Untitled ~Book #1; Coma~ -- Chapter 8; The Thoughts of Worry -- *ShortChapter, trust me, I've seen shorterrr.*

Untitled ~Book #1; Coma~ -- Chapter 8; The Thoughts of Worry -- *ShortChapter, trust me, I've seen shorterrr.*

Posted December 22nd, 2016 by Syafai

by $y
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                                                                         -- Chapter 8 --

                                                               ~ The Thoughts of Worry ~






“Will the man be jailed?” I asked Hector in curiosity. He nodded his head.


 “He’ll be jailed for as long as the mayor wants him jailed,” stated Hector.


  “Good, that man is the meanest man in the world. He was about to run a chainsaw in my chest, and he slapped me in the back with a stick. I wonder why people even do this, I already have a mark from that slap,” said Alexa. Mayor Lexie came in, glaring at me, Alexa, Alistair, and Liliana.


  “Are you the kids who caught Kalvin Hax?” the mayor asked us.


 “Guessing it’s the man who kidnapped my little sister?” Alistair asked.


   “Yes, now, this camera lady needs to take a picture of you all, Hector, and Kalvin for the newspaper, but before you take the picture, take the man to the jail cells.” Mayor Lexie stated and brought the camera lady in sight. We took our picture and Lexie left, so did the camera lady.


  “Alexa… don’t move…” Liliana said, worried. I looked behind myself and didn’t see anything, so I looked back and Liliana, Alexa, Alistair, and Hector were gone, and so were the people who were in the station. I called out their names, but no one seemed to answer. Scared if little mister “Kalvin” escaped already.


 “Hello?!?! Is anyone here?!” I screamed. I turned around and a silhouette appeared, right before my eyes. It kicked me to the ground and I twisted my leg broken. I screamed in pain trying to get up to teach the dark shadow a lesson, but I couldn’t.

 “Who are you?!” I asked. The silhouette didn’t reply. It only disappeared and possibly walked behind me, only because the chloroform problem is here again, and everything went black. I still can have my thoughts, the thoughts of worry.

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