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The Walls Of The School-preface (short, TW: Little swears and little violence)

The Walls Of The School-preface (short, TW: Little swears and little violence)

Posted March 30th, 2022 by ElizieAngelina

by Elizabeth
in Texas

The crimson-red ball drops to the ground with a little thud. For a moment, everyone seems to be dead silent.

I got hit in that area. That area! Ow!

Mr. Lopez blows his screechy whistle. Crap, it's loud, I think to myself. "Lise! Time out! Off the court!" Lise chucks the other green ball into the fence and walks off. I stumble to the ground, carrying my...area like moms would with babies. But a lot less kind. And a lot less painful. "Ash, breathe," I hear one of my teammates say. I look at them with searing pain.

Mr. Lopez opens the fence gate, walks up to me and says, "Ash, go to the nurse's office." Grimacing, both of my hands curled over my area, and run to the nurse's office with all I've got. I throw myself into a chair and say "Dang." The nurse looks at me as if though I had just burst into her hhouse, but her voice is still kind, as if it never happened.

"Ash," she says, "this is the third time you've been here in this week. Those times, you were clumsy-" Bursting in, I say, "No, not this time. This time, Lise threw a dodgeball at my-" I point directly where it is- "in that part." The nurse nods her head, saying, "Ohh. Let me see closer." I get a bit confused and uncomfortable, but I still walk up to her. 

She looks down, not looking a bit concerned, and says, "Yep, it looks pretty bad...no need for an ice pack. You do need to lie down, though. Thank god. Just what I'd hoped she'd say. I lie down on my back, sighing as I feel the pain going away. The nurse then says, "I need to go to the restroom. You stay right here, Ash, okay?" She's getting up from her seat when I say, "Sure."

Nothing could go wrong now.

At least, so I thought, when I heard footsteps. They were loud, heavy ones. Lise had heavy boots...

Oh no.

Oh, please, no.

It's probably her!

I look up. Presto, it is. I try to keep calm, saying, "What do you want?" She says, "Hey. Hope you're soo proud of yourself because you framed me." I'm disgusted. If anything, that was vice versa. So I tell Lise that. Gives me a look, she will, I think in Yoda talk. This prediction is correct. "Just...don't talk anymore." No. She can throw a ball, but she can't boss me around.

"I'm not going to sit around and let this stuff happen anymore!" I scream. Lise looks at me like I've slapped a friend of hers. But I stand my ground. "And I'm not your dolly! Mr. Ash Morales has retired being your punching bag anymore!" Lise's eyes widen, and her eyebrows tighten. Suddenly my area just didn't hurt anymore, due to my will, I suppose that.

She slaps me to the bed, and I hear the creak of the mattress and the rip of the paper covering it. Covering my cheek, I say, "No!" It's a raging battle now. We're fighting together, hand-on-hand, eye-to-eye. "Screw you!" I yell. Finally, the nurse hears this. "Heyyyy? Are you both okay in there?" she says. "Yeah, we're fine, just do your business," I excuse.

Lise places her hand to my mouth. "Shut up! Nobody can hear our conversation. Nobody." I feel tears in my eyes. No! I remind myself. Ash, you're a tough cookie. Don't cry, please, no! You can't show your weakness now. Lise will overcome you if you act like a baby and she'll tell everyone and you'll be hated and will never show your face in this school ever-

"Hello?" She whispers. "You crying? Haha...haha...haha!" I grab hold of her collar and in an instant, we're on the mattress together. Unfortunately, she gains the upper hand (literally) and slams me into the wall. That is going to distract the nurse. She walks out and says, "Hey, break it up!" Lise doesn't listen. Really! Thoughts pound through my mind. Break it up!!!

What I don't notice is that there's a stupid, gold painting close to my bed. Well, that's affected the painting as well. There's now a dent in it. My head throbs even more than my area, and that's saying something because I think Lise couldn't hit that hard. Until now. "Ugh..." I mumble as more tears fall from my eyes. Lise stands up now, no longer holding me.

She places her hands to her ears and says, "Nah nah nah nah naaah nah, looksie, it's Ashie! Dumb as eeever!" In that moment, something inside me...snapped like a Kit-Kat. But if you were really, really angry and had no mood for Kit-Kats at the moment. "Hiiiiiiiyyyyyyyaaaaaaaa!" I screamed with all my might and hurled Lise to the wall like a hammer throw.

The painting started to spin. "Woooah!" She yelled. I fell back, as the nurse just looked oon in shock.

Lise was gone.

What had I done?

I jumped into the wall as well, only hoping to find her.

And in that instant, I am gone, too.

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