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Where The Dead Lie: (Chapter 3)

Where The Dead Lie: (Chapter 3)

Posted January 15th, 2017 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

Chapter 3! Things go way off then how they started.... I have no idea why, do not ask me.


Chapter 3 - The Lost


I awoke in a single cell.

“Uhh…” I muttered sitting up.

Then I remembered. Ichiru. Detective Anthony.

“Ichiru!” I yelled.

Suddenly, a cloaked being walked up with a sharp, blood red scythe.

“Sssstay back human!” It hissed at me.

“W… What are you!?” I screamed.

It took of it’s hood. It was a cross between a snake and a bat, and had dark fur around its chest. It had 2 inch horns growing on each side of it’s head, like a bull.

“Ahhh!” I yelled, jumping back.

“Ssssstay quiet, or I will kill you.” It said, calmly.

The rest of the day, or night, who knows, I cried myself to sleep.


Ichiru awoke to loud footsteps. They were coming towards him. He didn’t remember what had happened. He was in a dark cell, with a dead rat near the entrance.

A beam of light came from a hole, which he looked through. Fire. All he could see was fire, and molten magma, popping in bubbles. A huge monster was walking through them.

“What the..” He started.

Suddenly his cell door opened.

“Hey human! Follow me or die ssssslowly and painfully!” Said a scary looking monster.

“O..Okay,” He said, trembling

He followed it to a different cell, with someone else in it.

“Get in!” It said, kicking him in, then slamming the door.

“Hello?” He said.

Then he noticed the blood stains on the ground. The other person was… dead.


Anthony was already awake. He had pretended to be knocked out, and then got his gun out. They couldn’t see him, as he was inside of a steel box on two poles.

“Cr*p,” He said, “Only 3 bullets.”

The top opened up, and he hid the gun under his leg and made it look as though he was still unconscious.

“He isssssss still knocked out, ssssir,” It said.

He sprang into action, firing straight through it’s brain stem, as that is it’s weakest body part. He jumped out and started to run.

“Ahh!” He screamed, as one of their spears were thrown into his arm.

He pulled it out, and threw it at a nearby rock. It cracked, and lava poured out. He saw ahead lot’s of fire and lava, but kept running.

“Hey! Come back human! I promissse I won’t eat you!” He heard it say, from far away.

He didn’t stop running.


Mark awoke to an eerie sound. He looked around, and saw blood. Lots of it. And someone looking through the bars of his cell.

“He..Hello?” He asked.

“Wha..” said a familiar voice.

It was … Ichiru!

“Ichiru?” He said.

“Mark?” He said back.

Suddenly a door far away slammed shut, and sprinting began down the hall. When it got closer they realised it was human. It turned before they could see it, and there was a blood trail behind it.

Then, the door slammed open followed by more guards.

“What’s wrong with security around here!?”  Yelled a deep voice, much different than the snake demons.

It came into sight. In short, it was a minotaur. It had black hair, and two huge horns. It had glowing red eyes, like horror movie ones.

“What the heck is that?” Mark said.

“I have no idea. All I can tell is that it looks ugly,” Ichiru says.

“Oooh! I smell some delicious little humans!” It said, nearing them.

Suddenly, it ripped open the door, reaching for Mark.

“Heeeelp!” He yelled, as he was dragged off.

Ichiru started to run after them, but then one of the many guards swung his spear, knocking him out with the handle part.


Anthony slammed a door behind him, running. A huge minotaur had been chasing after him, but it seemed to have stopped. He was in a brick corridor, with Iron structure supports all over.

He glanced through one of the cracks. There was lots of fire, but on some land parts, there were … creatures. They were all different. There was a cross between a dog and a bear, a weird tall human like thing with no face or anything on its head. All kinds of things.

He slowly moved down the hall, but then he heard the door start to open. He jumped into a room with no door, and heard the huge footsteps, that he could tell were the minotaurs. He heard crying, and then a voice said something.

“Help me!” Someone screamed.

He didn’t recognise the voice. That meant it was Mark. He started to sneak after it, showing mark to be quiet.

“You will make a tasty snack!” Grumbled the minotaur.

Mark suddenly flung free and started to run. The minotaur flung his spear at Mark, stabbing him in the leg. He fell, and was picked back up.

“You can’t escape me, mortal!” It shouted in glee, as he had got to have some action.

He threw him in a huge bird’s cage above a blue fire that had to be about 15 feet tall. It brushed against the cage, which was red from the heat. Immediately, Marks sneakers started to melt. He looked panicked. Anthony knew he had to do something. He decided to try to make the minotaur leave. He saw a sheep nearby. He cut it loose from its stable and it bolted away. He hid, waiting for it to notice.

“Noo! Get back here!” the minotaur roared in anger, sprinting down the hall, making it feel like an earthquake.

When it was gone, he noticed that the cage was held by a rope, barely even tied. The rope was weathered from the heat. Mark was now standing on his frying T-shirt, barely away from the 458? cage, and his sneakers were boiling sludge next to it.

He ran up, and realized something. He couldn’t get him out. If he untied it, it would fall into the flames. If he opened the cage, he would burn his hands severely, and Mark would have to run barefoot for 10 feet across metal that could fry an egg in a second. He had to think, and fast.

“Finally caught you!” He heard near the door.

The minotaur was close. Then it came in. The sheep was held tight in his hand, and has straining to escape. Then it saw him.

“More food! My lucky day!” It said.

Then Anthony knew what he had to do. He quickly told Mark his plan.

The minotaur ran up and grabbed him. He opened the cage. But as he did, Mark jumped onto his arm, and stabbed him with a pen. (He had it from a test that was going to be next week). To the minotaur, this was a splinter. However, when your splinter keeps coming back in, it probably hurts. He howled in pain, throwing anthony in the air. He managed to grab a rope, and started climbing.

He looked back, and would never forget what he saw.

Mark was gone.

The minotaur had swatted him, like a mosquito, and now… He was just  gone. There was no body… nothing. Most likely Mark got eaten.

Anthony climbed twice as fast, and got in the ceiling. He sprinted away, cursing the minotaur the whole time.



Like I said earlier, don't ask me.

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