare’s attacks. 

Dakure then clapped his hands together and a dark barrier prevented Stare’s attack from reaching.

Stare hopped back a meter, watching Dakure closely. 

“Hm,” Dakure then said, noticing that Jagged was quite far in the sky. “Looks like they got away.”

Stare didn’t reply.

Dakure smiled. “I’ll still be taking that staff, by the way. Whether they run or not.”

“I’m not letting you move from here,” Stare rasped. “Why are you after the artifacts?”

Dakure chuckled. “It’s like I said. I simply just want to summon the Chimæra of Electricity and steal its infinite energy and power.”

“You can’t do that,” Stare said. “That creature is too powerful for you. You’ll just make it go crazy and cause it to destroy everything.”

Dakure smirked. “What do you think I’ve been doing these past few years? I know what I’m doing. And I will succeed. You can’t stop me. Glare can’t stop me.” 

Stare hesitated. 

“Besides, who says I need to get it from them myself?” Dakure smiled menacingly.

“Huh?” Stare was confused. Dakure was the only one here, right? Stare didn’t sense anyone else. Or maybe Dakure was emitting his aura to distract Stare from sensing anyone else. 

“If you’re trying to sense them, it’s too late. They’ve most likely already gotten the staff by now. I’d be more worried that your brother’s students up there are all still breathing.” Dakure grinned confidently.

“Who’s working with you?” Stare demanded.

“You’re already familiar with them,” Dakure said with a smug grin. “Though it’s probably been awhile since you last saw them.”

“That could be anyone,” Stare thought to himself. Shaking his head, he sighed disapprovingly. “Your goal won’t succeed, Dakure. The Master of Electricity can stop you.” 

“Then by all means, let’s see him do so,” Dakure said, a sinister smile on his face. “I can deal with him. Unlike you and Glare, I’ve been using my time wisely. I’m not isolating myself like you, and not wasting time on pathetic experiments in a lab. I’ve been growing stronger.” 

“I’m not isolating myself,” Stare said. 

Dakure laughed and motioned his hands at the environment around them. “You’re out here in the middle of nowhere. I’d say that’s isolation.”

“I have my reasons for being out here,” Stare argued. “Now, Dakure, I want you to leave this place and leave Glare’s students alone.”

“I will. I only came for the staff, anyway,” Dakure replied. 

“Yo Dakure!” Dakure then heard Gagger’s voice in his head. “I got the staff! I’m heading back to the ship now!” 

Dakure smiled at Stare. “Well Stare, I got what I came for. I’ll see you later.” 

Waving, Dakure floated up in the air. Stare watched him as he then flew off. 

As Dakure flew throughout the valley, he searched around for Gagger’s energy, finding that he was almost back at their spaceship. Dakure increased his flying speed until he could see his spaceship, with Tenker sitting right in front of it on a cliff. 

Dakure landed in front of Tenker. Gagger then appeared. Dakure looked over at him, seeing that he was holding the staff.

“Good job, Gagger.” Dakure smiled.

“Well duh. I easily got it from those weaklings,” Gagger commented. “Anyway, is this the only artifact on the Rock Planet? Or are we gonna leave now?” 

Dakure grinned as he looked down the mountain. “Not yet. There’s something I want to do.” 

Meanwhile, a few miles away back where Stare’s wooden cottage was located, Stare was inside, a phone in his hand. He quickly dialed Glare’s number and put the phone up to his ear. 

Luckily, Glare picked up. 

“Glare. Dakure came and stole the staff. He wants to summon the Electric Chimæra and steal its power,” Stare briefly informed Glare what had happened.

“What? Dakure?!” Glare was shocked. On the other side of the phone, Glare was preparing for a lecture in his office at Solas University in Bright City. 

But after hearing the news, Glare knew what he had to do. 

“I’m on my way,” Glare informed his brother before he hung up. 

Putting his phone away, Glare quickly got up and out of his office, running through the hallways in search for one of his colleagues. 

It didn’t take long for him to run into one. 

“Cancel my lecture! An emergency popped up, I must go!” Glare told his colleague. 

“Huh? O-oh okay.” His colleague was confused but understood that it was an emergency.

Glare then teleported into his spaceship, and hurriedly, took off into space, his destination being the Rock Planet.

“I hope I get there in time!”

To be continued in the next chapter!

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