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Whispers Of The Sky-Chapter 4

Whispers Of The Sky-Chapter 4

Posted December 15th, 2022 by ElizieAngelina

by Agent 4
in Texas

 Chapter 4: Akko

I move up my face from my seat. 

Where am I.

"What the..." I mutter. As I regain conciousness, the dirt on my dress confirms all I need to know. My head is throbbing, but I try my best to stand. To yell. "GIRLS!" I scream. "Wake up!" From across the aisle, Yumi's eyes begin blinking. "Akko!" she mumbles. "Where are you?!" Fear fills my chest. Oh no. "YUMI! I'M RIGHT HERE! ACROSS THE AISLE!" I show up four fingers just in case this might have actually blinded my sister.

She looks across. "Akko! I'm here! Where are we?!" 

I use my weak legs to stand. "How in the HECK would I know that?" I wipe my face. "Angel's the only person who knows." Slowly, the Guardians begin waking up. Claire gasps in horror, Florence shivers in fear, and Aoi says nothing. Slowly, Angel goes into the hallway, limping. "H-hey," she says. "I think we're in the Nevada desert."

"Crap!" I scream.

"Don't lose hope," Yumi says. "Let's hope we can fix something." Slowly, we get out of our seats, and out of the...destroyed jet.

"Well, we're screwed," Claire says.

Florence keeps whimpering, this time more hysterically.

Aoi says, quite seriously, "This CANNOT be happening."

Angel kneels down. "I don't have the tools to repair this. We didn't bring tools."  Angel closes her eyes. "We only brought fuel." Yumi shakes her head. "No! We're not losing hope," she says. "We can do it! Let's walk around this desert, find someone!...and hopefully don't get heatstroke." Yumi begins marching away from the plane, the Nevada desert beaming on her. "Yumi!" I yell. She doesn't listen and keeps moving. Annoyed, I sigh.

After a few seconds, I cave in. "Well, anyone want to go?" Claire, wiping at her face, says, "Sure." She takes off her coat and wraps it around her waist. Florence's jacket is also tied, but Aoi doesn't seem to mind the heat. "Aoi!" I exclaim. "Aren't you hot?" Aoi replies, "No! I'm fine; I'm just going to follow them." We begin walking away from the plane until Florence says, "Wait! Shouldn't we get our food and stuff from the jet? Or...we can't?"

Angel says, "Don't worry. I can teleport you girls back." We begin walking forward, sweating under the beaming sun. "What time is it?" Claire asks. Angel looks down. "I had a GPS, and it says we're somewhere near...Paradise, Nevada." 

I look at Yumi. "That means..."


She begins running, but stops. "Wait. What direction is Las Vegas in?" 

Angel looks at her GPS again. "We're very close. About...a few miles east."

Yumi looks back, then keeps running. "Wait for me!" Florence yells as she begins running in her direction. "Girls!" I yell, trying to catch up. Claire is close behind, and Aoi is next to me. 


Before soon, we're in Vegas. Yumi kneels down to the Vegas sign before screaming, "YES! WE'RE HERE! CASINOS, HERE WE COME!" I put my arm on her shoulder. "Yumi, we're 15. We can't gamble, and we never will." Her face turns sad. "Oh." Florence puts on her jacket again, dancing among the road, her pink shoes clamping on the street. "Well, we should just appreciate Vegas!" she cheers. Angel shakes her head. "I'd love to, but we need to get help."

I nod, "YEAH, Florence."

Florence groans a bit.

We keep walking like hitchhikers down the streets, admiring the hotels.

All of a sudden, the sky begins to turn...and I have to say this-grey.

"Not again!" Yumi yells. 

I look into the sky. "Girls, get ready!"

Claire stands still, her sneakers pointed to the ground.

Florence shivers a bit, just like last time.

Aoi remains clueless, but cautioned.

And the creatures form in the sky. Again. 

"Oh, C-" I say, but am interrupted by an explosion. It's the Paris tower.

"Girls, um..." Angel says. "Follow me!"

She runs down the street, as we trail behind. We run, and run, and run, until we get to Planet Hollywood. All of a sudden, we are interrupted when one of the creatures land on its roof. 

"Oh, no," Angel shakes, "Girls, get in. We can't go outside."

Everyone runs inside, including Aoi and I.

"W-where do w-we go?" Florence cries. "This time, it d-doesn't look like we'll be s-safe..."

At that moment, Angel's phone rings. I forgot she had her phone.

"Hold up," Angel says. "I need to answer something."


Meanwhile, in Honolulu, Hawaii...

Alyssa's POV

"Hello?!" I shriek into the phone. Next to me, Layla shrugs, a frightened and confused look on her normally carefree face. The trees outside of our Honolulu beach house sway and shake, and the wooden steps not too far from it are also shaking. The sky has just turned grey, and I don't know why. My purple dress sways against my legs. To make matters worse, Angel isn't answering.

...Until I hear a "Yes?"

I'm almost sobbing out of relief. "Oh, Angel!" I burst. "There's creatures in Honolulu-In the sky, I mean-and I don't even flippin' know why. I can't deal with it. I'm really scared, can you do anything?" After a short silence, Angel says, "Oh dear. They've gotten to Honolulu as well." From the phone, I hear a shrieking noise. I think it's the building collapsing. "ANGEL!" I scream. Angel replies, "Alyssa, it's ok. I'm here...but yes, the creatures are here."

If they're in Honolulu, then...

Oh no.

They could be in Southeast Asia right now!

"ANGEL, WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS, NOW!" I keep yelling. Angel thinks again. "Hold on," she says. "Stay where you are. I am going to Honolulu." Still distressed, I say, "HOW? YOU'RE PROBABLY SOMEWHERE FAR!" Angel says nothing. This time, in front of me, she illuminates, in all her glory.

Here to save us.

"I'm here," she says. I gasp. "Angel! Where did you come from?" Angel thinks, "Hehe...I came from Las Vegas." 

Layla pauses. "Holdup. LAS VEGAS?!"

I think. "That means..."

We look at each other. "Jennifer!"

Angel laughs a bit again. "But we can't see Jennifer now. Maybe there's a chance, but I can't promise anything. Now, where are those creatures?" I point to the window. Angel teleports outside, looks into the sky, and teleports back inside. "Those look....very similar to the ones in Las Vegas," she says. "Maybe...they could be related?"

Layla thinks. "Well, we could go to Vegas...I could see the Guardians again...and maybe Jennifer...heck yes! This is going to be amazing! We're going to be in the papers! We're going to be heroes!" She begins cheering happily.

"Y-yeah," I say softly. 

"Well, if that's so, then are you ready to be teleported? You will be in Planet Holllywood upon teleportation," Angel inquires softly.

We both nod.

"Okay, then!" Angel says. With her wand, she draws a pink aura around us. We begin levitating, and my vision flashes pink.

Neon pink.


Las Vegas, Nevada

Akko's POV

"Where is she?" I snap. "Outside, freakin' chaos is going on, and we can't fly. Next to me, Yumi says, "Well, I can draw your weapons!" 

"No," I say. "Don't want to come off as suspicious. Unless I was crazy, maybe."

"Dude!" Yumi whisper-shouts. "We're the...Dream Guardians. These people will know we're doing it for a good cause!"

I shake my head. "No, Yumi."

Instantly, an aura begins forming in front of us. It's Angel, along with two other girls. I recognize them...they're Alyssa and Layla. Ever since Layla met Yumi, they've grown a bond almost as strong as her and Florence. "Hey," I mumble. Alyssa's feet land on the ground. "H-hi, folks," she says. "Wow...Claire! You've...really grown!" Claire nods happily, gazing wide-eyed at her. "Yep!" Florence nods, shaking a bit. "Why, hi again, guys!" she stutters.

Suddenly, Alyssa's phone rings as she picks it up. "Yes?" she asks.

Her face changes from concerned, to happy, to overjoyed.

"O-oh my gosh!" Alyssa bursts with joy. "Yes, I think we'll be there soon. Bye." 

She puts her phone down and squeals.

"OH MY GOD JENNIFER'S AT THE AIRPORT!" she screams happily. Layla clutches her hand and begins yelling happily too. We all cheer-yes, even me a little-besides Angel. 

"Wait," Angel says. "How are we going to the airport? Transportation?"

We all nod.

"All right, then!" Angel yells. "To the airport!" She uses her wand to draw an aura. We begin levitating, and my neck snaps back, facing up into the sky.

I'm going to meet Jennifer.


We begin forming again, somewhere in the airport. Slowly, we are lowered to the ground, and I get conciousness back. "Uugh," I groan. "This has to be the airport." 

The tired Guardians look around. "Mhm."

Suddenly, Alyssa points at a corner and screams.

At Jennifer, her probable friend, bounding towards her with joy.

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