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ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 3: The Artifacts of Electricity: (Chapter 8)

ULTIMATES REWRITE: Book 3: The Artifacts of Electricity: (Chapter 8)

Posted June 14th, 2021 by QuartzMaster

by UltimateOsaid
in The Ultimates Galaxy

Here is Chapter 8. Oh boy the personality of this version of Kaze was something different. In the Official Series that I'm working on, he's a little different. 




Chapter 8


Right after Saturo took off after Kaze, Draco got out from behind the rock he was hiding behind and ran into the cottage.

“Stare! It’s me, Draco! I gotta tell you something! It’s urgent!” Draco called out loudly. 

He found Stare sitting in the room that didn’t have a floorboard. Stare was seated on the ground, on dirt, with a silver metal briefcase. 

“Draco? You came back?” Stare asked, looking up at Draco.

“Yeah, Satu, Kaze and I snuck back by hiding our energy, and were hiding nearby when you and Glare were talking. Uchiho and Encounter are still somewhere a few miles away. Anyway, Kaze decided he needed to prove himself and went after Glare, and Satu went after to make sure Kaze doesn’t get killed, and I decided to tell you before going to make sure neither of them die,” Draco said quickly.

Stare just stared at Draco for a few seconds, taking in all that he said. 

“Wait, they went after Glare?” Stare then said.

“Kaze did, and Satu went after Kaze. So technically yes,” Draco said. “They both did. And I told them both it was a bad idea but Kaze went anyway.”

“Hm. Well Glare would be there, so they should be fine,” Stare replied.

“I still think they could be in danger, we did get attacked by some person working with him after all. And how the staff got taken from us,” Draco said.

“Dakure is after the artifacts. Neither Kaze or Saturo have any, so he has no reason to attack them,” Stare said. “So don’t worry about it too much. The situation isn’t that bad. Glare can handle it.”

“Well knowing Kaze, he might decide to look for the artifacts himself,” Draco added.

Stare chuckled. “He has no way of doing that. They’re spread out throughout the galaxy.”

“He also had no way of finding me when I was captured yet lucked out and met Encounter. His luck is impeccable.”

Stare shrugged. “Finding the artifacts is impossible for someone like Kaze. And the chances are very low for him to run into someone who can help him find them.”

“Well… then can we at least go get Encounter and Uchi?” Draco asked.

Stare nodded, getting up. “Yes, that’d be a good idea.”


Glare moved quickly and swiftly towards Dakure’s energy, his speed making him practically invisible. He was determined to stop him, knowing what would happen if Dakure achieved his goal. He passed by entire mountains in less than a minute. 

Glare then came to a stop once he made it to the black robed man. Dakure was standing on the rocky ground, smiling. It seemed like he was there for awhile, waiting for Glare’s arrival. 

“Well well well… look who it is.” Dakure smirked. 

“Greetings to you as well, Dakure,” Glare replied, neither frowning or smiling. 

Dakure chuckled. “It’s been a while since we’ve last seen each other. How’s everything been?”

“Everything’s been fine.” Glare gave a soft smile. “What about you? I hear you’ve been… busy.”

“Why yes, I have been quite busy.” Dakure smiled. “I’ve done my research and found an easy shortcut to infinite energy.” 

Glare gave a disapproving frown. “Using the Artifacts of Electricity to summon beings that have infinite energy and stealing it from them is not okay.”

“Do you really think I care?” Dakure said. 

Glare looked at Dakure’s smiling face for a moment.

“I see you haven’t changed,” Glare then said. 

Dakure chuckled. “I don’t change. You of all people should know that.” 

Glare sighed. “You stole the staff from me. I would like it back.”

“Oh, it’s not with me anymore,” Dakure replied with a grin. 

Glare narrowed his eyes. “Who is it with if not you?” 

“Did Stare not tell you? I’m not working alone. My students are helping me out.” Dakure laughed.

Glare raised an eyebrow. “Students?” 

“Oh you know, people you teach. I’d think you of all people would know that,” Dakure said coyly.

“You have students? Since when did you ever teach?” Glare questioned. It was unusual for Dakure to teach, let alone have students of his own. 

“Well, I guess one thing about me changed,” Dakure responded. “But yes, I have two students. They came to me, asking me to teach them. Because you couldn’t teach them.”

Glare’s eyes widened. “I couldn’t teach them?” Then he understood what Dakure was implying. “Gagger and Tenker are your students?!” 

Dakure clapped his hands, amused. “Bingo. You figured it out.”

Glare, however, was not amused. 

“Why?” Glare questioned. “Why you of all people?”

Dakure shrugged. “I cannot say. Ask them when you see them. If you live to see them, that is.”  

Glare sighed. “So you’re planning to kill me.”

“Of course. You know where the rest of the artifacts are, and you would be able to get them before me. You’re the biggest obstacle I have to face!” Dakure exclaimed. “And I don’t need you to tell me where they are. I already know. All I have left to do is get rid of you, and my plan is successful.” 

Glare was then surrounded by a thick golden aura. “If you think that’ll be easy, you’re mistaken.” 

Dakure smiled as he surrounded himself in an aura as well. 

“And if you think that Elec will let you steal the Chimæra’s energy, you’re mistaken,” Glare added, taking a fighting position.

“Well you’re mistaken if you think I’m gonna waste my time telling you the same stuff I told your brother,” Dakure said. “You two act so similar. No wonder you’re brothers.” Dakure chuckled for a moment, before he suddenly dashed forward and sent a punch at Glare’s face. 

Glare blocked the punch with his right hand and threw Dakure off to the side, making him spin. Dakure then caught himself midair and charged at Glare in full speed, knocking him back. 

Their fight had begun.


“He doesn’t understand,” Kaze thought to himself as he flew, hiding his energy at the same time. “I’m sick of being a newbie. Emiliya will keep on making fun of me and treating me poorly. I need to prove that I’m no longer a newbie. I need to get stronger. I want to go home.” 

Right behind Kaze, Saturo was keeping up with him from the ground. Kaze hadn’t noticed him since he was thinking to himself and was focusing on flying towards Glare. And Saturo was watching in case Kaze looked back, so he could hide from him. He was only coming to stop Kaze in case he did something stupid.

“If I do this, I can see how the pros do it and know what I have to do to get better,” Kaze continued thinking to himself. “Then I can improve and prove I’m no longer a newbie!” 

Then, Kaze saw what he was after right up ahead. 

Glare and Dakure. Their movements were rapid, barrages of physical attacks going back and forth between them. Kaze quickly flew down and hid behind a large rock, watching from a distance. Although, it was harder to completely see what they were doing due to their speed.

“Holy crap.” Kaze was impressed. 

Dakure then suddenly jumped up high in the air, shooting out orbs of darkness in all directions. Glare dodged some of them and blocked others, but one of the orbs almost hit Kaze. 

“Oh sh-” It was only a centimeter away from hitting him. Kaze hid behind the rock, slightly panicking. “Dang… that’s dangerous.” 

But then Kaze noticed something… there was something falling from the sky, like a meteor. It reminded Kaze of the time Encounter had crashed from the sky. Kaze remained still, watching as the meteor came crashing down, landing a few meters away from him. 

“How long do you think you can last?” Kaze then heard Dakure saying from behind him. He was talking to Glare. 

“Long enough to stop you,” Glare replied. 

Apparently they were so focused on fighting that they didn’t even notice the meteorite crash. Kaze realized this. 

“What was that that crashed?” Kaze thought to himself. He was curious and wanted to check it out, but he didn’t want to move from his spot in case Dakure used that one attack again. He needed to stay behind cover. 

“Alright, that’s enough. I’ve wasted too much time,” Dakure’s voice then said. “I already know where the other artifacts are, so I’ll just go and get them before you can.” 

Kaze then saw Dakure fly right past him, which caused him to panic slightly. But Dakure didn’t notice Kaze and just kept flying. 

Immediately afterwards, Glare took off after Dakure, not noticing Kaze as well. Kaze sat there behind the rock for a few extra moments, and then released a breath of relief once the two of them had disappeared out of view. 

“Woo…” Kaze said. “That was scary. I’m not doing that again.”

Then Kaze remembered. Something crashed. 

“Oh yeah. I should check it out.” 

He then walked over towards where the meteor had crashed. Looking down into the small crater that the crash had created, he didn’t see a meteor. 

He saw a boy with messy brown hair and light skin, laying there with his eyes closed. He was dressed in green clothes, with what seemed to be plates of armor stitched into them, like a more sturdy bullet proof vest. The plates all had a slight glow about them. He even had protection for his joints as well outside of his fingers. It seemed like this boy had come straight out of a warzone. 

He also had some kind of straight sword strapped to his back in a sheathe.

“Uhh…” Kaze stared down at the boy, who seemed to be taking a nap. 

The boys light green eyes then opened. He just kinda stared at Kaze for a few moments. 

“Hey Kaze!” Saturo then appeared behind Kaze, walking up towards him. Kaze didn’t even question why Saturo was there, since he was just staring back at the boy. “What are you looking at- oh.” 

Saturo saw the boy, who was just laying there, staring at Kaze. 

“Uhh…” Kaze said. “Hello?”

The boy rolled his eyes, and started to get up wordlessly, staring at Kaze and Saturo the whole time. When he got to his feet, he rolled one of his shoulders and finally said something.
“Is your name seriously Kaze?” the boy asked.

“Uh, yeah. I’m Kaze Vensika,” Kaze replied. “And you crashed from space.”

“Wait, he crashed from space?” Saturo asked. “Like a meteor?” 

Kaze nodded. “Yeah. Just like Encounter did.”

“Oi, did you say Encounter,” the boy said, not even phrasing it as a question. His voice sounded very… monotone. “Like, giant skeleton dragon? White orbs? Yadda?”

“Yeah! You know him?” Kaze asked.

“No, I was asking for my own health,” the boy replied sarcastically. “Yes I know him! Where is he?”

“Uh, not very close from here. But me and Saturo will be going back to where he is,” Kaze replied.

“Saturo, huh? That sounds like something you’d name a planet,” the boy said.

“A planet, huh?” Saturo commented. “Well, what’s your name?”


“Mehrunes. That sounds… I don’t even know what it sounds like. You tell me,” Kaze said.

Mehrunes smirked. “If I were you, I’d say it sounds like ‘Meh’ and ‘Runes.’”

“Meh and runes. Nice.” Kaze smiled. “Well Mehrunes, nice to meet you. I guess you want to see Encounter now?”

“I wouldn’t have too if he had told me he was gonna leave, but sure,” Mehrunes said, hopping out of the small crater.

“I assume that you and Encounter are from the same planet?” Saturo assumed.

“Yep,” Mehrunes replied.

“He didn’t tell you he was gonna leave?” Kaze asked.

“Nope,” Mehrunes replied again.

“I don’t remember him talking much about anything,” Saturo said. “He did mention some stuff but always changed the topic. So we never really asked.”

“He did mention this one friend of his that would always beat him. And has this chest thing of food,” Kaze commented.

“‘Chest thing of food.’” Mehrunes smirked. “Sounds like me alright.”

Kaze and Saturo smiled. “So you are that friend that Encounter talked about!” They were pretty excited that they met Mehrunes, and were excited to tell Encounter. 

“Well, let’s go to Encounter right now!” Saturo exclaimed. 

“Yeah!” Kaze exclaimed as well, forgetting about the whole artifacts thing that he was interested in minutes ago.

“Wow, you guys are excitable,” Mehrunes commented. “Sugar rush or something?”

“I dunno. But we should start moving now since it’s pretty far away,” Kaze said, beginning to walk back the way he had come from. “C’mon!” 

“Why’re we walking?” Mehrunes asked.

“Well, how fast can you go?” Saturo asked Mehrunes, as he surrounded himself in electricity. 

“Hah. Pretty fast. And I can teleport,” Mehrunes replied.

“So you can keep up with us. C’mon Satu!” Kaze then floated off the ground and took off. Saturo grinned before he followed. 


Stare and Draco had gotten Encounter, Uchiho, and Jagged (whose jaw was fixed), and together came back to the cottage. Currently, all of them were standing outside. 

“Alright guys,” Stare then said, entering the golden glowing spaceship that was parked in front of the cottage. “I’m gonna get this to Glare and then I’ll be back. Okay?”

“Alright.” Draco nodded.

Stare nodded back before the spaceship door closed. The spaceship then took off in the direction of the cottage.

Draco, Encounter, Uchiho, and Jagged sort of watched as the spaceship disappeared. 

“I hope Kaze hasn’t gotten into more danger than he can handle,” Draco said. “I really don’t get why he thinks what he’s doing will make Glare think he isn’t a newbie. He’ll just get mad at him.”
“Kaze is stubborn, really,” Encounter commented. “It can be a good thing at times, just not this time.”

“Well I’m still upset at some of the things he called me,” Draco said with a slight scowl.

“What did he call you…?” Uchiho asked, joining in on the conversation.

“Well for one he claimed I was a coward because I didn’t want to go after Glare and Dakure,” Draco said sourly. “And then he also claimed that my Sparking Spirit was somehow ‘cheating.’”

“That’s nonsense,” Encounter commented. “He was just trying to get on your nerves.”

“Which I don’t even understand why he wanted to, it’s not like making me angrier would make me go with him. If anything, he was risking me lashing out at him in anger and knocking him out easy,” Draco said.

Encounter shrugged. “He’s a weird guy.”

“We’ll just have to wait and see if they both come back okay,” Uchiho said.

Right after Uchiho had said that, Kaze and Saturo appeared in the distance. 

“HEY! ENCOUNTER!” Kaze was calling for Encounter as he flew closer, with Saturo running right under him.

“Oh hey they are back. And neither is dead. That’s good,” Draco said in a relieved tone.

“YEAH KAZE?!” Encounter yelled back.

Kaze then arrived and landed in front of Encounter. He and Saturo then looked around. “Where is he?”

“Where is who?” Uchiho asked.
“I dunno who you’re talking about, but I’m guessing it’s me,” someone said as they blipped into existence behind Saturo.

Encounter looked at them, looking quite surprised. “Mehrunes?”

“Yeah, dipstick, it’s me,” Mehrunes replied.

“So he’s the friend you were talking about?” Draco asked Encounter.

“Oh good, more people,” Mehrunes said, seeing Draco. “Yes, I’m that person. Something something always beat Encounter; chest of food or however Kaze said it.”

“Not fond of social gatherings, are you?” Draco asked.

“No, I don’t think he is,” Saturo said, shaking his head.

Mehrunes shrugged. “Not big on them, no.”

“So what brings you here exactly?” Draco asked, walking a bit towards Mehrunes.

“Not much,” Mehrunes replied, watching Draco tentatively.

“Did you come here by ship?” Draco asked, having gotten a bit closer.

“Nah. Flew through space,” Mehrunes replied.

“So did you do a meteor thing like Encounter then?” Draco asked. He was about a few feet from Mehrunes at this point.

“Probably something like that,” Mehrunes replied.

“Uhh Draco… I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” Encounter said.

“Do what? Ask questions?” Draco asked. He and the others were not sure what Encounter was warning about.

“Nah, walk towards him like that, it’s not gonna be good,” Encounter specified.

“Does he not like having his personal space breached?” Draco asked.

“You could say that. Although personally I don’t think he understands the concept of ‘personal’…” Encounter replied.

“Well then I’ll just stay a bit over here,” Draco said, before shrugging his arms out, one of which had its hand about a foot away from Mehrunes. “That should be fi-”

Then, in only an instant, Mehrunes grabbed Draco’s arm with one hand, and wrapped his spare arm around the area near his shoulder and swiftly swung Draco over his back, straight into the ground with a loud thud.

Kaze swore he heard a slight snapping sound. And Draco was now resting in a four foot deep crater.

“Owww…” Draco said weakly from inside the crater. “I can’t feel my arm…”

Kaze, Saturo, and Uchiho just looked down at Draco for a few seconds, then up at Mehrunes, clearly displeased with Mehrunes’ actions. 

“What was that for?!” Kaze asked. “He didn’t do anything!”

“He reached his hand out at me,” Mehrunes replied.

“He was just shrugging!” Saturo said.

“He could have not been just shrugging,” Mehrunes said coldly.

Encounter interjected before anyone else could say anything.

“Look! He doesn’t do social well, and doesn’t trust people!” Encounter said. “He was like, the cornerstone of a WAR! Okay?! First we need to worry about Draco and then worry about this not happening again.”

“I think he dislocated my arm and shoulder…” Draco said in the background. “And maybe stunned my legs.”

“Well based on how he’s dressed, we can easily assume that he was in a war,” Kaze pointed out. “But still, he hurt Draco over something so small. None of us here are threats!”

Encounter glared at Kaze. “Get it through your skull. He assumes everyone is a threat until they’re proven otherwise to him. He doesn’t understand some social stuff. Okay?”

“Guys, I don’t think I can move until I’m healed. Also, I think I’m bleeding somewhere,” Draco said from the crater again. He seemed to not care about the argument at all.

Kaze rolled his eyes. “Whatever. Uchiho, Draco needs some healing.” 

Uchiho was already in the process of doing that by the time he said that, clearly taking the most initiative in this scenario.

“Man,” Mehrunes then said. “Kaze is not a nice person.”

“Well I’m sorry for being against you hurting my friend,” Kaze apologized sarcastically. 

Mehrunes put one hand on the hilt of his sword. “You wanna do something about it?”

“Of course not. Me and Draco are about the same level, so if you hurt him that easily, it’d be dumb to try and do something about it,” Kaze replied.

“Excuse me?!” Draco called out angrily from the crater, seemingly upset at what Kaze said.

“Then perhaps you should reconsider your approach, eh?” Mehrunes said, gripping his sword while Encounter was biting his nails nervously. “If you talk like that with nothing to back it up, you’ll end up getting killed.”

Kaze sighed. “Look, dude. I just don’t want you hurting people. Even if you don’t understand basic social stuff, that doesn’t justify you hurting my friend.”

“Kinda does,” Draco commented, currently being healed by Uchiho.

“Kaze, I think you should just stop talking for a bit…” Saturo said.

Jagged roared, lumbering to its feet and staring at Kaze.

“I agree with Saturo,” Encounter added.

Kaze just looked at all of them for a few seconds. Then he turned away and walked towards the cottage and entered it, without saying a word.

“And now he’s pouting,” Mehrunes commented, letting go of his sword. “Who is this person? This is kinda annoying.”

“He’s been like that all day,” Draco said as he was finally finished healing and was trying to get out of the crater as he was a tad stuck.

“He’s uh… I’m not sure what’s up with him,” Saturo said with honesty. “I’ve noticed he wasn’t feeling very good lately. I think it’s just starting to get worse…”

Mehrunes offered his hand to Draco, to help him up. “I think you should confront him about it, then. He’s clearly not gonna tell you if you don’t.”

Draco took his hand and was pulled out of the crater. Once he was out, he made sure to carefully walk about ten feet away from Mehrunes. “He seems to have a bit of an inferiority complex right now.”

“Yeah… he’s done being a newbie, he says,” Saturo said. 

“Yeah, that’s not how that works at all,” Mehrunes said.

“It doesn’t matter how it works to him,” Saturo replied. 

“It’s not like the next rank is all that prestigious. It’s just novice rank instead of newbie. Plus, you have to actually prove your skill to claim you’re not a newbie,” Draco said as he stretched the arm he was thrown with to make sure it was healed properly.

Saturo thought to himself. “I think… I think he just wants to impress Emiliya. Wants her to see him as worthy.”

“It always comes back to Emiliya, doesn’t it?” Draco said as he stretched his legs. “I can’t tell if he focuses on much else besides her.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Mehrunes commented.

“She’s a girl Kaze has a crush on who is a load more powerful than the four of us are,” Uchiho explained. “He cares a lot about how she thinks of him.”

“Maybe a bit too much.”

“Well uh…” Saturo then said. “I’m gonna go confront Kaze. I don’t want him to hate us.”

“It would be best that you do it. Since you’ve known him the longest,” Draco said. Saturo nodded.

“I will not talk to the whiner, and keep deciding whether or not I like you all,” Mehrunes commented.

Saturo took a deep breath as he then approached Stare’s cottage, trying to figure out how he was gonna do this.

To be continued in the next chapter....

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