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Whispers Of The Sky-Chapter 2

Whispers Of The Sky-Chapter 2

Posted December 12th, 2022 by ElizieAngelina

by Agent 4
in Texas

Chapter 2-Yumi

My eyes flash open.

"Floreeeence," I mumble, "you okay?"

From the top bunk, I hear, "Yeah..." and then a short sniffle. I get out of my bunk and climb up to Florence's bunk. "Florence..." I say, although my own mind is racked with worry from what happened last night. Tear-stains are engraved on her face. "I'm scared, Yumi," she sniffles. "I-I don't think we'll m-make it." At this, I clutch Florence's wrist in mine.

"Don't worry. We're going to make it."

Florence manages to force a smile. "Yeah," she says. "I'll be okay. You'll be okay." I smile. "That's the spirit!"

Even though, outside, the sky isn't blue.

It's grey.

All of a sudden, I hear from Angel, "Girls! Come down! I've got something important to tell you all!" We rush down to where Angel is. She says, "Okay. This is important." She then flashes on the TV. The annnouncer is saying, "In the Los Angeles area, a mist was said to have been reported yesterday, causing chaos and destroying multiple buildings. The mist is gone, but now there are creatures surrounding the city. No one knows how to defeat them.

Angel flicks off the TV. "That's what's going on."

I shake my head. "No. There's no way."

Angel nods her head sadly. "Yes."

I put my face into my hands. "What are we going to do?"

Angel looks up at us and says, 

"The only way we know how."


Before I know it, all the Guardians are dressed in their usual clothes, power walking to the limo, including Aoi. Florence gazes at me. "A-are we going to make it?" she asks. I look at her again. "Yes, Florence. We will." Akko's face is determined, proud, yet somehow still very, very worried at the same time. Claire has a "here-goes-nothing" look. Angel does too. And Aoi looks like one of those characters from anime when they see a villain in a random area.

"You ready, girls?" Angel says as she buckles in.

"Y-yes," we all say.

Without thinking, Angel stomps on the gas, and we're zooming down the hill. Sure enough, creatures surround the sky. "Keep the windows closed," Angel warns. "We can't have any smoke going into the car. I can't risk losing you." As we enter the center of L.A, the car stops. Angel exits and looks into the sky. "Erm...I need to do something. We need to go into the sky." Angel points at a building.

"Let's go up there," she says.

We are dashing up the building. Angel leads us to the top, her skirt flying in the wind. My paintbrush is safely secured in my pocket as we stomp on the stairs. "S-slow down!" Akko says. I shake my head. "We can't," I say through gasps. "We need to hurry before Los Angeles is fully destroyed!" Soon, we make it to the top of the roof. We're close to the creatures, but it feels stilll, too far. "So, here we are," Angel says. "The City Of Angels-"

Claire breaks into snickers.

"W-what?!" Angel asks, looking at Claire with a distressed and angry look. 

"Well, it's ironic," Claire says.

"I do suppose so," Angel replies. "Hehe."

Suddenly, her face flashes back. "But we must hurry. The City Of Angels depends on us." Aoi shrugs suddenly, "How are we going to get up there?" Angel pulls out her wand and aims it at us. "Woah, be careful," I say. "We're saving here, not killing." Angel still aims. "Now you can fly," she says after aiming at all of us.

Without thinking again, I dive off the rooftop.

"Yumi!" Akko screams.

"No!" Claire yells.

Florence just yelps.

Aoi looks over the rooftop, worried.

Air and wind fly past me.

Wanna know the funny part?

I didn't die.

"I-I can fly!" I yell. "GUYS! IT WORKS!" At this, Angel giggles. "Told you so." Claire just dives off the roof at this, but Akko is hesitant. "Come on, Akko, you can do it!" Aoi cheers. "N-no. There is no way in heck I am getting off this rooftop," Akko stutters. As I rise up again, Florence gulps and then dives too. When she flies, she says, "O-oh my gosh! Yumi, I'm flying!" I nod with a giggle. All of a sudden, I hear a loud, shrill scream.

It sounds like Akko.

"AKKO!" I yell.

All of a sudden, I feel a tap on my shoulder. I look behind.

"Chill," Akko says. "I'm fiiine." 

One part of me wants to cling to Akko. The other part just leaves her alone. I choose the latter. Before soon, all of the flying Guardians surround me. 

And that's when it clicks.

"Well, we can fly, shouldn't we have something like weapons for defense?" I ask. Angel taps her cheek. "Yeah," she says. "Maybe you could draw them, Yumi!" she says. I'm not good at drawing. Oh boy, this isn't going to be nice. "U-uhm," I say, "Angel, you'll have your wand. Akko, you'll have a..." I think. "Something like a sword." Akko nods. "Fair enough." I keep thinking, "Claire, you'll have a bow and arrow." Claire nods happily. "So I'll be an elf!" I look at Florence. "Uhm, Florence, you'll have a spear...javelin," I say. "It's like a sword but sorta different."

Florence nods anxiously, but with a smile.

"And as for Aoi..." I point at her. "You'll have something that looks like a gun but promise me, it's ten times cooler." Aoi keeps her innocent look. "What?" I nod at Aoi. "You'll see." One by one, I begin drawing a sword-very badly, at that. Luckily, an actually good sword falls to the ground. Again, everything I draw comes to reality. I draw a bow and arrow-an actually nice one-and it falls to the ground. The spear is the easiest-and it falls as wall. I inhale, exhale, and begin swiping to make the ten-times-cooler gun that I promises.

Again, it falls to the ground. "Heck yes!" Akko exclaims, picking up her sword. Claire nods encouragingly at her bow and arrow. Florence examines the javelin before smiling. Aoi just looks at the thing. "Cool! I'll just call it the Maximum Aoi Cannon, also known as the MAC." 

Dang. That actually sounds amazing.

"Let's not waste any more time," Angel finally says. "The time is nigh. Follow me, Guardians!" Angel flies into the sky, and we follow. We fly to the center of the creatures. "What are we gonna do?" I ask. Angel looks around the area. "There's not enough girls for each creature," Angel says. "I'll take care of the first one. Yumi, take care of the second. Akko, Claire, take care of the third. Finally, Florence and Aoi, take care of the fourth one."

We nod.

"Well?" Angel asks. "Let's kick some creatures?" I fly to the second creature surrounding the city. It notices me, and my face falls. Almost immediately, the creature binds me in a rope. "Ugh!" I yelp. I feel my conciousness fading. With my unbound arms, I draw a dagger to cut my ropes. All the ropes are cut, except for the last. I fall over frontward, and blood is slowly rushing throughout my body, making my drowsiness even worse.

I reach for the sky and begin drawing every attack I can, throwing for the creature, except I'm always missing. The attacks I make don't do much either. I keep throwing, but each shot keeps missing. Suddenly, the rope breaks, and I fall over, trying to gain my concious ability to fly again. I snap my neck back, finding it to be useful-I feel again. I begin throwing everything again, this time it deals more damage. By the time I'm finished, the dragon looks tired. 

I fly close to  despite the danger, and slam against the creature.. It lets out a terrible roar, arching its neck back, and falling to the ground. The purple aura surrounding dissapears, and by this point, most of the creaturs have already been defeated. My cheek lightly cut and my clothes somewhat dirtied, I yell, "NOW, AOI AND FLORENCE!" We all fly over to the weakened final dragon, and with an awesome anime shout followed by a slash...

the creature falls to the ground again.

I know L.A isn't completely safe, but I can't help but feel a sense of victory for now. 

That's the best we've got.


That afternoon, the radio is blasting. I can't wait to hear what it says.

It blasts,

"Despite the efforts of the Dream Guardians..."

Wait. Despite?

"The creatures have spread to different parts of America and are inching to its Central part. The worst thing that could possibly happen now would be if the creatures, who are assumed to be some sort of aliens, spread to Europe-"

Angel flicks off the radio.

"I have another plan. Follow me, Guardians. To the bedroom." 

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