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Without me

Without me

Posted September 12th, 2017 by TCGuest

by Rambouten101
in Hawaii(I can dream, right?)

You can say all you want to
I guess
I'll pretend I agree
I'll pretend I'm okay
You can say all you want to
But I know it isn't true

You say you care
And it's easier for me to dive into those lies
Bask in the falsehoods
But I dip my toe in and it feels like acid
And I keep on getting burnt

You use the right words
And the right phrases
At the right times
You know how to make my knees whimper under the weight of the rest of me
But how much of it is responsibility
And how much true?

I know the phrase
"You're perfect as you are"
But it can't apply to everyone
Everything has exceptions
Even promises
Even truths

You say you care,
But you ask the wrong question
Not how couldn't you
How could you?
No one else does, after all
It's easier to follow the protocol
And let me fade back into the background
Until no one knows I'm there
Until no one notices I'm gone

Because no one would, would they?
I'm hardly and after thought
In others lives
And even though you say differently
And even if you believe differently
Someone else will catch your attention
And I'll be less than a wisp in your memory
A tendril of smoke
Not even tainting the air

The future wouldn't change,
The past won't be remembered,
And the present would be as it should be
Without me

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