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We're not just Robots...

We're not just Robots...

Posted July 17th, 2022 by Starsong

by Sophia
in Florida

We’re Not Just Robots…



I heard people running, I think I heard my mother crying, my father trying to comfort her I could barely hear. “We *** get *** hurry!” I heard someone yell I tried to move but couldn’t I felt so much pain What happened why can’t I move? Can I open my eyes? I wondered, I tried to open my eyes but couldn’t I tried to speak but was unable to What’s happening!? I began to panic. “We’re *** we *** faster!” I heard someone else yell we were moving…fast I couldn’t remember what had happened I wanted to know why I felt so much pain why I was unable to move or speak I tried to speak again but again couldn’t I tasted blood in my mouth. “Quick *** now!” The first person yelled then I blacked out



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