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Worst Camp in the World 2 Part 3

Worst Camp in the World 2 Part 3

Posted July 1st, 2019 by Mr.Happy

by Steel
in Wisconsin

When his cabin mates got to sleep Jim heard the door open and close.It was hard to tell who it was. The person walked over to the sleeping people and kissed them all on the forehead. When he walked over to Jim, he saw it was bill. Jim slid down farther and pulled a pillow into his place. 

When bill pulled the blanket all he found was the pillow. Then he went out the door and it slammed behind him. Jim jumped out of bed and went to the door. When he opened the door Bill was gone. When he turned around he saw Will and and the others were gone. 

He looked at the ceiling and screamed. All four of his cabin mates were climbing with hands and knees on the slanted ceiling they looked at him and hissed. Then they started dropping to the ground and Jim ran out the door. Bill jumped down from the roof and came after him too. 

Jim took a right turn and went into the hoccer field then he turned left. 

“I can lose them in the woods,” Jim thought.

He was glad that he had pants, Because there was poison ivy. When he got into the forest the monsters climbed into the trees and jumped from branch to branch.

Suddenly one leaped down and grabbed onto Jim scratching him. Jim pulled out a knife he got for his birthday.      

He turned around and cut its neck. He pushed the beast off him and ran. One jumped in front of him and attacked. Jim kept running. Suddenly he tripped over a root and fell. He turned around and watched as the bloodthirsty monsters charged him. He crawl backward and ran into a wall. Suddenly a door next to him opened, a man was in the doorway and he was holding an ak47.

 He aimed the gun at the trees and with four quick shots four bodys fell from the trees 

“Get in here boy more will be here,” He said as he pulled Jim into the house and shut the door. 

“Wait there are more all I saw were those five”

 “Five? I only shot four” 

“I cut the fifth one's throat with this knife.” Jim tossed the man the knife. 

“But this won’t work for waves follow me,” He led Jim down a hall and into a room. When Jim got in he saw the back wall was full of guns. The man walked to one corner and got something off of the wall. He showed it to Jim, it was small shotgun. 


Then he gave Jim a pistol 

“Thanks, but why are you giving me this,” Jim asked.

“ Oh right, I’ll call the team,” he started to talk on a walkie talkie.

Suddenly three men and two women. 

“What is it Jack,” one women said. 

“Got another one, Callie 

Callie sighed “You tell him”

“Ok, this is Rex Grady, Dave Holt, Hunter Starling, Hather tod, and Callie Cobra, I’m Jack Hammer. We are exterminators and we want you to join us. After that volcano in california more and more monsters have come into our world.


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