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Warriors: Snowshine's Trouble Arc - Dark Sunrise - Chapter 2

Warriors: Snowshine's Trouble Arc - Dark Sunrise - Chapter 2

Posted October 25th, 2018 by SammyLou

by Samaya
in North Carolina

"The gathering is also tonight," Flowerstar called down. "I'll talk to the cats who are going individually, clan dismissed." 

The cats started scattering into their groups, some congratulating the new warriors and some just heading back to their original duties.

"Snowkit, did you hear? The gathering is tonight!" Tigerkit mewed excitedly, her tail wagging from side to side.

"What are you so excited about? We're not allowed to go until we're apprentices!" Snowkit said, bewilderment in her eyes. 

"Well, are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Tigerkit asked with her excited and ambitious expression on her face. her clear green eyes were gleaming with determination. She then put her head close and whispered to Snowkit. "You know...sneaking out of camp?"

Snowkit was shocked. Why would Tigerkit want to do such a thing? Didn't she know that they would get in trouble if any cat saw them? 

"And if it snows, your pelt can blend in with it! Speaking of that, I wanna show you something inside the nursery." Tigerkit flicked her tail toward the milky-smelling den and rushed into it. Snowkit shrugged and then followed her. She wondered what it could be. Tigerkit always had something to show, from just a leaf she "caught" to a dead moth. She was also much larger and leaner than Snowkit, unusual for a kit.

"Here." Tigerkit pointed her nose a hole in the nursery. "This is where we sneak out tonight." she sounded more ambitious than usual, her eyes felt like they were burning into Snowkit's pelt. 

"Tigerkit, what if our mother finds out? Or anyone! We'll be in so much trouble..."

"I'm sure it'll be fine Snowkit! Besides, we'll hide in a bush so nobody can see. Please, Snowkit?" Tigerkit's voice was full of desperation. 

"Fine, but if we get in trouble, I'm blaming you." Snowkit retorted. 

"We won't!" Tigerkit exclaimed, "We'll go after the clan cats leave and nobody is watching." Tigerkit said with enthusiasm. "I can't wait!"


(short chapter to prepare for a long one i think)



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