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The Underlings Chapter Three part tw (sorry i took so long!!! read and comment!!!"

The Underlings Chapter Three part tw (sorry i took so long!!! read and comment!!!"

Posted June 8th, 2012 by gafreeman

by Ms.Ebony
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I'm sorry that i took SO long to write this

it's my last week of school

but anyway

It's done now!!!

if you read this

ple - e -e -e ease


One more thing

Because this chapter took so long

I'm going to let YOU


to pick a deadline 4 me

just tell me in your comments

here's the chappie !!!



As Lotus and her daughters raised themselves a little farther over the mountain’s ridge, beads of sweat ran down their face. As they came into full view the fat man who summoned the family up the mountain changed his expression from a smug smile to a scowl of disappointment.

“I told you to dress nice!” the fat man said, practically screaming at the wind beaten and sun beaten family. “You are going meet the King! You must look dignified! Not like you climbed a mud mountain full of wolves!”

“How do you think we got to this town?” said Hope, her voice full of bitterness and resentment, “Ski Lift?”

“Hope just means that, umm, we wanted some time to explore the town.” Lotus said, trying to cover for Hope’s sarcasm and rudeness. “And also the wonderful people, example provided.”

Lotus is a very crafty woman. She can toy with your mind and almost force you into whatever she wants, each person has a different tactic that needs to be applied for her mind games to work. Once she had found that the Duke needed flattery, she flattered away for her life.

 “Well, that’s very flattering” the fat man said, his cheeks turning crimson. “Most people don’t respect my power, I am a Duke, and don’t you know.” As he talked his face turned redder and his eyelashes fluttered. “But enough about my interesting personal life” the Duke said “and on to fixing this situation.” He glared at the girls’ outfit and strutted forward, leaving the family to heave themselves over the ridge.

He walked on the night-black streets of the Overland city in a fast – paced strut leaving the girls to drag themselves along after their exhausting climb. The Duke continued forward, taking a couple turns on the way until coming to a sign that said “The Lorenzo Market.”

The market was full of thieves and poor merchants, hoping to squeeze another coni out of their customers. Of all the markets they expected to see in the weird Overlands, this took the cake. Who would’ve thought that the Overlords had their own homeless misfits? The Overlords kept this market around, just how it is with all the merchants and thieves because they erupted in frothing laughter at the sight of pain. Now they could cause pain in their very own town without having to go to the Underlands each time. The sellers at the Lorenzo are Underlings who dare sell up the mountain, and so, every hour of the waking day the Overlords poke fun at them. They throw rocks and beat the merchants, trying to make them explode in anger. But the merchants know they cannot, for, they are on enemy ground, and one wrong move will get them killed.

When they unusual trio reached the Lorenzo Market, everyone had their own views and emotions to share. Hunter felt scared, all these big burly men who looked like they would stop at nothing to make some coni, Hunter, was afraid. Hope felt a little spark of glee, for, these were her neighbors in the Underlands, she was certain they would not hurt her. Lotus felt sad, the name of the market bringing back memories letting her shed once again, a single tear. And the arrogant Duke with the fancy wig felt rude, for Overlords it was almost tradition to poke fun at Underlings in distress. An so he laughed, he laughed hard, he giggled, chuckled, and guffawed until he could take no more. And as a result, all the merchant’s eyes became beady and squinty with anger.

The Duke took the first step into the market, his head tall, afraid of nothing. He took a steaming muffin from his large coat pocket, waved it in front of the eyes of the hungry merchants, then tossed it into the sewer for the rats, giggling like a little school girl.

“Enough with taunting these horrible human mistakes and on to getting you in some decent garments.” said the Duke as a large smile sprawled across his face. “I can’t have you looking, decent! Oh no, that would upset the natural order of our little society, you starve, we don’t!”

The merchants and the family filled with anger. They cracked their knuckles and gritted their teeth, trying not to explode in a tornado of fury.

“I suppose that you primitive people don’t even know our currency up here?”

“Well we…”

“Do I have to spell everything out for you? Well there are bronze, silver and gold conies, there are ten bronze conies in each silver, and fifteen silver in each gold.”

The Duke said before pulling two shiny gold coins from another one of his many pockets, “this is for all of you, so, spend it quick, and meet me at the castle where I will see if you have made yourself, appealing”

And the Duke walked away, the laughter still strung on his face.

“Why do we need to be fancy while we’re being put to death?” Hope said, her anger still lingering, “Let’s buy us some food; I’d rather die ending on a good meal then pleasing the Overlords.”

And so instead of following orders, they walked away from the market, but not before making change for the gold coni and giving a bronze one to the teased merchant. They walked across the street to a market with fresh fruits dazzling the eyes of the hungry passer - byes. They walked up to a stand selling full, juicy berries, in different colors and sizes, nothing like what you would find in Yon. They came up and just in spite of themselves, they bought a basket of the best ones there, noberries.

They were a dark purple berry on a stalk of pure sugar. They oozed a sweet sap that was almost impossible to resist, they curled in a circular shape that rolled along your tongue. Their tongues were in heaven, tasting the unusual tastes that the noberries had to offer. Their taste buds overwhelmed with the foreign tastes they inhaled. Yes, they were in heaven.

They finish the wonderful berries they scoured the town for they court they would die in. As impossible as it seems, the fancy Overlord court wasn’t large. This is because when the first war was going on, when rebels like Fexlix were taking their stands, they built their court and castle hidden from attack. If they had made their important building big and showy like the rest of their town, the rebels could find them easily, even at night. So they hid their castle, just in case.

And that’s why they could not find their death bed.

And so they searched the town, not daring to be late, for that meant a shorter time before they scream. But as hard as the persisted, they couldn’t find the court anywhere. They looked everywhere, even at the Overlords, for help. As they were searching the town Hunter’s eyes locked on to a shaggy boy no older than 16 year-old Hope. His hair was a mess of brown tangles, his face scuffed with dirt. He and Hunter locked eyes for a split second, scanning each other to see if a fight was coming. After gazing away, Hunter informed her mother about the strange boy. After a series of whispers, they walked forward.

Hunter and the boy locked into each other’s sight again, this time her showed some emotion. After he glanced at the girls’ clothing and personal hygiene, he chuckled a boyish laugh. The family prepared for the ridicule they knew was coming, but instead, they got a warm smile and a gesture to sit down.

They slowly walked forward, caution in their step. They sat down next to the boy on the side of a busy street.

“I’m Conrad” the boy said, “I could tell within a couple glances that you three are Underlings, am I correct?”

“Yes” mumbled the three girls in union.

“Well then, one Underling to another” Conrad said “I’ll give you some advice”

“Wait” said Hope, “if you’re an Underling, how did you get to be living up here?”

“I stumbled up here when I was six” Conrad said miserably, “an Overlord found me useful and kept me as his unpaid servant. I’m basically his errand monkey, I fetch things, deliver things, the works.”

“Oh” Hope said, after seeing Conrad’s face when she asked her question, she felt ashamed for asking.

“But the question I have” Conrad said, “is what you three are doing here”

“Well” Lotus said calmly “My daughter has been summoned to the court, and we need your help in finding it.”

“No problem” Conrad said, “Just walk along this street until you get to a weeping willow, take a left, and you’ll find yourself at the court.”

With one last thank you the family followed Conrad’s directions until they got to a wooden structure laced with bronze. The two guards at the door raised their eyebrows as the family came closer.

“What are you doing here?” the left guard said, “This is private property.”

“I’ve been summoned” Hunter said, “I’m Hunter Barlow”

“Oh you” the guard on the right said, “come on in”

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I LOVE!! You did a really


You did a really good job of having the old guy taunt the merchant. It was very realistic. XD


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Still following! Must know

Still following! Must know what happens next! Love it!

Even if the voices in my head aren't real, they still have some really good ideas!

Posted by Em on Tue, 06/12/2012 - 15:53

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