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Who? Why?

Who? Why?

Posted August 21st, 2017 by mischief

by Lioness
in Mars.

" I've got to. I'll be back later". 

" Why"?


"  This better not happen again, got it"? 

"I shouldn't be long"! I said before taking off.


 Twenty minutes later.......   The field looked was empty, but my senses told me different. On the edge of the field trees lined the field. I rekoned they were waiting, hiding. 

" Ok, I'm here"! I half yelled half whispered. Slowly out of the woods came a.....girl! She had a bandanna over her head and shades hide her eyes. Swaggering behind her a boy followed, same with the bandanna and shades. 

" Well, well if it isn't Mr. Raymond". 

" You had a job for me"? 

" Yes,a kitty cat job". 

" He means a cat buglar".

" Are you kidding"?

" Very far from it Raymond".

" It's Ray".

" Well you can count me out of it".

" You've done it before, we will have you covered"

" I don't care". I could see anger tighten the boy's jaw.

" Please be cooperative".

"  I ani't going to be a crimenal".

" Make it pleasant on your self.". 

"You should get out of the mess. It's worng , thieves don't go to heaven". Forest walked behind me, and suddenly I was on the ground. I sprang up, fist were ready. I blocked my punch from Forest and hit'm in the stomach. I could tell he was getting mader and mader all the time.I was mad to, my arm was in a sling. It wan't hard to find out who would finnaly win. Suddenly I was down again and Forst's snickers were making a impression for my chest. I forced myself up, tried to hit but was knocked to ground again. Forest sprang on my, but made one last effort stood up and got knocked down again, my head caught a nearby rock and suddenly everything went black.....  










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