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Warriors: Snowshine's Trouble Arc - Dark Sunrise - Chapter 1

Warriors: Snowshine's Trouble Arc - Dark Sunrise - Chapter 1

Posted October 19th, 2018 by SammyLou

by Samaya
in North Carolina

Sunlight filled the nursery as Snowkit woke up. Tigerkit was snoring loudly next to her.

"Tigerkit," she whispered, "wake up!"

Tigerkit wouldn't budge. Snowkit sighed and nipped her sister's ear.

"Hey!" Tigerkit jolted up into the air.

"The only way I could wake you up! You sleep like a squirrel in leaf-bare."

Snowkit ran out of the nursery before Tigerkit could complain about how she woke her up. The dawn patrol had just gotten back. They had managed to find some prey even though it was so scarce. Cherrypelt had emerged from the medicine cat den with Tornpaw, her apprentice, by her side. She was carrying a wad of moss in her jaw.

"Hi, Snowkit!" Tornpaw greeted. "Where's Tigerkit?"

"Probably being lazy like normal." Snowkit taunted toward the nursery. Tigerkit then groggily ran out the nursery, trying to keep her eyes open.

"I'm not lazy!" she rasped while stifling a yawn. 

"I'll be off now! Blackthorn is nursing her kits and seems a little stressed." Tornpaw said as she padded off toward the nursery. Cherrypelt also nodded her goodbyes as she followed Tornpaw into the bramble tunnel.

"Medicine cats are really helpful, but I want to be a warrior!" Tigerkit exclaimed and leaped on top of Snowkit resulting in a play fight, writhing in a tangle of white and brown fur.

"Alright, you two. That's enough." A gray tabby she-cat mewed with amusement as she pulled Snowkit away from Tigerkit.

"Sorry, mother." the two kits said in unison. 

Their mother mewed with amusement. "No need to be sorry." then she turned her head as the leader had emerged onto the Highledge

"Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather around the Highledge for a clan meeting!" she yowled.

All cats had started gathering around the ledge before the announcement had been.

"Two apprentices that have been working very hard will be made warriors today." the small leader flicked her tail toward two apprentices. One was a golden brown tom while the other was a sleek silver she-cat with dark gray dapples on her fur. They both looked very thrilled at the thought of being a warrior and whispered stuff to each other with excitement. 

"I, Flowerstar, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on these two apprentices. They have worked hard to understand the ways of your noble code and I commend them to you as a warrior in their turn. Lionpaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and protect the clan, even at the cost of your life?"

"Yes, I do!" Lionpaw exclaimed.

"Featherpaw, may you keep that promise as well?"

"Yes, Flowerstar!" Featherpaw said with a purr.

"Then by the powers of Starclan, I give you your warrior names. Lionpaw, from this moment on you will be known as Lionfur. Starclan honors your courage and loyalty."

Flowerstar then turned her head to Featherpaw.

"Featherpaw, from this moment on you will be known as Featherdapple. Starclan honors your cleverness and compassion."

"Featherdapple! Lionfur! Featherdapple! Lionfur!" the clan chanted.


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Oh no I used

Oh no I used highrock instead of ledge ;-;

Posted by SammyLou on Fri, 10/19/2018 - 01:01

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