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Warriors: Snowshine's Trouble Arc - Dark Sunrise - Chapter 3

Warriors: Snowshine's Trouble Arc - Dark Sunrise - Chapter 3

Posted October 30th, 2018 by SammyLou

by Samaya
in North Carolina

A cold wind blew in Snowkit's face as she went to go get a piece of fresh-kill, her mind still on sneaking out to the gathering. She still had uncertainty about it. What if they got caught? What if the clan wouldn't like us anymore? Anxiety drowned her like water, leaving her breathless. While deep in her thoughts she hadn't known that Tigerkit and pushed through the brambles of the nursery to sit with her.

"Snowkit, I know you're worried but we can finally see what happens at a gathering!" Tigerkit sounded ecstatic. 

"Couldn't we wait until we're apprentices?" Snowkit asked.

"That's a whole moon away! I can't wait that long." 

"But what if we get in trouble? What if the whole clan begins to hate us for what we did?" The anxious feeling came back, her heart beating faster.

"We'll only go for a peek!" Tigerkit answered confidently. 

???????????? ???????? ????????? ???????? ?????????????????????????????????  Snowkit asked herself in her mind. ???? ????????????? ???? ???????????????????? ???????? ???????????????? ?????????????, ???????????? ???? ????????????'???? ????????????? ????????????????????????????? ????????????? ???????? ???????????????????? ???????????? ???????? ????????????????????????????!

Flowerstar emerged from the Highledge. It was time for the gathering. Snowkit looked up at the bright full moon in the night full of glittering stars. Her tail tip was twitching.

"The gathering will start soon. We'd better get going." Flowerstar meowed to all the cats below."Stormsong and Blizzardtail will guard." She leaped gracefully from the Highledge and beckoned the warrior who were going with her to follow. Shadepool gave them both a quick lick before leading them back to the nursery.

"Hello." Blackthorn mewed, her kits were suckling on her. "I can't wait until Batkit and Beetlekit become apprentices." Blackthorn looked up at them, drowsiness in her soft, yellow eyes.

"You need sleep, Blackthorn." Shadepool mewed to her. She padded next to Blackthorn and laid down next to her, her tail over the new kits to keep them warm. Sooner or later they were asleep and she knew that she and Tigerkit would be sneaking out soon.


"Are you ready, Tigerkit?" 

"Yes, I am. Let's get going then."



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