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Vitae AU, Chapter One

Vitae AU, Chapter One

Posted January 11th, 2020 by katchyboo

by IllegalSparkles
in The Dungeons

Author's Note: This is an Undertale AU, and all of it is my interpretation of the canon. For example, here I assume Frisk and Chara are female, but in canon their genders are indetermined, and I also belive the theory that Chara wasn't evil and was, instead, corrupted by the player. Please don't get angry at me for anything you don't agree with. Also, there's going to be some Charisk (Chara x Frisk) cause I ship it. Don't kill me ;-; I also plan to make it a Deltarune tie-in eventually, soooo...

Frisk stared up at Mt. Ebbot, the legendary mountain. There was an old fairytale that, long ago, humans trapped a different species called "monsters" underneath it. While no one really knew if this was true, it was fact that nobody who climbed the mountain ever came back. Frisk had been dared by one of her classmates to climb it. She had said she would, so here she was. 

'Wow...' she said softly. The mountain was massive, bigger than anything she'd ever seen before. 'This is going to be fun.'

About two hours later, Frisk stood at the top of Mt. Ebbot, staring at the world below her, the place she'd known all her life. It had never really felt like home. The orphanage she grew up in wasn't the best place, to say the least. Everyone always called her "weirdo" and "freak". It wasn't only the kids, either.

'...if there really are monsters down there, so be it.' Frisk whispered to herself, stepping off the ground and into the dark abyss below.

'Ow!' She'd hit ground, and it felt like she'd hit it pretty hard, too. She tried to get up, but her arm just wouldn't do it. 'Congratulations, Frisk! You broke your arm! Now, you're alone in the dark, and are very probably going to die of thirst!'

'Chara, I think it came from over here!' shouted a voice Frisk didn't recognize. 

'Then what are we waiting for, Azzie? It's probably another human!'

'Another... human?' Frisk said to herself quietly. 'There are others?'

'Hello? Are you alright?' What looked like a... goat standing on two legs came into view.

'Ahh! What... what ARE you?!'

'It's fine, please calm down! He's my adopted brother, Asriel. And I'm Chara. What about you?'

'My... my name's Frisk.' She was still staring nervously at Asriel.

'Oh, I'm sorry! Did I scare you? It's alright, when Chara first fell down she was scared of me as well.'

'Are you hurt?' Chara asked.

'I mean, yeah,' Frisk mumbled. 'I broke my arm.'

'Oh gosh, we'd better get you back home. Our mom is great at healing.' Asriel said worriedly, helping her up.

'Thanks, I guess?'

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Hum hum what have we here,

Hum hum what have we here, another Undertale fanfic for me to read? Excellent >:D

"Champion, I can take a beating, I'll rise again." - Barns Courtney

Posted by Unclevre on Tue, 01/14/2020 - 16:19

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