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Whispers Of The Sky-Chapter 5 (ALSO please comment, this is probs going to last longer)

Whispers Of The Sky-Chapter 5 (ALSO please comment, this is probs going to last longer)

Posted December 16th, 2022 by ElizieAngelina

by Agent 4
in Texas

Chapter 5: Yumi

The next minutes are like a blur. Tears, joy, and reuniting.

Angel looks happy for them to be meeting.

I know I am!

Akko is trying to keep a straight face, and the proof is written all over her.

Claire laughs a little, but is also kind of teary.

Florence's face is somber, but the excitement lies deep within.

Aoi looks confused, but happy.

And Alyssa, Layla, and Jennifer are crying happily. Seeing them crying kind of hurts me, but seeing them happy heals my soul again.

After the happiness dies down, I say enthusisastically, "All right, guys. Movie's over. Now let's go take down those creatures." At this, Alyssa wipes her eyes. "I haven't cried this hard since Jennifer left last time. But seeing her again...hehe..." she sniffles. Layla lets out a loud sniffle before saying, "Yeah, I missed her a l-lot." Jennifer smiles. "Yeah...now what are we going to d-"

One of the creatures smashes into the windows.

"Guys, we've got to go. NOW!" Claire shrieks. We run out of the airport, for Angel to form our aura again. 

We find ourselves in front of the Paris hotel. Angel looks up and down the hotel, and lets out a growl. "There's no way we can get up there. My wand also can't..." She looks at me frantically. "Yumi? Any ideas?" 

I place my palms into my curly brown hair. "Uh....uhm..."

What do I do? I'm Yumi. Angel, our leader, is depending on us. All of Las Vegas is depending on us. Everything is!

"Grappling hooks, anyone?" I ask. 

Everyone nods.

With my paintbrush, I draw 9 grappling hooks-wow, hard to draw-in the air, which all come to reality. "Okay, guys!" I yell. "Angel, let me fly! I'll fly all the way up there, grab your grappling hooks, and you guys have to hold on SUPER TIGHT during this!" Everyone holds onto their grappling hooks from under. Angel casts the flying spell on me, and I fly into the air. All the way to the top of the building, past the makeshift Eiffel Tower, I fly.

"Okay! Release hooks!" I say. "Angel, make sure they don't miss!" Angel casts a spell on the hooks, and they levitate, flying into the air, to different parts of the rooftop, not to me. Good enough, because my suggestion was, well, a suggestion, not an actual prediction. 

"HOLD ON!" I scream.

And the hooks go flying everywhere, but fastened to the roof.

I hear screaming from down under, as the Guardians fly to the rooftop.

Angel is trying to catch her breath.

Akko is death-glaring me down.

Claire is also trying to catch her breath.

Florence is huffing so hard she's almost crying.

The normally confused Aoi looks distressed then and there.

Alyssa, Layla, and Jennifer do too.

"T-that was NOT fun," Jennifer exclaims. "U-ugh..."

I wince a little, "Sorry, guys."

Akko points to the side and yells-huffs, "Do you SEE the situation we're in?! There's no time for being sorry!" The creatures fly in the sky, in a circle of clouds and rooftops already being destroyed. Jennifer looks to the ground, almost horrified. "T-the Strip..." she groans, looking around. I look down too. It's almost scary, really freakin' scary-but we need to save people right now. "Guys," I say, "Want your old weapons from last time?"

Angel points out. "Let's see. Yumi had her paintbrush, I had my wand, Akko had a sword, Claire had a bow and arrow, Florence had a spear and Aoi had...something that looked like a gun but ten times cooler?" I nod. "Yeah! That's about right." 

Alyssa looks around. "Can I have a bow and arrow? I'll be like an elf."

Layla exclaims, "Dude, I'm gonna look so cool with a sword!"

Jennifer says, "Maybe a spear'll do!"

I think for a second. "Okay!" 

I draw two swords, two bows and arrows, two spears and one cool gun. "Ohh-kay," I inquire. "Take 'em." 

The girls scatter among the rooftop, taking their bows and arrows. That's when I look at Angel. "Angel, since my drawings only last for a little while, maybe...maybe this time, we could keep them and make them permanent?" Angel thinks for a while. "I don't see why not." She casts a spell on the items the girls are holding. "Okay!" she exclaims. "They should be good." Our reverie is interrupted when one of the creatures flies onto a rooftop.

The Paris rooftop.

"ANGEL!" I shriek. "FLIGHT MODE, NOW!" Scared, Angel casts the flying spell on us, and all of the Guardians jump off the rooftop-except for our allies, Alyssa, Layla, and Jennifer.

"Uh...I don't think so..." Alyssa says.

"Are ya sure we're not going to plummet to our death?" Layla asks.

"Aww, don't freak out now!" Jennifer asks, jumping off the roof. "Wahoo!" she yells excitedly.

From down here, Alyssa and Layla look at each other, then jump off with a squeal.

"O-oh my gosh!" Alyssa says.

Layla just laughs happily.

I look to my side. Oh no. The creature sees us. 

"Ohh, crap," I mumble. "There's 5 creatures this time. What do we do?" Angel thinks for a short second. "Ah, god, now it's even worse...all right. I'll take care of the first, as always. Yumi, take care of the second. Akko, Claire, take care of the third. Florence, Aoi, take care of the fourth. And yes, Alyssa, Layla, and Jennifer, take care of the final one."

We all nod.

"Let's do this. Again." 

I begin flying to the second one. This time, the creature looks way more powerful, it doesn't feel real. It's like living in a movie but way better (and way worse). This time, instead of binding me, the creature begins spitting small spects of power towards me, slowly getting faster and bigger. "Ow!" I shriek. I do the same method  I did last time-throw things. 

But none of them are working properly.

I rise my bruised body, almost on the brink of giving up-

but I realize what I'm fighting for.






And our allies.

But I can't fight this creature. Nothing works.

I just can't!

I can't!

Without thinking, I let out a scream. A scream that shakes the sky and rocks Las Vegas.

All of the Guardians, even our allies, look directly at me.

I look at them with bewildered eyes, before they soften to look back-at the creature, who's body is limp-dropping to the ground.

"Y-yeah," I say, with a sore throat. "That's how you..."

"GIRLS! SCREAM!" Angel yells.

All at once, we begin screaming. A giant cluster of yells and shouts.

And then, those creatures are dead too.

I look at the ground, slowly regaining my voice back. "A-ah?" I look around and back at my hands. "Did I just...do that?! Did we...just..." I don't try to talk anymore. I just let myself come to the truth that Las Vegas is saved, and Honolulu probably is too.

We're Guardians.

And I have flown my mission.


That night is fun. It's amazing. We're at one of the teen clubs, chatting away our worries and our pain, forgetting that our jet is probably decaying. Jennifer, Florence, and I become...well, quite literally the best friend group. Alyssa and Claire begin bonding, and Aoi and Akko just talk privately. I can't blame her, though-most clubs like this might be a bit uncomfortable, but I'm one with the night life, and I enjoy it way too much.

"So, Jennifer," I say. "How's life in Vegas since you left Honolulu?"

She puts her hand on her cheek. "Hrm...it's been okay! I would have preferred to stay in Honolulu, but Las Vegas seemed like a better option for my dad. That evening is engraved in my mind...I could hear Alyssa crying from behind me."

Florence and I look somberly at the ground.

"But we're okay now!" Jennifer exclaims.

We all nod happily.

Our reverie is interrupted when someone says, "OKAY! THE DANCE FLOOR IS OPEN AT THIS TIME! FEEL FREE TO JOIN!" I scream, "WAHOO!" and cartwheel onto the dance floor. Florence runs, but almost trips. Angel smiles from the back of the area, and Claire, Alyssa, Layla, and Jennifer follow behind us. 

Again, the next few minutes are a blur-but I wished they would last longer. As we exit the nightclub, we pick up Akko and Aoi. "So," I say, "how are we going to get someone to repair our plane?" Angel thinks. "I could fix it." Florence suddenly bursts, "You can?!" Angel nods. "Yep! Let's just go there first. Allies, you coming?"

They nod too.


As soon as we're at the jet, I begin sweating. "Ugh...yeah, I don't really like the desert anymore."

"That's the spirit...!" Akko groans.

Claire wipes her forehead. "So, Angel. Can you do it now?" Angel nods. "Y-yeah." She casts a spell on the jet, and slowly, the pieces begin coming together. "...Wow," Akko says. "This is like part-per-minute." Alyssa heaves, "Yep. Now where are we going to stay?"

Layla thinks, "Maybe the Bellagio?"

Aoi mumbles, surprisingly, "We're all dressed like we're painting the garage though..."

Akko says, "Aoi, we'll be okay! As long as we get something, it's enough!"

Ah. I love Akko's rare smiles...

and I always will.

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