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Where The Dead Lie: (Chapter 1)

Where The Dead Lie: (Chapter 1)

Posted January 9th, 2017 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

Here is chapter one. 


Chapter 1- The Discovery


I walked to school, as I live closer than most people. My name is Sam Karachi, and I grew up in Alaska. Two years ago my parents had a fight, and I was sent to live with my mom, in Jacksonville, Florida.  As I am walking, my friend, Ichiru, came up next to me. He was born here, and knew the place better than me.

“Hey Sam,” Ichiru said as we walked.

“Hey,” I replied, before asking, “did you hear all the police sirens last night?”

“Yeah, it was weird. I think something happened,” he replied.

We both lived near the old graveyard, and people commonly would try to dig up a grave, so it was normal for about one cop to come, only last night there were several.

“I hope nothing that happened was too serious,” I said, only the exact opposite happened.


As we got to school, I saw all the kids from the buses getting out. We quickly pass them, as we saw the principle inside the school, as if he was going to say something to the students.

“Wonder what he has to say,” Ichiru said.

“Me, too, bet it’s today's ice cream flavor, or something dumb like that,” I said back.

“Hmmmm … I guess we’ll find out what he will say now,” Ichiru replied as the principal's face expression changed.

“Students!” He exclaimed over all of the voices.

Everyone quieted down.

“Hey, where is Mark?” Ichiru asked, looking around for any sign of Mark.

Suddenly, I noticed it too.

“Yeah?! Do you think something happened?” I said.

The principal started talking again.

“We have a tragic announcement. Mark Daniels, and Steven Kenders disappeared last night.”

Me and Ichiru both gasped. Steven was popular, and many of the kids noticed him missing. But Mark was unnoticed until now. The kids were all in shock looking around, while a few didn’t care at all.

“Police don’t suspect foul play, but if they are seen contact 911 immediately,” The principal said.  

“Why would the principal tell us these things? I mean … We are kids, right?” Ichiru asked.

“To alert friends,” I explained, “So that they know that their friend might not return.”

With that, school started for the day.


All the rest of the day was quiet. In our study hall, me and Ichiru went to the principal, Mrs. Andrews, to learn more of the disappearance. The secretary was typing, probably another club message. We walked up to her, and she looked up.

“Oh, Ichiru and Sam! What do you need?” She said.

She was a kind old lady, who used to be the principal herself.

“We need info on the disappearances,” I said.

“Yeah, we need to know what happened,” Ichiru says too.

She looked worried for a moment, then said, “I can’t tell you anything.”

“BUT WE NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO MARK!!!” Ichiru yelled out loud.

“I don’t know anything, OKAY!?” She said back, “So quit yelling at me!”

“Sorry … ,” Ichiru said apologizing.

“Anyway … ,” she continued, “if you want information, go ask the men at the police station for help. That’s all I can tell you.”

“We’ll do that after school then,” Ichiru replied.

“Wait,” I say, remembering something, “Is there also information on Steven?”

“Of course!” She said.

“Okay, thanks!” We both said, before heading back to class.


After school, we told our parents that we would meet up, and then met at the police station.

“Hey, Ichiru?” I asked.

“What?” He said back.

“I wonder if they were kidnapped,” I said.

“Look … I don’t think they were kidnapped, because if they were … I think they would be able to get out of the situation or something,” Ichiru replied.

“Plus,” I added, “Their would be evidence.”


With that, we entered the police station, and what we saw almost gave me a heart attack.

A butt. Right there smashed into my face. I screamed and fell, while Ichiru laughed.

“WHAT THE HECK!!!” I exclaimed, as I tried to get up.

The lady turned around, and I realized it was one of the teachers at our school.

“Oh, sorry Sam,” She said.

I was scared for life.

“It's okay, Sam!!” said Ichiru, “anyway, we should ask about Mark and Steven now.”

I looked around, for any officer so I can ask about Mark and Steven. I saw an officer talking to the sheriff. I looked at his badge. MISSING PEOPLE, it read. I went over to him.

“Hey, are you on the Daniels and Kenders case?” I asked.

“Yes I am, young man. Why?” He replied.

“Because we want to know what happened. They are our friends, and we are looking for them,” Ichiru said back.

“Well, their case is mysterious because they just flat out disappeared.” He replied again.

“Can we go investigate it with you?” Ichiru asked.

“Yeah. Can we?” I asked.

He was silent for a moment.

“Fine. My name is Detective Jeremiah, 33rd branch. You will work under me, and listen as well. If you get in the way, your little game is over,” He finally said.

“Hmph! Fine, even though this isn’t a game …” Ichiru said a bit grumpy.

The detective looked away.

“We start tomorrow at 7:00 A.M.” He said. “Be there.”


The next day was a wednesday, so we would still be to school on time. We headed towards his direct coordinates, a cafe on Brown street. It was quiet inside, with journalists sipping coffee. The detective sat in a back corner, with a box of donuts and hot chocolates- for us I am guessing.

“Nice!” Ichiru said, as their was not only donuts- there was apple pie. He liked pie.

“Ready for work?” He asked. “Because we have a long day ahead of us.”

That's the end for this chapter! 

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This is really interesting

This is really interesting and I can't wait to see how it turns out! :D

There was only one mistake that I noticed right away for spelling where you just did the wrong there :)  But it was really good! I will be reading and following to see where this story goes

"I'll do my best to stop being so interesting." Syl-"The Way of Kings

Posted by TARDISBlogger on Mon, 01/09/2017 - 21:44
Thanks. :) And also, where

Thanks. :)

And also, where is the spelling mistake? I need to fix that.


<(QuartzMaster A.K.A. Osaid)> Read my books!!!! :D

"Uuuuuuuuurr Ahhhhhhhhhrrrrrr Uhhrrrrr Ahhhrrrr Aaaaarrrggghhh..." - Chewbacca

Posted by QuartzMaster on Mon, 01/09/2017 - 21:55
Right at the end of the

Right at the end of the chapter - “Nice!” Ichiru said, as their was not only donuts- there was a apple pie. - 



"I'll do my best to stop being so interesting." Syl-"The Way of Kings

Posted by rchallman on Tue, 01/10/2017 - 01:09

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