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Vampire Struck Chapter 1 (OLD VERSION)

Vampire Struck Chapter 1 (OLD VERSION)

Posted May 30th, 2014 by reneebook

by EnderKitten(Renee)
in a magical land where I rule insanity.

Chapter One


March 14th, 2014



I sat down in Science class with my friend, Brookus. I wore a dress with a dark green top and gray skirt. My long, wavy hair was resting on my shoulders. My furry black boots rubbed against the chair legs. The gold buckles on them clicked as they positioned. I propped my bag on the back of the chair and relaxed in my seat.

 Brookus wore a sweater-dress and black high-heels. An extra skirt with tons of ruffles was laid on top. A lagoon-blue ribbon was draped across her chest.

No human should ever know about vampire existence. The only two who do are my and Brookus’s sister. They always keeps secrets. And this one is a secret worth keeping. Anyone should be able to trust them. They even agree that nothing that serious should come out of her mouth.

I stared blankly at my empty desk. The sound of Mr. Salimino’s experiment bubbling rang in my ears. Laughing and chatter filled the room. The aroma of smoke filled the air. I look up at Brookus.

“You excited? I heard Samuel tell Carson that we were going to make a chemical and see its effects on a boiled egg dipped in vinegar,” she said.

“You’re sooo nosy!” Samuel yelled. “And call me Sam!”                                                                                                           

I replied to Brookus, not paying any attention to Samuel, “Neat.”


When Mr. Salimino came to the front of the class, he said, “Good morning. Today we will be seeing what a steamed sweet potato does when it is cooked for 10 minutes in 700 degrees heat.”

“Ha ha!” Samuel smirked.

“Samuel, it’s not funny,” Mr. Salimino frowned.

Samuel was speechless for a moment. His mouth opened to say something, but nothing came out.

“Samuel, are you okay?” Mr. Salimino asked.

Samuel must’ve been faking it. He grinned. Then, he smirked and said, “Don’t call me Samuel!”

“Oh, boy,” I murmured, shaking my head.


When class was over, Brookus walked toward the lockerroom with me. My buckles clicked as I walked. Laughter and chatter bounced off the walls and lockers, echoing and booming. I smelled tacos in the cafeteria nextdoor. It’s our springtime lunch on Wednesdays. I think it’s quite enjoyable myself, as long as the shells are hard. And beef is my prefered meat. I know, I’m a picky eater. But all vampires are, and there are some things that we can’t eat. The aroma got even stronger and I smelled my prefered meat. Brookus and I rushed for the food line.

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Ooh, very nice!!! Good work,

Ooh, very nice!!! Good work, I'll be following!

~~Alatariel Melwasúl, Elf of Mirkwood, Imagine Dragons Roadie ;)

Books. Lots of food. Obsessing over Hobbits. Video games. Music. Tuning out the world. Imagining. Talking to myself. My definition of Happy.

Posted by Imagine Dragons... on Sat, 05/31/2014 - 09:45

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