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Where The Dead Lie: (Chapter 2)

Where The Dead Lie: (Chapter 2)

Posted January 10th, 2017 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

Chapter 2! Things get a bit more interesting in this chapter. Enjoy!


Chapter 2 - The Surprise


“What!” I screamed.

The detective just looked at me like I was dumb.

“What do you mean ‘what’?” He said.

“By 'help' I thought you meant on the case, not cleaning!” Ichiru yelled.

“Well,” He said, “The plaster mold of their footprints is drying, so we have to clean my tools while we wait.”

I sighed, and finally decided.
“Fine, on one condition,” I said.

“What?” He asked, curious.

“We get to see the case, and help!” Ichiru said.

Now the officer was sceptical.

“Why should I let you? I could just clean my own tools, and leave you out!” He pointed out.

I thought for a moment.

“We would be able to go places without attracting attention!” Ichiru said, before I could.

The man just laughed.

“You have been watching too many movies!” He said, “We have resources, you know. We don’t need you.”

I sighed.

“But …” He started, “If you want to help, I can’t stop you. Help me clean these, then we will go to the crime scene.”

“Fine,” I said, “But make it quick.”


About one and a half hours later, we were done. School started in 30 minutes, so we had to go.

“Seriously!” Ichiru exclaimed, “We spent all our time cleaning!”

“Not my fault you didn’t call in sick,” He said, brushing us off.

“You can’t do that unless you’re sick!” I yelled back.

He chuckled.

“I did when I was a kid!” He said.

We both groaned, before heading to school. About half way there, I remembered something.

“Hey, Ichiru?” I asked, questioning my memory.

“Yeah?” He said back.

“Do you think that …” I started.

“What? Think what?” He said, getting curious.

“Do you think he had us work all day on purpose? I mean, we said to him we would have to go in 1 hour, and he just brushed it off,” I said.

“Yeah! You’re right!” He said realizing what happened, “That lousy scum!”

We wanted to go back, and give him a piece of our minds, but had to go to school.


After school, we went straight back to his address, which we memorized in case of a problem. When we got there, we knocked on his door.

“Who is it! I’m working on a case!” I heard a muffled voice say.

“You know who it is you liar!” I yelled through the door.

He opened the door, then scowled when he saw us.

“You again! You’re harder to get rid of than gum on the bottom of a shoe, you know that!” He said.

Ichiru smirked, but I scowled back.

“You lied!” I yelled into his face.

“Hey! Quit yelling, will you?” He said, sounding like a teacher.

Ichiru looked him in the eye.

“What’s your problem?” Ichiru asked.

“If I mess up this case, I could get fired. I don’t want some kids ruining it!” Detective Jeremiah said.

“We won’t ruin it! In fact, we’ll help a lot!” Ichiru yelled, “Right Sam?”

“Yeah!” I agreed.

He just stared back.

“You know, I… no… never mind. You can help. I need help for this,” He said.

“Yes!” We both exclaimed, high fiving each other.


We were at the crime scene. We had entered, by using his squad car, as citizens weren’t allowed. The scene of the disappearance was shaped in an oval, with 4 tombstones holding all the police tape in a diamond shape. In the center, there was a tombstone, cracked and old. It looked… well evil.

“That tombstone gives me the creeps,” I said.

“Yeah,” Ichiru said, “It’s as if it was haunted with some creature …”

“Yeah … ,” I agreed.

“Quiet down!” The detective said, “If you are caught, you might spend time in jail!”

“Wait what!? Jail!?” Ichiru exclaimed in question.

“Yeah, it is a criminal offense to trespass,” The detective stated.

“Okay,” I said.

“But will they really put us in jail? That’s kinda not really … Something they should do to children like us,” Ichiru said.

“Well, not jail, but a child detainment center,” said the detective.

“Wow,” I said, “I didn’t know that those were real!”

We kept on going towards the scene. A torn cloth was stuck on a pole near the grave.

“Hey, isn’t that part of his shirt?” I said.

“Hmmm … Maybe … I’m not too sure,” Ichiru replied, “it is possible that it is.”

I picked it up, and looked closely. It was red and white, Mark’s shirt colors.

“Oh … My … Is that what I think it is?” Ichiro asked.

“I believe that would be one of their shirt pieces,” said the detective.

“Yes, and I believe that this is also evidence,” Ichiro replied.

“It’s Marks!” I said, “That means that he was definitely here at some point, but where did he go?”

“That’s what we are wondering,” said the detective.

“Detective, why does it disappear! You would have seen a plane or helicopter, or footprints!” I said.

“Two things. First, don’t call me detective, call me Anthony. Second, I don’t know how they…” He trailed off.

I looked behind me at the tombstone he was looking at.

“That, that can’t be right!” I said.

It said:


Here lies Mark Daniels and Steven Kenders, trapped for all eternity.

     May they find peace on the other side.


“How did they not see this!” Ichiru said.

Because you are the only ones who can.” A voice said, before they all passed out.

Got a bit interesting, am I right?

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