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Wall Of Fire - Chapter 1

Wall Of Fire - Chapter 1

Posted May 27th, 2021 by Olivinat

by Ryoko
in the Middle of Nowhere (Wisconsin)

      Snake jumped up and let out a burst of flame. He glanced around. Yet again he was in a prison cell. Snake lay down and went to sleep. He was a Major general in the out-claw army. (Search what a major general is) The out-claws were a large group of rebels who were against the government. They often were arrested, but they were always broken out, especially a Major General. The Major Generals were targeted the most since they were the highest rank that went out on the battlefield.

     Later Snake woke to gentle shaking on his shoulder. He sat up. It was Blade. Blade was second underneath him. Blade silently nodded and stood up. Snake stretched and jumped through the hole that Blade had made. Snake knew the way to and from the prison like the color of his scales. While Blade rebuilt the wall, Snake flew to the camp.

     Our camp consisted of three groups of two hundred tents. Each tent housed one soldier. In front of all the soldier tents where three small cabins that the Major generals lived in. There was a large cabin on the side that housed the General. Next to that is the meeting hall where we planned battles. Next to that is the mess hall. Then there is a field for training. Around it all is a stone wall.

     As Snake flew over and landed, the soldiers in my division welcomed me. Snake oversaw them and led them into battle. Snake had been awarded “the Cleanest Battle Wins” five times. That means he had the least amount of soldiers killed in a year. The soldiers said they were lucky to be under him. he walked over the General’s cabin. (He led this encampment) The person who led the army was called “The General of the Army.” Snake reported to him and went to my cabin. he wrote in my army diary that he had escaped from prison again. After that Snake went on a walk. That is when the alarm sounded. he flew over and assembled his men. The General came out and sent us off.

     They marched and flew easily to the battlefield and meet the army. The Major General there went out and he meet him in the middle of the field. they respectfully bowed and flew back. Then our armies charged. his division was so well trained that they beat them in seconds. Then Snake walked out and checked the field for dead or injured. Seven dragons were injured and two dead. They flew back to came and Snake reported the scores to the General. Then He head to my cabin and lay down for the night.

     The next morning, Snake wake up and stretch. Then he went out-side and ring the wake-up bell. The soldiers assemble and form their divisions. Snake lead them in stretches, the basic attacks, and some attack combos. Then the General comes out and leads everyone in some complex moves. After that, the soldiers go to the mess hall for breakfast. As they eat, the General came over and sat by Snake.

     He said, “we are getting a new trouper. I would like you to train him and have him in your division.”

     Snake replied, “Yes, Sir. I will do my best.”

     With that, the General walked off.

     The next day, Snake walked to the General’s cabin to see the recruit. He knew what to do. When he walked into the office, he saw a horrible sight.

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A had posted this as a

A had posted this as a story, so i reposted it as a Chapter so I can add Chapter 2

It's not just a matter of trusting your self but testing your abilities  -Joseph Sugarman 

Posted by Ryoko on Thu, 05/27/2021 - 12:27

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