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Whispers Of The Sky-Chapter 7

Whispers Of The Sky-Chapter 7

Posted January 4th, 2023 by ElizieAngelina

by Agent 4
in Texas

Chapter 7-Claire

At Denny's that morning, we all remain silent until Angel speaks. It's the most dramatic Slam Dunk I've had.

"So, from what I have gathered," she explains, "we all have been having bad dreams in which we fight ourselves. I don't know why, but it's happening. My best guess is that, by the rare chance that this, right now, is happening because we have seen a threat of that magnitute," she stops for a second and rubs her eyes before saying, "we are having these dreams. If they happen tonight as well, then I think my theory might be correct."

We all nod, then the room goes quiet once again, ignore the small talk around us.

"So," I finally say, breaking another round of silence, "will it stop?"

Angel shakes her head. "I doubt so. No."

As we walk around the streets of Vegas, a feeling fills inside. Angel said this was to relax our minds, but I'm not relaxed. I'm genuinely worried. What about New York? The remaining enemies must be at the east coast, if not somewhere like Greenland or Iceland right now! As we walk, Yumi breaks the silence, saying, "So...guys? Why are you all so quiet?"

Akko sighs, and then says, "YOU were quiet, Yumi."

Yumi shrugs, "Just fittin' in!" 

We keep walking down the road, having softened up a bit.

Later, we go back to the hotel room, with all the Guardians being in Angel's bedroom. Last night was honestly kind of boring. We went in the rooms, hit the hay, and then...

and then...


Angel explains, "Girls, look at the TV."

On the hotel room screen reads, "After a heroic group callled the Guardians defeated creatures which some identify as aliens, the threat has fully spread to New York City. However, New York also happens to be the resting place of the creature-somehow, it's not moving. Some may believe it will work its way towards Greenland-and then Europe, if this is not its permanent spot." 

Angel flicks off the TV again. "We must hurry. As soon as the plane is fully repaired, we must not waste any time. What we need to do is board instantly. There is no time for a test flight. As soon as we check out, I will teleport us to the fixed plane. We'll have breakfast there." Florence asks, "Wait. What if the food's rotten?" I shrug. "Good question." Angel thinks. "Then we'll stop somewhere very quickly before going to the plane. Deal?"

We look at each other. "Deal."

"Okay!" Angel exclaims. "Be on the lookout." 


That night, we decide on a nice dinner at the Benihana-at the Westgate, somewhat far from the Strip. As we walk down the marble floors, our eyes are focused on nothing else. Angel has her wig on, including another dress she packed in the jet. The rest of the Guardians don their usual looks, but Florence left her jacket in the hotel, along with Aoi leaving her tights and hair bands, her long, brown hair loose on her Santa-inspired outfit.

As soon as we arrive, I'm dazzled. I haven't seen anything like it-it's like a dream to me. Even Angel, who, mind you, most of the time remains unphased, looks amazed by the theming here. A lady at the front asks, "Hi. Did you book here today?" Angel nods. "Yes." The lady flips through a book, a similar process to the one at Caesar's. "Mmmkay," she says. "Yes, we have you here. Follow me." We walk through the clearly Japanese-inspired entrance, into the restaurant.

From the top of the ceiling rains water into the crystal-colored, illuminated lake below. Alyssa, Layla, and Jennifer decided to stay at the hotel-it wouldn't be as fun without them, but they were tired anyways. As we go to our table, the same lady instructs, "Okay, sit here. Your waiter will be here soon." We all sit, and the lady walks off. Squished between Akko and Florence, I get comfortable, spreading my arms across the table.

It isn't until then I realize that there's a grill in front of us. "Woah!" I say. "Is this a kitchen of some sort?!" Yumi says, "Well, it kinda is. It's one of those restaurants where they cook in front of you and you get to watch your meal being made, and they do some tricks as well!" Akko nods, "Yeah. Yumi always tries to get the broccoli in her mouth." I'm happy. I've never seen anything like this before, and I know the experience is going to be amazing.

At the same time, I worry for my parents back in L.A. Will they be okay? How are they? My reverie is interrupted by a young man coming by, saying, "Hi! Welcome to Benihana. I will be your waiter today. First, we'll start off with drinks." The man takes out a notepad. "What will you be having today?" I tap my finger on my cheek as the requests go raining. 3 order water, one orders lemonade, another orders Pepsi, but what about me? It's my time to speak.

"I'll have the, the-um, Fanta, please," I say. The man nods. "Okay. Three waters, one lemonade, one Pepsi and one Fanta?" We all nod. "Okay!" he says. "I'll be out with the menus and the drinks shortly." The man sets off, and then another family walks in. They're headed for us-wait. Can two families be seated at once? They probably can, because they're already here. Unfortunately, they probably don't want to talk to us. But that's okay!

Later, the man comes back with our drinks on a platter, and the menu. "Okay," he says. "Here are your drinks. I'll give you a few minutes to order." He walks off again, and we begin observing our given menus. Since we're...not kids, we get the adult menus. Earlier, I had seen the Sudoku for the kids menus, but it would be useless to ask for the Sudokus now. Suddenly, Yumi draws two papers in the sky, each of them falling down onto her lap.

"Here!" she says. Just write what you want and I'll read off it." The paper goes around, and I just write mine-a simple chicken. Most of the other girls just get sushi or meat. Finally, the man comes back one last time, asking, "Okay. What would you like?" We turn in the paper to the man with our names on it. He observes the paper and walks off. From across, Yumi begins bouncing in her seat. "Yumi, why are you bouncing?" I ask quietly.

"Because!" she exclaims. "I'm so excited!" I can see why. Finally, the man comes back with sauces, spices, meat, and the like. I stare excitedly, my happiness skyrocketing.

I already know this will be amazing.


"Ahh, we stuffed ourselves!" Yumi says as we walk back into the crystal lake-area.

"I must say, it was amazing," Akko inquires.

"I know, right?!" I ask. "I've never seen anything like it!"

Florence is begging, "Can we go back someday, Angel? Pretty please?"

Aoi just nods. "That was nice. We should go back."

Angel says, "Okay, girls. We must go back to the hotel." She then draws one of her auras around us, and we ascend into the sky. As we wake up in front of the hotel rooms, we all seperate into our respective rooms. It's about 8 PM. Angel says we have to sleep at 9, but I don't feel tired at all. As it turns out, Alyssa, Layla, and Jennifer didn't get bored in the rooms. Even Alyssa looked excited as they all left the third suite. Florence and I follow her into the middle suite.

"I really don't wanna sleep," Alyssa says, "but we have to. It's disappointing, but..." she looks down. "We've gotta save New York." Suddenly, Florence looks scared. Very, very scared. "I-I don't want to see N-New York in this way," she whimpers. "I still wish this was all a dream." Alyssa puts her hand on Florence's back. "I know how you feel," she says, "but we're going to save it!" Florence sighs. "I guess so. I really don't think we're prepared..."

Alyssa looks down again, as if to say, "Florence's right."

And she is.


That morning, everything is calm until I hear the door knock. Slowly, I get out of bed, putting on my coat. "A-Angel...?" I ask. "Hey," Angel says. "We've gotta check out. Make the beds. Grab everything you have. There's no time. We woke up late. The plane's fixed." I look slowly at the clock, reading 8:00 AM. "Okay. I'll tell the others," I say, and shut the door quickly. "GUYS!" I scream. "THE PLANE'S FIXED! GET UP! WE WOKE UP LATE!!!"

Slowly, Alyssa's eyelids open. "Mmhm?!" She looks over at the clock and jumps up. "OKAY. THAT'S AN ISSUE. I'LL BE UP RIGHT NOW." Alyssa jumps out of bed and begins shaking Florence fast. "FLORENCE! WAKE UP!" To this, Florence's eyes shoot open. "WAH!" she shrieks. Upon seeing her distressed face, Alyssa's mood softens. "Sorry. But we've gotta go! The plane's done." Florence slowly gets up. "Sorry...I'll come in a second...just..."

Oh no. Florence's been asleep.

A second later, she regains conciousness. "Sorry. Let's go, then." We begin making the beds, feeling sad at leaving Caesar's Palace, but there's no time to think. Quickly, we are out, and all of the Guardians and allies are out as well. "Let's do this," Angel says. She teleports us to the front again, and we turn in the room cards. "Thank you for staying with us!" the same man up front says again. I mumble a quick "mhm" to the man. I don't think he heard me.

With a fast breath, Angel teleports us to the site. The jet is as good as new-everything is kept in touch. "All right," Angel says. "To make sure I have my final corrections, I will cast one more spell onto the plane. It might take...like about 5 minutes, though." Angel casts the spell on the plane, which takes 5 minutes to absorb into the jet. "All right," Angel says. "Hop in." We hop into the plane, filling up all the seats. "Here we go again," I hear Akko mutter from across me.

I smile softly, knowing this disaster will finally be over if we just manage to defeat whoever the thing is.

On the hard Nevada rock, the plane moves softly, but it ascends into the sky, off the ground, yet again.

The sun begins blaring its light into the windows.

"Hello, girls. This is your pilot speaking," Angel says. "Let's kick some creature butt."


The clouds and sun mix with each other in a dreamlike city that I can only think of as New York. My thoughts are confirmed when Angel says, "This is your pilot speaking again. We have arrived in New York. Be ready. Be prepared." I look out the window. A huge creature flies in the city, as the lights on the walls flicker. Next to me, Florence looks horrified. "A-ah..." she mutters. I give her an understanding, clouded look, and then look back out.

It's not long before we find a runway to park on. As the gears of the plane close to a shut, we slowly but surely exit the plane. "This is it," I say. "The end of all this...this..." my words trail off. We walk outside, the night sky beaming down on us. With a sigh, Angel draws one last aura around us. We all have our weapons next to us, my bow and arrow hitched on my jacket. We find ourselves in Times Square, where it's clear chaos has already occured.

No wonder Florence was scared. Angel looks around quickly, her eyes darting from place to place. "Um..." she says. "We'll need to do the same thing. I don't think we can scream. We can try, but...I doubt it'll work." She points at a building. "Follow me, guys. We need to get to the top." We do the same thing that we did in Los Angeles, but this time, more panic-racked. Finally, we reach the rooftop, looking upon the chaos-torn New York with worry.

Sighing again, Angel points her wand at us, as we're able to fly again. "We're like heroes!" Yumi says, not feeling the gravity of the situation. "Keep your guard out," Angel says. "We don't know when something could-"

The creature smashes into the building. 

"That's it. No hiding back now," Jennifer says. "Alyssa, Layla...thank you." Their confused faces dart around. 

Without looking back, Jennifer leaps off the rooftop, thrusting her spear as she flies.

"JENNIFER!" Alyssa, Layla, and Florence scream.

I'm taken aback by Jennifer's sacrifice.

At this, Alyssa dives off the rooftop. "I'M NOT ABOUT TO LOSE YOU AGAIN!" she screams, bow and arrow in hand. "Ngh! Ngh!!!" she screams, aiming her arrows at the creature, but nothing works. "Huh-Ugh-" Alyssa yells. Layla's voice is racked with sobs. "Stop it, Alyssa!" she yells. "It's too strong! It'll kill you!" Alyssa pays no mind to this. She keeps attacking. Because Alyssa didn't listen, Layla also dives off the rooftop, joining her.

With a deep sigh, I dive off the rooftop, not caring anymore whether I get hurt or not.

From behind, I see the Guardians joining me. 

At that moment, things that look like wires reach out.

Directly for Akko, Aoi, and Jennifer.

"Jennifer!" the girls yell again. They reach for Jennifer, but the wires get in their path, nearly missing Layla. Yumi just looks on, not saying anything, but looking scared. Florence gulps and flies for Jennifer, but to no avail. To help Akko, I use my arrows to break off the wire, but the wire breaks my arrows. There appears to be nothing we can do. "Crud!" I scream. 

From within the wires, Akko, Aoi, and Jennifer fade away.


Just like that.

We all go silent. Dead silent, until Angel speaks,

"Girls! We can't fight it! We need to go somewhere safe!"

My voice trembling, I say, "B-But what about the jet?"

Angel shakes her head. "We'll have to leave it there. We're going to Sirena Tower!"

We all group up.

Yumi looks emotionless. 

I just wish her good sense of humor would have stayed until the end.

Florence looks hurt. Betrayed, even.

Alyssa and Layla are silently crying. This must be like that day she described. All over again.

And with a flash, we fly to Sirena Tower.

Warning: The next chapter will be a major gut puncher, only warning.

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