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Untitled ~Book #1; Coma~ -- Chapter 9; I Can't Believe It -- *Liliana's p.o.v.* (.... this is too short I miiiiight edit...)

Untitled ~Book #1; Coma~ -- Chapter 9; I Can't Believe It -- *Liliana's p.o.v.* (.... this is too short I miiiiight edit...)

Posted January 6th, 2017 by Syafai

by henlo it's sy
in ur shoe

                                                                      -- Chapter 9 --

                                                                ~ I Can't Believe It ~

                                                                                                   Liliana’s POV





What am I doing here?! Where am I?! That’s all I can ask myself.  First I was in the police department, now I was in a cave! What was going on?! Why was our group of friends trying to be kidnapped?! Alexa was right next to me, freaking out, with her mouth covered with rope, and her nose too. We were all going to suffocate! I was trying to get out of this cave but my legs and arms were tied to a rope which was tied to a big chain. Luckily, the rope loosened from when I tried to run.


   “Where are we?!” I screamed. I wasn’t looking at Alexa, Alistair, or Hector, so I turned back to see them passed out. I almost fainted from the sight because Mira wasn’t there, and her brother, sister, and detective were all passed out from the suffocation.


   “Alexa!” I shouted, rushing to Alexa’s fainted body. I couldn’t hear a breath, and she wouldn’t move. A tear rolled down my drooping cheek, and I let out sniff, a really heavy one, though, and started to cry. I remember in Mira’s ninth birthday, Mira drowned, and Alistair did CPR. Thanks to my horrible memory, I didn’t remember how he did it. So there was no way I could’ve saved Alexa, Alistair, and Hector before the body could’ve… broken.


  “Help! Someone help me!!” I yelled. No one came to help. But I’m not saying no one actually came. Someone came and grabbed my the collar, and aimed a silver, shiny clean Colt Revolver. I shook in fear from the angry face of the person and the gun.


  “Let go of me!” I commanded. They didn’t listen. All he did was get ready to shoot.


  “Please, I surrender!” I said, putting my hands up. He let go of me and put down the gun on a small wooden table.


 “If I don’t kill you, you’re going to have to kill them.” he stated pointing at them. I didn’t want to kill them. They’re my friends. Like a boss, I slipped my legs down under his legs to trip the him, which caused him to fall and drop the gun. I quickly grabbed the gun before he could, and put my foot on his chest.


 “I may not surrender now, because it’s a low probability for me to die right now, and there’s not a high chance you will die, there’s not a high probability you will die, because you will die. Now, pop quiz, die or go to jail?” I asked with a smirk, acting like my science teacher… except she doesn’t ask people if they want to die or go to jail..

 “I said, die or go to jail?!” I asked once again, starting to scream. He didn’t answer. “What should I do? Let me and my friends die, and also let him go and carry on his violent future, or let him die and everyone will be safe? I’m going to have to kill him, whether this is a dumb idea or not. I believe this idea isn’t dumb..” I thought, which brought my hands to make the gun aim at him and… I just killed someone for the first time in my whole life.

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