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Posted January 2nd, 2018 by FrostBittenKitten

by starlight (luna)
in The heights

I am only vulnerable on paper
I never speak my innermost thoughts
I wonder if you truly know me sometimes
I write down my heart and soul on paper
I make it into poetry
I make it into songs

Sometimes I sing those songs out loud
Sometimes people hear those songs
Sometimes they even know what the songs are about
Sometimes they relate to my songs
Sometimes I don’t just write my feelings on paper
Sometimes I spill my secrets

You heard my secrets
You told me secrets too
You let me in
You made me vulnerable
Is this what having friends is like for other people

I wish that I could learn to talk like them
I wish that I could learn to tell them enough but not too much
Instead of just empty words and fleeting thoughts
Instead of just talking without really saying anything

But conversations seem to be just two people speaking at each other
But they aren’t really listening
But they only want to talk about their day
But they don’t really mean it

I am only vulnerable on paper
That is where my heart resides
That is where I write down all of my feelings
That is where my emotions go
They cannot be read on my face
Or on my mouth
They are written down the sheet of paper before me
They are everything and nothing
They are beautiful and hideous
They are uplifting and depressing
They are poems
They are songs
They are me

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So your heart is in the

So your heart is in the written word? That is not terribly unusual, however, it may be dangerous. I cannot yet tell, for I do not know where my heart truly is. 


Spero quod via tua est directa et quod tuum onus est levis.

Posted by *Snow* Jingle Bells on Thu, 01/04/2018 - 18:34

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