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Where The Dead Lie: (Prologue)

Where The Dead Lie: (Prologue)

Posted January 9th, 2017 by QuartzMaster

by QuartzMaster
in The Ultimates Galaxy

Hello everyone, this is the prologue of a story I wrote with my friend. Maybe some of you will enjoy it.




I walked through the old Lincoln Graveyard. My friend was walking near me, and looked scared. Can’t blame him though.

“Hey, Mark, why you so scared?” I teased.

Mark just glanced back, and kept walking forward. He suddenly tripped, and cried out.

“Mark!” I yelled, as I tried to catch him.

I missed. He fell right into the dirt, covered with rough twigs and leaves. Only …

“AAAHH!”  His scream penetrated through me as I watched my friend fall through the dirt, sinking in. I watched as he ran out of air, and I tried helping, but it was no use. He sank too deep.  

“M-m- mark?” I whimper out.

Suddenly a horrible sound fills my ears. I can’t understand it, but it sounds like a voice. Then it changed languages , and I understood it.


It started laughing like a lunatic, then I started to sink too. I desperately lunged at a tombstone, but couldn’t reach.

“Say goodbye!”

I'll post chapter one too.

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