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When I became famous (chapter 10)

When I became famous (chapter 10)

Posted July 3rd, 2013 by Sruti.Singh

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by TheRedFox {Sruti}
in Los Angeles

Kate stayed with us in room 201 for the night since there was one extra bed on the bunk. Aunt Mabel on one bed at the bottom, Kira and I on one bed above her, Jackie on the next bed at the bottom and Kate on one bed above her. It was a perfect fit, and Kira and I didn’t mind sleeping next to each other, we were good friends anyway!
The next day, we woke up and I told Kate she should spend the day with all of us. We went to the hotel pool, we went to have lunch at the hotel pizza place and we had frozen yoghurt at the hotel froyo bar, Manningway Miracle. It was the best! During the course of the day, something happened to Kate and I like God had grant us the biggest wish ever.
We were coming back from the pool and guess who was walking in front of us? Della Anderson! She had come to Chicago for holiday, probably. “That’s the girl that changed me, Kate!” I whispered to Kaitlin. Kate gasped and said, “Oh my gosh, you won’t believe this!” “What?” I asked. She pointed to the girl Della was walking with. “That’s the girl that changed me, Joanna Philips!” she said, talking fast. “I haven’t seen her in seven years! I saw her last when we were both five years old. That was when she changed me.” I was shocked. I told Jackie, Kira and Aunt Mabel and they all wanted to slap Della and Joanna.
“Della looks really mean,” Kate nodded. “So does Joanna!” I yelled . . . and then realized I yelled. Uh-Oh! Joanna and Della turned around. “I heard my name,” Joanna rolled her eyes, chewing her gum. I don’t think she remembered changing Kate because she didn’t seem to recognise her as Kaitlin Zelda Turner, she recognised her as Rachel Zimba, even with the vague disguise on. “Aaaah ! ! !” she shrieked, happily. “It’s Rachel Zimba!” Kate covered Joanna’s mouth immediately and pulled her to a corner. Della was looking at me, chewing her gum. “Ugh . . . it’s you, Lauren Wilson.” she heaved. I also pulled Della to a corner. “You have to change me back to Lauren Wilson,” I said, stomping my foot. “I would . . . but I don’t want to because you’re not my favourite person in the world, you know!” Della replied with an evil laugh. I rolled my eyes and said softly, “Where is the cure to the curse you put on me?” “Oh, I really don’t know,” Della chuckled. “I know you know where it is,” I folded my arms. You see, I know that Della isn’t good at keeping secrets of her own (weird, right?) so I knew she was soon going to tell me where the cure was. I was right.
“Well, it’s certainly not under the bed in room 214 . . .” Della realized what she had said, covered her mouth and bolted away. I ran after Della and caught up to her easily. I forced her into room 201 just as she had forced me into her evil machine in the ally. I locked her in room 201 and rushed back down to the pool area to meet with Kate.
Kate was standing with Joanna and I noticed their conversation had just begun. “What did you pull me here for?” Joanna questioned. “Are we going to be best friends? Just imagine, Joanna Philips: ordinary, sweet, pretty, cool young girl, becomes best friends with Rachel Zimba: a famous, wonderful, beautiful and kind teen sweetheart!”
Kate rolled her eyes and replied, “Oh, whatever Joanna!” “You know my name?” Joanna asked, quite surprised but still overwhelmed. Kate told Joanna the entire story of her change to see if Joanna remembered. She did. “I knew it was too good to be true, Rachel Zimba would never talk to me, and Rachel Zimba doesn’t have a twin! Hence, that girl standing in the corner with Della, my cousin.”
“First of all, there is no real Rachel Zimba! She doesn’t exist, Joanna. Second of all, is Della seriously your cousin?” Kate bit her lip. Joanna nodded.
The whole time I was standing there, I didn’t say a word until now. “I believe that Della is your cousin. You guys have the same personality. An unkind, wicked and devilish personality.” I shrieked. Joanna sighed and looked at Kate and I. “Listen,” she started. “I’m really sorry. Kaitlin, I changed you like seven years ago, let go of it. I know where the cure is and I can give it to you.” “What about me?” I asked. “Your evil cousin, Della Anderson, changed me just yesterday!” “I’ll give you the cure too,” Joanna smiled.
“No,” Kate began. “If I take the cure, there’ll be no Rachel Zimba, she’ll be gone forever . . . I don’t want that.”
“The cure is never-ending,” Joanna explained. “I’ll give you the machine I used to change you and you can change back to Rachel Zimba and then back to Kaitlin Zelda Turner anytime!” “Oh, thank you Joanna!” Kate grinned, and she and Joanna hugged each other like best friends.
So we all went to where Joanna was staying, room 214. “You’re staying with Della?” Kate asked. Joanna nodded. “It’s under the bed, isn’t it?” I grinned. “The cure.” “How’d you know?” Joanna asked, giggling. “Della is not that good at keeping her own secrets, that’s all I’m saying.” I laughed, with Kate and Joanna laughing as well. Joanna pulled out a glass bottle from under the bed. It was empty. It looked like a normal glass bottle that used to have a fizzy drink in it. “It’s empty, there’s no cure inside,” Kate raised her eyebrows. “The cure is a gas,” Joanna explained. “called Deminon 8000-plus. You take it in through your nose but remember, as soon as you take it in, close the bottle immediately. If you leave the bottle open for more than 5 seconds, the cure will never be never-ending anymore.” Kate and I nodded. “We understand, Joanna,” I smiled. “May we please have the cure now?” “Yes,” Kate went to stand next to Joanna. “And may I please have the machine that you used to change me?” Joanna nodded and then paused at Kate’s last sentence. “Well, I can’t actually give you the machine, Kaitlin,” she started. “I don’t have it here with me. I left it back home in New York." “That’s okay!” I yelled. “I live in New York and so does Kate, so I’ll give you my address and come to my house when you have time to drop off the cure. Please Joanna, make sure it’s very soon.” Joanna nodded and replied, “When are you going back home?” “I’m going back home tonight since I have school in two days. I need to pack my bag and get all my study booklets put away,” I sighed. “That’s perfect,” Joanna beamed. “I’m going back home tonight too. I’ll come to your house as soon as I unpack my suitcase at my house.”
I nodded and said, “I’ll give you my address.” Joanna took out a piece of paper and a pen. “My address is 54 Harley-Brown Road, New York,” I smiled. So Joanna gave me the cure and we made a time to meet at my house.

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I like the names. :D CC:

I like the names. :D CC: Paragraphing needs a little work. Whenever someone new says something, make a new paragraph. If there is a new idea, make a new paragraph. Do you want me to edit your chapters? I would be more than happy to if you want me to. :D ~If you think I have no brain, you're right. I lost my brain in the Battle of the Sloths, fighting with my pet narwal who lost his sanity.~

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