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The Unaturals Book one a lost kingdom chapter one

The Unaturals Book one a lost kingdom chapter one

Posted March 6th, 2013 by Garrett

by Garrett
in the chaos of my mind that i'm just too lazy to organize

Chapter one

"Where's he at?" John yelled, throwing his spear on the ground. "Today was supposed to be the day that you taught us how to fight." His father, Lord Eothon, was with him.

"I would also like to know where he is, but we can start without him," Lord Eothon said. He picked up John's spear and threw it out of his slick fingers. It flew straight into the bull's eye of the target. "He will be here soon enough. You just have to learn to be patient. If you won't start now without your brother, then I'M DONE." he stalked off to the castle.

"You don't understand anything!" John muttered under his breath. "I always did like mother better."


Alex rushed through the enormous village. People yelled after him, as he knocked over their stands of fruit. "Hey! You get back here or I'll--" that was all Alex heard before he was out of earshot. The white horse, Rosie, made it very easy for him to move fast. He was glad e had her, because listening to the villagers get furious wasn't his idea of fun.

If He was later than he already was than father would whip him, and mother would be dissapointed. Here, being dissapointed by your mother is almost illegal. That's why he'd always wanted to go somewhere else, somewhere where the rules aren't so strict. "Oh no," Alex moaned, as the castle was in veiw, "Today I have a lesson with mother!" He hadn't sudied! John probably did!

He brought Rosie to the stables, then ran up through the windy passages of the castle, and to his bedroom. "Gotta study!" he said, as he pulled out his big dusty book about the history of Denvire. And he was lucky he had gotten there in time, because mother stepped in there.

"Nice to see your studying," she said. She looked like she knew something. "Where'd you get that stain on your new corrination tunic!" she yelled. "Now it will take hours and hours for me to dry it. WAIT! Were you out today?" she looked Alex straight in the eye. Her face turned into stone, she didn't move an inch.

"FINE! I went to the village and rode around on Rosie," Alex fessed. "But," he said holding out his hand, "I got you an apple." His mother scowled and ordered him to take off his tunic. He did so, and dressed into his bedtime gown.

"You will stay in this room until you have studied every word in that book young mister!" she yelled as she slammed the door.

"Sure," Alex said as he grimaced.

It was 10:00 pm and Alex had only studied for two seconds. The rest of the day he had been in there, he had been writing down an escape plan with his quill and parchment. "Perfection." he said, as he held it up to his candle light. He had one window in his room, and to his luck, his window was only about eight feet off the ground.

He pried the window open as silently as he could and left a note on his bed. A gasp came from his room as Alex, the son of Lord Eothon, slipped into the shadows of the night, unaware of what was out there to get him and every last living thing on earth.

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Stop posting this. I have

Stop posting this. I have already read it. You can just GIVE the link to people.

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Sorry for posting this again

Sorry for posting this again ... No one comments

Posted by Galaga (Garrett) on Wed, 03/06/2013 - 15:25
You had a great story but

You had a great story but maybe you should spellcheck before you publish or submit your story! 

Posted by Sam on Mon, 03/11/2013 - 11:00

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