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worst camp in the world 2 Part 2

worst camp in the world 2 Part 2

Posted June 18th, 2019 by Mr.Happy

by Steel
in Wisconsin

The nurse put disinfectant on his side and rapped it in a white cloth.

Just then Jim heard the bugle he started running to the flag. when Jim got to the flag  

The manager said. “It’s time to eat

Then he sent them into the mess hall to eat. As Jim walked in he didn’t feel like clapping. When he looked over at the staff table the nurse wasn’t there. He gave sigh of relief she was probably with Bill.

After they cleaned up they went out. Then the bugle called out.

Everyone ran to their flags.

“Today, Oh, wait tonight we are going to play hoccer,” the manager told us

“Yaaa,” yelled all the noncoms

“So let's head over there,”

A crowd charged toward the hoccer field. Jim followed too but as the went passed the nurse’s office he ducked behind the building. He spotted an open window and climbed in. It was a dark back room when he looked around in a bed at one Bill was sleeping in it. Suddenly he saw the nurse behind him

“Get out of here boy,”

“But I want to see Bill.”

“No buts, I told you to get out of here.”

“I’m going, ok.”

Jim started to the front door.

“Don’t go that way,” the nurse yelled

“I’m going if you like it or not.” yelled Jim as he stared at her.

“Who are you yelling at.” a voice behind him said

Jim jumped and turned around. There he saw the nurse sitting in front of a desk.

“How…” He said. Quickly he looked back the other nurse was gone.

“Oh, you wanted to see Bill,” she interrupted.

“ How is she doing this,” he thought, “She was just in there yelling at him. Now she wanted him to come in”

“Are you going to see him or not.”

“I want to go to bed.”

“Ok, bye”

As he thought it over he started to run. Suddenly he saw an invisible knife scratched a shape on a tree. He stopped and watched it. The shape looked like a double eye. Under that it wrote “I SEE YOU.”

Then it blinked.

Jim screamed and started sprinting toward the cabin. When he got to the cabin he raced up the steps and slammed the door.

When Jim calmed down he got dressed and got into bed.

Just then the door flew open and all his cabinmates stormed in.

“We needed you,” One yelled “We lost by three points”

“Uh, I ate too much and got a stomach ache,” Jim made up.

“Sure,” He said.

“I did too.”

“Ok, ok.”

The other boys got dressed and went to bed.

In the middle of the night Jim woke up and needed to go to the bathroom. He grabbed his flashlight and started walking to the washhouse. When he got to the bathroom he went in and found a stale. When he finished he went to wash his hands.

Then he looked in the mirror he saw Bill his skin skin was green and his eyes were white. Jim whipped his head around it was him. Suddenly Bill  pounced. Jim dodged and Bill hit the wall. He jumped to the ceiling and started coming after Jim. Jim started to run. He raced toward the door. When Bill got out he jumped to the ground and started getting closer.

When they got to the trees Bill started jumping from tree to tree. Jim was going so fast he didn’t notice Bill turn back. Jim ran into the cabin and slammed the door.

“What the heck dude?” Will yelled. “You woke us all up.”

“It wasn’t my fault a monster was attacking me and plus the door always slams.”

“Sure, you old loon.”

“I saw him with my own eyes.”

“Shut your mouth.”


“Shut up you stupid dumbell.”

Suddenly the door burst open. An enormous teenager stud in the doorway.

“You.” he bellowed pointing at Jim, “stop making noise.”

Then he grabbed Jim and through him against the wall. Jim hit the wall with a thud and fell to the floor. He waited until the big guy was gone and his cabinmates when back to bed until he climbed back into bed.


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