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Unidentifed-Book 1 Trapped- Chapter 1 Scared- Page 1

Unidentifed-Book 1 Trapped- Chapter 1 Scared- Page 1

Posted May 31st, 2018 by AnnaLC

by why u need to know?
in Fantasia

I had a perfect life up until I was 9. When I was 9 years and 2 weeks old, my dad started drinking too much alcohol. He was constantly beating up everyone in my family. One time, he knocked out my mom unconscious and locked me and my 4 year old sister in a -15 degree room with no food or water. “No, daddy, no! Please no daddy!” My little sister Penelope said. Oh, and if you were wondering, my name is Penny. Anyway, back to the story. Day 1- Brr, so cold. Day 2- What happened to mom? Day 3- I’m super hungry. Day 4- I can feel my ribs. Day 5- My mouth is a cactus. Day 6- I can barely breathe. Day 7- I feel sick. Day 8- I hear sirens. They are coming closer. It is 2:34 AM. Is someone saving us? Are we going to get out of here? Is mom okay?

“Help! Help!” We said. We heard a,”We’re coming! We’re coming! Stand back!” And someone punched down the door. They found my mom, but she had passed on. They told us to gather anything I needed. I grabbed some food, some drinks, some blankets, some pillows, my iphone X, Penelope’s stuffed unicorn whose name is Rainbow, my stuffed dog whose name is Kelly, clothes, fabric, yarn, and a picture of Penelope, my mom, and I.

This person from the foster/ adopt agency said we would be driving from Carson City, Nevada, to Rockland, Maine to get us to the perfect foster family. Apparently we would be stopping to get 18 foster kids, all of which were going to the same foster home, including us. The children would be from 2-15 years old. I would be one of 4 one of 9 year olds there apparently. I got in one of those fancy giant Mercedes-Benz along with my sister. There was 38 rows in it. Each row was reserved for each child. Say one sibling was in row 12 and the other in row 13, the chairs could rotate either way and make one giant bed. There was a curtain. Penelope rotated her bed my way and I closed the curtain. I got out a large fluffy blanket I made and began sewing a chain and a cover for the lamp they gave us since I couldn’t sleep. Penelope said that she couldn’t sleep, but at about 3:30 AM, she fell asleep.


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Oh this is good!

Oh this is good!

Posted by Cherith on Fri, 06/01/2018 - 06:59

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