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w.i.p., my computer wouldn't save this so please dont read, i'll finish it later

w.i.p., my computer wouldn't save this so please dont read, i'll finish it later

Posted July 28th, 2018 by Syafai

by <3
in my mind

                         THE ACE OF ALL KLONDIKE
 Klondike Master Teams from all over the world gather together to Santa Ana, California, United States. Klondike Solitare is a game from which you compete against yourself. The player with the most winnings in 500 different games will take the top of the leaderboard, and win 5,000,000 USD and 25% of it will go to families in Southern Flordia and Puerto Rico who lost their homes. The games will start out easy, but the difficulty rises. 1,000 Klondike Master Teams from 50 different countries will compete against each other, while competing against themselves. The one team with the most wins will keep dividing until it goes down to only two players. Which ever one wins first earns the money.
 May 30, 2011
 Dear Diary,
 Today all started out as a normal day. I was fine, and excited for my first day at Team Canada Klondike Camp. I was going to stay all summer. I waved goodbye to my family, last to enter the bus. About 5 minutes after, the bus driver stopped at a gas station and told all 20 children to get out and get inside the station. Then he just drove off. At least, that's what I saw. 18 children disappeared, faded into the ground. It was the most shocking thing I've seen in my life. One of the students just stood there, staring at me. I prayed, and while after, blacked out. And there I was, on the bottom bunk from a bunkbed at TCKC. To my left was a brown nightstand, and to my right was a ladder to the top bunk and another nightstand about two feet next to it. On each nightstands were 11 decks of cards behind one. Maybe the 11 were spare decks. A pillow fell from the top, startling me, then I heard a yawn.
 The bell was ringing, meaning it was time to get ready for 2 months of practice, a day for relaxation, and the day where the prize will be all.. Rowen's. Rowen has been my enemy since 7th grade, when we tried out for the Canada Klondike team. He failed, so he tried again in 8th grade. He's not really my enemy.. just somebody I dislike. He's always acting like he's the best when he was never good enough. He wasn't ever a solitaire person, but he wanted to be. He made himself practice all 7th grade and summer, distracting him from his grades, so he got his older sister to do it all for him. They kept it a secret for a while. I found out because he didn't sign out of his e-mail on the computer I was using at the school library. His sister e-mailed him all the  essays he needed to write. He downloaded it to print, what an idiot! He didn't even delete them!

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