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VENTURURS: (Chapter 3)

VENTURURS: (Chapter 3)

Posted March 20th, 2017 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

Here's the next chapter, enjoy. Also, I should note, that this takes place a long time in the future in the Ultimates Galaxy (did I say that before? I don't think so...)






The city was much more different than I would have imagined. Panda said that it’s name was ‘Granite City’. I thought it would be with a ton of gems and stuff, but apparently, I was completely wrong! Isn’t that just great…?

Anyways, Panda lead me right to this building in some sort of weird hieroglyphics language I couldn’t understand. But I’m pretty sure that it said Supreme Council or something….

“Since you want more power…” Panda started, “you’ll want an Ultimate Crystal. Would you like me to give you a tracker?”

“Only if it’ll help me achieve my goal, to explore the places that aren’t known or that are in danger on this planet.” I said.

“Then yes. There are some very powerful people. Actually, did I say some? I meant MANY. And they are all very powerful, and to be like those powerful people you’ll need an Ultimate Crystal. Otherwise you would die before you can explore anything. Not everyone is nice like me.” Panda replied, while handing me a weird phone-like machine, “This is the tracker. You can ask some more questions before you leave.”

“Well, where do I find my Ultimate Crystal? Do you have like a big pile of them and you pick it out or something?” I asked while I was pretty confused.

“No, they are usually in caves, but if someone found it already, it will lead you to him. But most likely a cave.” Panda replied, “any other questions?”

“So how do you know which one is yours? Does it, like, glow when you get close to it or something like that?” I questioned.

“Oh, it talks to you, tells you where it is at. And also, when you touch it, you would pass out and enter the ‘Test’ to see if you are worthy to have it or not.” Panda explains.

“Wait so the Ultimate Crystal--” I started.

But then very very faintly, I heard someone, or something whisper in my ear:

“You must realize life is not just all about power, Blake…”

“What? Who said that? Panda? Are you playing tricks on me, Panda? Is this one of your ‘Space’ powers? Panda…..? Where are you…..?”

And just like that, I looked back, and he appeared. I wonder if there is something that Panda is hiding from me, like a dark secret he knows about something that will affect me…

“Are you ready to begin, Blake?” I heard Panda say.

I looked and realized that I was in another cave, filled with glowing gems, Crystals, that glowed and radiated different colors.

“You have one last question before I lose contact with you.” I heard Panda say.

“What’s the Test?” I said.

“It’s a hard test you take to see if you are worthy to have the Ultimate Crystal. You have to pass it, otherwise you will exit the test and become weaker.” Panda says, his last words echoing into my ear.

Well, that really made me think twice about gaining power, something that never happened to me before.

I looked around, and then suddenly, I saw a gem that was radiating and glowing brightly that was dark-blue.

“You see me? Good, come. Gain your power. It’s me, you Ultimate Crystal.” A voice said as the gem glowed.

Suddenly, the world started to blur, except for the Crystal, which grew larger and larger and larger, until everything was dark.






Hope you enjoyed.... Also the next chapter, Blake goes through the test... to get the crystal, like Ich did. But for everyone, the test is different based on there expiriences and abilities. So... it's gonna be different.

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