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Whispers Of The Sky-Chapter 9 (important chapter)

Whispers Of The Sky-Chapter 9 (important chapter)

Posted January 10th, 2023 by ElizieAngelina

by Agent 4
in Texas

Chapter 9-Angel

The next few hours go on like a blur. I feel...wrong, somehow, for disbanding the Guardians, but at the same time, it was useless. What are we protecting the world from? What are we the Guardians of? Do we even need to...never mind.

I look at the list on my wall. It reads:










I'd forgotten to add Jennifer's name, but it didn't matter. Akko and Aoi's names already had been scratched off. I had the feeling of scratching off my own name, too. I'm not a leader. I'm just someone named Angel, merely of only a kingdom called Lumina which barely anyone knows.

"Angel?" I hear a voice.

I turn my neck around. "Yes?"

It's Yumi.

"I-I'm sorry," she says. "I didn't w-want to..."

She places her hands on the walls to prevent herself from falling.

I approach her softly. "It's okay, Yumi. What happened was disappointing, but..."

I bend down to her level.

"Never forget that your sister is safe."

What had I just said?


I just made her a promise that even I wasn't certain about!

Instead of getting mad, Yumi nods slowly, rises up and walks back to her bedroom.

Suddenly, I hear a shriek. It's from Yumi. Again.

Frantically, she rushes back into the room. "Florence is gone!" she yells.

I feel sweat forming on my face. "What?!" I ask. "Gone, in, like, what way?!" 

Panting, Yumi says, "I don't see her!"

I feel my phone ringing in my pocket. "Hold on," I say to Yumi. "It's...Florence..."

It comes as a text.

And just when things couldn't be worse:

"Florence: I'm sorry, Angel. I'm going back to New York. Tell Yumi that I'm sorry for everything I said."


That night, after another group talk, the bond between the former Guardians just grows weaker and weaker. I'd told Yumi about what Florence said, and how she apologized.

...That, of course, was hysterical.

It was then I decided that I needed some sort of break. The last thing I told to the girls was that, tomorrow, (equalling today), I'd be travelling to Lumina for a while. 

By a while, I meant "a very long time."

They all understood.

So, here I am. Right now, back in Lumina, my normally tidied pink-and-blue hair loose and messy.

Whatever the girls are doing right now must be busy, I think to myself. I look around my dreamy suite, laced and complete with silk curtains and beautiful views. But the views don't matter-I'm deep in thought. I slowly rise my head, the air blowing in. 

And then my eyes close 

For no reason at all.


Where am I?

Is this...Lumina? Wasn't I in my bedroom?

Of course it is.

But...it's the main hall. The court room.

Hm? Are people cheering for me?

That's what I think as I walk down the hallways of the Luminan castle, crowds of villagers, royalty, and children cheering me on as I stride across the throne room. 

I look down at my shoulders to see my hair, revealing its...

dark brown color.

Woah. That's new.

Since when have I had brown hair?




Of course.

When I was a child.

When I was 16.

When I was 16, I became the queen of Lumina.

Because another girl didn't want to become the queen.

Because she passed down her role.

Then, the scene flickers again.

Now, I'm back in my bedroom, but...things feel off. Like they were...

just a year ago.

Is this a scenario where I'm having a dream within a dream?

As soon as I close my eyes...there, I'm flying through space.

And then, I was in a weird room. 

One of glass, of blue coloring...

and I felt a mask on my face,

a coat wrapped around me like a blanket.

As soon as I walked in, I couldn't speak.

Had I gone back to zero?

And there, I met two girls.



The next moments were a blur.

Then, not too long after...another girl, Florence had came in...

we went to a place called Earth.

Earth. Of course.

The place all of us were born, just on...different islands. Different places.

And there, we met....Alyssa, Layla, and then...




I'm back in Lumina. For real, this time.

"Jennifer!" I burst out.

I clench at my chest, falling around the room-very ungracefully. I land onto a bunch of pillows near a window, trying to regain sense of where I am.

Slowly, I get up, gazing around.

Then, I hear a knock at the door. With a slow rap, the wood rumbles. Still dizzy, I stumble to the door, smoothing out my hair. It's Fraulein-my maid. "Miss Angel," she says, "I heard a terrible thump as I was walking past your room. Is something wrong? Are you hurt?" I look around. "No, I'm fine," I say. "I don't know what's wrong. Maybe the bump came from somewhere else. Don't be too frightened, Fraulein. It was merely a bump." To this, Fraulein nods and walks off.

On my hands, I recite the names of the Guardians.






And the allies.




And me, the leader.

The leader, once again.

Trying to restore a broken group.

Of course.

With my wand, I mutter to myself, my words becoming louder,

"I am Angel of Lumina, the reigning queen, forced to become a Guardian because of one rule-'When the moon shines on a special night, a mind will choose the importance of their life.' I was chosen. They were chosen. And we will continue to protect the world from whatever COMES OUR WAY!" 

I draw an aura for the last time, zooming to Los Angeles.


As soon as I get there, I spawn in the living room.

"Angel!" Claire yells. "Back so soon?"

With wide eyes, Yumi asks, "Mhm?"

I nod at them, "Girls. I'm sorry."

The room erupts into chatters.

Looking up, Alyssa says, "You don't need to be sorry, Angel."

Layla shakes her head, "You don't need to be sorry for anything."

Oh, stop. I'm going to cry again.

Instead, I just say, "T-thanks," through happy tears.

Looking at me, Yumi says, "Angel, I've been..."

Claire nods. "We've been waiting for the end."

I hang my head down.

What have I been doing.

"So, the end may be near," I say.

Everything goes quiet.


I look back up.

"We can't just give up that easily on Akko, Aoi, and Jennifer. And we know Florence's somewhere, just not..."

my tone gets quiet again.


Biting her lip, Yumi nods. "Yeah."

I clench my fist. "So?! Girls, we can't not do this! There's still hope! This will be our...last attempt! We must have some sort of victory!" 

Unfortunately, the girls all look uninterested.

I try to think. "Umm....we can..."

Claire shakes her head. "Can what, Angel?"

"Can try to...use lasers...?"

Layla nods her head up. "Now we're talking."

Alyssa asks, "But...lasers! We'll get hurt!"

I reply, "I have a spell for that."

Alyssa nods. "Fair."

Yumi says, "Umm, lasers...those sound...amazing!"

Claire replies, "It's worth a shot." 

I say, "Looks like it's a plan. We'll try to scream again. We've got this. We're leaving tonight!"

And thus, the Guardians reform.

Once again.

And we've pushed through our problems.

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  lemme give u a little


lemme give u a little cc

good book so far. i think you need a little bit of discriptin of places. it was a little confusing. i think you should explain a bit more. and maybe consider writing it in third person. it was a little confusing in first person. like not knowing who it was and stuff. can you add a little more in discription of the characters and  villians. nayway, its a good book. i can see youre putting a lot of effort into it. just needs a bit of explaining and discription

anyway, good job.

(pls give me some cc in my book Red-Feathered Wyvern)


The person who critcises and then makes the same mistakes in her books.

Posted by Cheezmra on Tue, 01/31/2023 - 18:24
Yeah, I had an issue with

Yeah, I had an issue with writing in first person. I shoud start writing in third.

Thanks for the tips Maria!

Posted by Agent 4 on Fri, 02/03/2023 - 10:03

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