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Untitled part of a story about grudges...

Untitled part of a story about grudges...

Posted June 6th, 2018 by pluzzle

by Theo
in Queensland

A/N: Looks quite dead around here. Here's something I wrote, for the first time in a while, just for you haha


“Yeah, I’m on my way. Don’t you worry.” The man was driving with one hand on his knee, and one hand holding his flip-phone up. “Mhm. Alright. Catch you soon. Bye.”


He clicked it shut and threw it on the passenger seat. He smiled to himself, before rolling his neck around – considering the cars position in the middle of nowhere, clearly he’d been driving for an eternity.


That was until he met a town off the side of the highway, not bustling but not dead-quiet. His beaten up white sedan pulled off into a side street before parking in a no stopping area.


Judging by his looks, he was your stereotypical (almost to the point of cringe) “I don’t give a fuck” kinda guy – tousled, overgrown hair that still managed to be presentable, brown leather jacket and worn out jeans. As he stepped out of the car, he grabbed his wallet, phone and keys and tucked them in various pockets. The dust settled around his feet as he planted himself in the earth. Typically one would do this if they were anxious – but it’s clear from the man’s resting-asshole-look that he felt nothing but superiority.


Walking into a derelict office building, he stopped to consider himself and his surroundings. Further up the side street, there was a flashing neon street sign that clearly marked a strip club (and he knew to make a mental note of its’ location. Y’know, just in case), and back where he came from a florist was opening its’ doors. He checked the time. 8:59am.




He shoved open the two-way glass doors and sauntered over to the receptionist’s desk, where a women no older than early-30’s sat gabbing on the phone. Her breasts were almost exposed in her halter dress, clearly designed to show off the cleavage – that was where the man’s eyes stuck. Now we know what his priorities are.


Although the redheaded girl had clearly seen the man, she continued to chat to her friend and ignore his perverted gaze.


Before she gets the chance to end the gossip, a rounded, grey-haired guy walks out of his glass-doored office – the boss? – and smiles with his whole face.


“Ah, you must be Michael!”


“Yes indeed, Mr. Balter,” Michael extended his arm. “pleased to make your acquaintance.”


“Oh please, call me Stan.” He followed through with the handshake, shocked at how firm Michael’s grasp is. Perhaps too firm, but for a new recruit this is something that an old-fashioned hirer like himself would look for. “So, I’ve got you in the system and everything, but I do need to ask for some ID – like, a drivers’ license, that sort of thing.”


“Ah, well, funny story. I was mugged.”




“Yeah. Stayin’ at a motel – you know how it can be. Touch an’ go, but before you know it – boom, your shit’s gone.”


Stan blinked at Michael, assumedly for the very quick use of expletives in his office, although none of the surrounding workers were shocked. The glass doors to Stan’s office must block everything out.


“Right. Well, I’m sure it’ll work itself out. Just let me know when you can give it to me and I’ll sort it out.” Stan gestures towards the corridor. Michael nods casually and begins to follow the balding fellow, done to his tiny cubicle.


“This is a temporary position. We just had Amy leave for about 6 months due to maternity leave, so obviously at the end of 6 months, we’ll have to let you go. That is, unless you’re better than her!” Stan lets out a deep, rumbling belly laugh – nothing less than expected for a man of his stature – and Michael has to make himself chuckle with him. In an office with only the clack-clack-clack of a keyboard and mouse, it felt wrong to interrupt them with such… unnecessary jokes.


Michael scanned the room until his eyes locked onto a blonde, late 20’s woman with her headset on. Stan was talking at him but Michael knew what he was looking at: he was looking at his college (ex) girlfriend. Exactly what he’d come for.


Eventually Stan said “Got all that?” and smiled, and Michael knew the only option was to give a confident “yes” – and that he did, and with that, Stan had scurried on back to his own office and left Michael to his own devices.


He had exactly 3 days to ruin her life before he had to leave town and go to the next job.


See, here’s the thing – Michael is… well, he’s kind of an asshole. If his general messy and unprofessional demeanour didn’t convince you otherwise, he’s emotionless and unruly with his actions. And his facility for holding grudges is probably better than anyone else in the planet. Which is why we’re here – to turn a past mistake, and a long-lasting grudge, into an epic display of childishness.


Michael sat at his desk, looking through the computer to make himself look busy – although his monitor faced away from anyone’s office, thankfully. He checked the time. 9:12am.


It’d been a while since Michael had held down a real job. He graduated college with a BA in Political Science, because he’s good at lying. But he didn’t care enough about real world issues to lie about them. He’s too petty, y’see – too petty for the government, ha. And his pettiness always brings him back to women.


He liked to use people, contributing to this persona, particularly women. He had about 5 exes that he hated enough to follow around and screw with, and this was the third on his list. His giant road trip was just his plan to track down his girlfriends (who, sadly, had all failed at getting jobs anywhere half decent – and Michael could not be bothered to wonder if it was his fault), and then get them fired. Just to get back at them for breaking up with him all those years ago. Michael has no regard for anyone’s feelings.


The clatter of keyboards almost sent poor Michael to sleep as daydreamed about what could’ve been with Leah. Leah is the one working here - her blonde hair fell just short of her waist, a waterfall of gold, and for a second Michael didn’t want to see past her looks. Though, when he caught a glimpse of her face, she was tired – worn out, possibly depressed, but most importantly, tired. From the headset, he gathered she worked in sales – as opposed to whatever the hell Michael was meant to be doing right now – and looking at her cubicle, she had no family. No pictures of kids, a husband, anything – meaning there was nothing to get in the way of him. Of course, that makes it sound like he’s going to rape her or something – nothing like that. Nothing huge. Just getting her fired, is all. There was no guilt in his stomach.


It seemed to be uncommon for people to talk, or move, in this office – so much so that when he stood up to go see Leah, people stared for a few seconds before scurrying back to their work. He reached his hand out, and tapped her on the shoulder.


“Sorry, could you hang on one second? Thanks.” She muted her headset. “I’m on a ca—“ She stared blankly at the tall man’s face.


“Oh, for fucks sake.”

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Hello! This is a great

Hello! This is a great story. There's some CC below. You don't have to take my suggestions if you don't want to! The suggestions are all highlighted.

"considering the cars car's position in the middle of nowhere, clearly he’d been driving for an eternity."
"and he knew to make a mental note of its’ its location."
"a florist was opening its’ its doors."
“pleased Pleased to make your acquaintance.”

"as he daydreamed about what could’ve been with Leah."
"she was tired – worn out, possibly depressed - but most importantly, tired."
“Oh, for fucks fuck's sake.”

Thanks for reading! Have a nice day.

Posted by Nunya B. on Wed, 06/06/2018 - 18:01
Thank you! I've never been

Thank you! I've never been very good with apostrophes - never know when and when not to use them. :)

Posted by Theo on Thu, 06/07/2018 - 04:25

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