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Whispers Of The Sky-Chapter 6

Whispers Of The Sky-Chapter 6

Posted December 22nd, 2022 by ElizieAngelina

by Agent 4
in Texas

Chapter 6-Angel

As we walk into the entrance of Caesar's Palace, I can't help but feel a small sense of accomplishment. On the way, I had ordered a man to fix the plane. The damage was not extensive, but it would take-at the very least-2 days to fix. That would stall our time, but we'd have to do it. Yumi gazes happily around the area as she dances into the building-even Akko looks amazed! Claire doesn't really focus on anything because she's tired, but Florence also looks around, squealing like an 8 year old.

Aoi? Not too amazed, but still nodding. Alyssa, Layla, and Jennifer look pleased and content with this place, and I am as well. "Yumi," I signal. Yumi looks at me. "Yeah?" I say, "You're going to need to draw something. Anything, like money." 

Yumi thinks. "Hm...yeah, that could do!" She pulls out her paintbrush, sky-draws what looks like it has to be at least 10,000 dollars, and it falls to the ground. "Thanks!" I say, picking up the money. We begin walking to the front, and among the casino. "Okay, Guardians," I say. "Wait here. I'm going to go to the front to pay." All of the Guardians-including our allies-nod, and I walk to the front. To my disappoint, there is a long line beforehand.

"Ugh," I mutter to myself and get in the back.

I look among the line and realize how short it actually is-only 4 people away. I guess counting them like counting sheep would help. The first three are fine, but the last one is an annoyance and a half. They're probably checking in their entire family, which is when my eyes dart to the side to find a family which I assume is the family of the person ahead. I'm astounded-and in a bad way-at the sheer amount of people in that family. Some of them have to be relatives.

Finally, after what feels like forever, I go to the front. "Hello, ma'm," the man says, looking to be about 27, flipping through a book-and a keyboard. "Are you checking in today?" I nod hesitantly. What will this man do if he finds out I'm Angel? From the Dream Guardians? "Y-yes, sir," I say. "I'd like to get a suite in a tower that's close to all the action, where all the shows go down, and..." the man looks up. "Um...Angel?" he asks, a look of admiration in his face-and in his voice as well.

"Y-yes?" I ask.

"Well...maybe I can give you something...since you're a Guardian..." he says. "Although you didn't book..." he begins tapping on his keyboard again. "Erm...we do have a few openings...you'll need to pay though." I tap on my cheek. What do I do now? "Uh, erm, I'll talk with the Guardians," I say. "I'll be right back." I rush out of the line, my feathered skirt catching on zips. "Ohh-kay," I mumble to the Guardians. "How are we going to stay in rooms."

The room goes quiet, until Claire breaks the silence.

"Only 4 people are allowed to stay in each room," Claire says matter-of-factly. "How about we make a paper to do this, and write down the names of the people in the rooms?" 

Everyone nods.

"A bit...uhm...complex, but okay!" Yumi cheers.

"What other options have we got?" Akko says. "None, really. I'll take this."

Florence nods enthusiastically.

Aoi says, "Hm...sure!"

Our allies all nod happily.

Layla says, "Yumi? Can you draw paper for us?" Yumi nods and begins drawing with her paintbrush each and every detail. It comes out like a scroll, but it's okay. "Here, you can use my paintbrush," she says and passes it down to Layla. Alyssa examines the paper, saying, "Let's see. There's 9 of us in each group, and our eldest one is Angel, including us. How about..." she begins thinking deeply this time, letting the paintbrush speak for her.

"Okay. How about...Angel, Yumi, and Akko in the first room. Claire, Florence, and I will be in the second room. Aoi, Layla, and Jennifer, you get the last room. Sound like a plan?" Alyssa says.

I look over the paper. "I don't see anything wrong with it. Sure." 

Jennifer shrugs, however. "I dunno, we're not Guardians like Angel. How are we going to get an opportunity like theirs?" 

I say, "That remains to be seen. Wait here, I'll go back."

Surprisingly, no one has gone into the line yet. I hurry to the same man, clutching the money in my hands tightly. "Hello, sir!" I say again. "I'd like to go for three rooms in the...Octavius Tower, in the Premium room. I've heard it's 276 dollars per night, yes? I'll only be staying for 2 nights, so...yeah." The man keeps tapping. "Oh, actually, 276 dollars per night counts for one room. So, multiply 276 by 2..." I think to myself. "So, 552?"

The man nods. "Yeah."

"Now, by 3..." I mumble. "1,656?" 

The man snaps his fingers. "Bingo."

I say, "That's payable. Can I order now?"

The man nods. "Sure. Let's just get you checked into the rooms..." he is now tapping loudly. Too loudly. "Okay! You can now go into your rooms. Have a wonderful stay, the money will be due by the 20'th!" I begin walking back to the Guardians. "Girls, we've got a room," I say. "Get comfortable as soon as you get there." 

The girls nod, and I draw an aura around them.

As soon as we open our eyes, we're in the Octavius Tower, gazing around." Akko taps on a chair, saying, "Mm. With this hotel being considered a dump now, you wouldn't have thought this place is actually...really impressive." Yumi clings to her, saying, "That's the spirit, Akko!" To this, she shoves away, saying, "Don't take that too serious." To this, we giggle. "All right, all right," Aoi laughs. "Let me join into the hug pile." For a second, Akko says "No-"

but then Aoi just leaps into the hug.

Not fighting it, Akko has a look of content on her face and sinks into the hug. "Okay," I say, laughing a little myself. "We've gotta go to bed. We've had a long day." Yumi's face sinks a bit, but her eyes look tired. "All riiight," she says softly. Akko's hands are limp by her side. "Mhm. We did have a long day." Claire nods as well, not speaking. 

And what do I see?

Florence sleeping on the chair.

"Oh my god, wake UP, FLORENCE!" Akko screams. Florence wakes up with a yelp, small tears on her cheeks. "Hey!" she yells. "What was that for?!" Akko rubs her hands on her curly brown hair-almost reaching her cowlick. "Because," she says, fuming, "you slept there! I literally cannot freaking-"

Yumi puts her hand on Akko's shoulder.

"It's okay."

Akko says, "No! It's not okay! We can't have Florence sleeping here like this is a frickin' Rooms To Go!" 

I wave my hand like a candle. "Girls! We need to go to our rooms. What time is it...? 11:00 pm?"

Everyone groans as we walk down the hallway-and to three rooms. "Okay," I say. "This is it. Yumi, Akko, follow me." Alyssa, Claire, and Florence group up, whilst Layla, Jennifer, and Aoi do the same. Yumi and Akko trail behind. I open the door to our room, and Yumi's eyes go wider than basketballs. "Wow! This room's gigantic!" she yells. Akko nods at the room. "Yep," she nods contently. "Just big enough for all of us. Nice TV. Nice everything."

"Well, good night, girls," I say, turning off the light.

"Wait!" Akko says. "We've gotta check for bed bugs!"

Yumi scoffs, "Akko, this hotel is a LUXURY hotel. It's not going to have bed bugs."

Akko yells, "Who knows?!"

Admist their arguing, it dies down, and I fall asleep.


In my dream, I'm in a void. A dark, large void with no escape. I'm constantly falling, and I can't stop. "Hey!" I yell at nothing. "Is anyone..." behind me, I feel a tap on my back. 

It's me.

"What the..." I mumble. At my mumbling, the fake me pulls out...

a wand just like mine. "Hey!" I yell. "I don't mean any harm!"  To this, she draws an aura around me. 

Hey, I can do that too! Could it be...

that she has my powers?

With her same wand, she begins swaying at me. I dodge her hits, not wanting a bad fate. Instead, I yell, "Wand Call!" and my wand flies to my side. We begin clashing wands. But what I've forgotten about is the aura around me. It's the Flare Fire-something only I can survive, but the results won't be pretty. As soon as the aura makes its mark, I slump over on the ground, pained and racked with pink fire, my own grip on the wand very, very loose.

And as she slashes toward my neck-


"Agh!" I shriek as I wake up. I'm back in the hotel room. "Oh, thank god," I say. I look over to my side and find Yumi and Akko still sleeping. However, they groan in their sleep as they rock back and forth. A crazy part of my mind suggests that they had the same dream, and another suggests they had a different one.

Unfortunately, the crazy part was right.

"AGHHH!" Akko screams. The noise is so sudden that I shiver slightly. Half-awake, I ask, "What's going on, Akko?" Akko looks over to my side and only says,

"I had a dream where I had to fight myself. The other me had a sword and everything."

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