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Posted July 27th, 2017 by mischief

by Charith
in Mars.

A Vist

I shivered in the cool cave, but was glad from the shelter from the pounding winds and icy droplets of water. I'd been  taking a walk, when the dark angry clouds sliplt open . Know I was stuck in a strom.  But I was glad I'd found this cave.  

When the strom quited down some I began walking home, I could feel somone was following me, the feeling followed me right to the barn, and when I knocked on the door to the house. Shelly opened it up and with cry she rapped her arms around me.

" Ray you scared me half to death, I thought something happened! Oh I was so worried". She just stood there holding unto me, untill Seth suggested.

" Lett'm out of the rain,sis". 

" Oh, you must be freazing"! She said letting go of me.

" Oh! Who's your friend Ray"? Asked Seth.

" Friend? What are you talking about"?

" Your friend that's right behind you". Before I had time to answer a boy barged in. 

" Oh Ray"!  He chuckled "Did you forget I was out there"?

" Oh yeah." I said decieding to play along. "Or that you even existed". I muttered so he could only hear. 

" Would you guys like some hot coca, It'll warm you up". Pipped up Shelly.

After we all said sure, Shelly went into the ketchin and Hunter led- the kid into the living room patting the coach he asked.

" So, who do you know Ray"?

Chuckling, he did that alot, he said.

" I should shouldn't I, were twins".

" What are you talking about"?

" Just what I said, were twins".

" We don't even look alike".

" Were not identical".

Passing out steamying mugs of sweet coca Shelly asked.

" Do you have proof"?

After taking a sip of hot coca he answerd.

"  This.  He held up  our our birth certificate.





















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This is such a blast!!!  

This is such a blast!!!


Posted by mischief on Tue, 10/10/2017 - 18:15

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