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Whispers Of The Sky-Chapter 3

Whispers Of The Sky-Chapter 3

Posted December 13th, 2022 by ElizieAngelina

by Agent 4
in Texas

Chapter 3: Claire

That afternoon, we lay in Angel's bedroom.

"So, guys," she says, "here's the plan. New York is likely going to be the last place they go." All of a sudden, Florence asks, "N-New York?! But I was born in New York!" Angel says, "I'm sorry, Florence. But we need to defend New York and prevent the creatures from spreading. Especially that big creature." We all nod in understanding. "Air traffic is likely going to be closed down, so we're going to need to take our jet to New York."

I shake my head. "What?! Fly? I'm scared of flights!"

Akko groans, "But you flew just this morning."

I say, "Plane flying. It's just so bumpy I almost vomit on each ride."

"I promise I'll go slow," Angel says.

I nod again. "Okay."

Angel goes back to talking. "Okay, so tonight is good for flying. We leave at 9, and..." Akko interrupts. "Wait. If they're already at the center, shouldn't they be in...erm...Vegas?" Angel says, "I think when we defeat the big monster, the creatures die as well. So, yeah." Akko nods, her cowlick bouncing up and down. "Mhm. I know now." Angel continues, "Which means we have to start packing...now. I'll prepare the jet, you guys get the boxes in the hallway closet."

"Got it!" we exclaim. We rush throughout the penthouse, finding anything we can to store clothes and food in. I make a paper to see what we need on our trip:

O food

O toiletries

O clothes

O anything else.

"Akko!" I exclaim. "Check this out!" Akko rushes over, looks at the paper, and says, "But we don't have 0 of that." I shake my head. "No, no. It's for checking off things." Akko nods. "Fair." Suddenly, Yumi rushes in. "Akko!!" she yells. "Dude! Why'd you waste all the toilet paper?" Akko whirls around. "No, I didn't." Yumi looks around frantically. "Then who was the last one that went to the bathroom?!" We hear a, "Yumi, it was me. Sorry." from Angel, at the front door.

"Oh, it was Angel," Yumi says. "That's okay. And Akko, sorry for accusing you." Akko replies, "Okay...I am still a bit mad, though. You're not free yet." She eyes Yumi before looking back to me and sighing. "What am I going to do with Yumi?" she asks. "Let alone this group?" I shake my head. "Sorry. I don't know." A few minutes later, I hear a loud shaking.

"W-wha?!" I ask. I tumble to the ground, my coat spreading in every which direction. Yumi clings onto Akko, as Akko lightly glares, but at the same time, I can tell that she's kind of satisfied-that is, until Florence leaps for Yumi. Akko's eyes widen upon seeing Florence. "NO!" she shouts, and we tumble to the ground again. Admist the shaking house, I try to stand up, but keep failing-over-and-over-and over again. It's so annoying, but I have to do it.

Then the shaking stops.

"Damn!" Akko yells. "That hurt!" Yumi begins petting Akko like a cat. "Stop it, Yumi!" Akko snaps. "I don't like that." Yumi whispers, "Sorry, jeez..." We slowly get up, and Angel enters the house again. "Guys! I got the jet to work!" she says. "You can all unload your stuff!" Next to me, the scattered boxes lay. "Uhm, all right," I mumble. I get off my butt and use my black-and-white sneakers as stability. I pick up two boxes and dash outside. 

I run through the garage, where the plane runway is. On it? The plane. "Wow," I say. "That's big." A lump begins forming in my throat. Bumpy or not, I'm bound to get worried. At least I'll try to remind myself that this is just like this morning. I exhale, going into the open jet door, almost bumping my head upon entry. I find a cabin above the tight aisle and shove the boxes inside. I also open a few other cabins to make sure we have everything. 


"Guys!" I shout as I exit the plane. "I think we're done!" The Guardians in front of the house-Angel, Yumi, and Aoi, say, "You sure?" I look over my shoulder and then back. "Positive," I say again. Aoi shrugs, "Well, you could be wrong. I checked." I reply, "Well, check again." I walk back into the house where Akko and Florence are. "Girls?" I ask. "Ready?" Akko shakes her head, her cowlick flouncing as always. "I don't know. It's not 9 yet."

Florence shakes her head. "No, not really." I nod and hurry up into my bedroom. I have a singular bedroom. Yumi, Florence, and Akko share a room, right across the hall. I take off my coat, revealing my tank top, as I stretch and look into the sky. It's becoming more blue, clearing up from what happened earlier. I sit down with a plop, looking around, cuddling up in my bed. Man, ever since I cut my hair short, the sensation of not feeling my hair against my back is just awkward.

I hear a knock at my door. "Claire."

I look behind. It's Aoi.

Next to me, she sits beside. "Hey."

I slowly get up from my spot. "Yes?"

She gives me a soft smile. "Are you ready? I rechecked." I slowly get up, closer. "Yeah." Aoi's serious but kind mood turns into her cute and innocent one. "Okay! Man, 9 PM's going to be a blast! Like, yeah..." her voice fades away. "I'll be going now. I don't want to make Akko-chan jealous, and I still want to keep packing."

Ah. I love how Aoi uses honorifics on Akko.


9:00 PM

The clock rings as we slowly get up from our couch, all dressed in our clothes. I already sealed my bedroom and made sure no one could get in, as everyone did everything else. Angel, in her long coat, asks, "Well, girls. Are you ready to save America?!" Yumi yells excitedly, "Are you kidding me? I've been up and rousing since the moment I left Sirena to go here!" Akko looks to the side. "If I have to. Since it's for you girls, I'm going to do it." 

I nod. "Born ready!"

Florence yells, "I don't even know what the heck is going on but I'm still going to do it!!!"

Aoi says, "Um, yep!"

Angel shakes her head, her ponytails flying even though there's no breeze. "All right, then!" We all begin walking, joking into the Los Angeles night sky, restored with all its glory, illuminated by our garage lights. The jet's motors are on, but it's not flying yet. "Wow!" we all exclaim as we walk out of the garage and onto the runway. Being careful, behind Akko and in front of Florence, I go onto the jet. 8 places are there, the last 2 probably being for our allies and someone else.

I sit in the seat to the left, in back of Yumi and next to Florence. From across the aisle, I can see a smile of satisfaction creeping across Akko's face as she bunches up in her seat, her white dress huddling on her. I think about how warm my coat feels as the air brushes the jet. All of a sudden, the intercom goes on.

"Hello, girls. This is your captain, Angel, speaking. We will begin our almost nonstop flight to New York City. We are expected to get to New York tomorrow by 9:00 AM, so there's no rush, just be ready at about 8. We will be experiencing a lot of time changes, so be wary of that. Captain out." The intercom goes off with a flash. Slowly but surely, I feel the plane's engines roaring. Yumi is practically bouncing in her seat, Akko looks happy, I know I'm happy, and Florence looks amazed.

Aoi is snoring, by the way.

This time, I know the plane is moving, just very slowly. It's not bumpy, and I'm not scared. The plane keeps going, faster and faster.

And before we know it, it's off the ground.

In the sky.


Off the ground. 

"New York, here we come," I say, squelching my fear.


I feel restless. The plane isn't bumping hard, but it's not really all that soft either. I look over to my side. Florence is slowly waking up, Akko and Aoi are dead asleep, and Yumi is just barely asleep. I look around, and back to the wall with my obscured vision. "Uuugh," I moan. I have a feeling, by this point, we're in the Las Vegas area. There aren't really any lights, nor are there any stars. The plane's lights are out, and I feel satisfied with my life right now.

Florence screams, pointing at a window.

My reverie is interrupted. "Ah!" I yell.

A creature that looks like the one we fought-no, it IS the one we fought-is flying directly for the window.

And it strikes.

I hear Angel scream as it strikes, then she yells, "HANG ON, GUARDIANS! IT'S GOING TO BE A BUMPY RIDE!"

All of a sudden, my fears about flying come right back, striking me.

The plane plummets toward the ground.

"WHAT THE HECK?!" Yumi and Akko shriek.

I simply scream.

Florence is making the same noise she made on Angel's birthday. 

Aoi's face is clenched.

And the plane crashes to the ground, making a slamming noise, knocking us out.

Just like that, our dreams of New York had shattered just like our jet.

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