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Worst Camp in the World Chapter 1 and 2 REPOST/

Worst Camp in the World Chapter 1 and 2 REPOST/

Posted June 5th, 2019 by Mr.Happy

by Steel
in Wisconsin




In Minnesota there is a camp called Camp Lakeside. In that camp is a cabin named Mic Mac. In Mic Mac there are some bunk beds, a broom, a bucket, and some eyes. Jim and Tim were walking to camp. They were twins.

“We’re here,” called Tim. “I hope we get an old cabin.

“I hope we get one with a nice NC,” said Jim. As they came up to it, they saw a little shop. It was selling camp shirts, hats, spinners, and cards. They walked up to a person who was checking people in. She had a scar that looked like an eye.

“Hello boys, do you have your tickets?” she said.

“Yeah, here,” Jim said as he gave her the tickets.

“You both are in Mic Mac!” she yelled. As they were walking through the woods to get to the cabin, Tim stopped and said,

“I think we’re being watched.”

Suddenly Tim ran through the woods like a madman.

“What’s the matter?” yelled Jim.

“I...saw...an eye,” Tim cried. Suddenly he screamed. “I...saw...an eye on the wall.”

Then he fainted. Jim looked around. “I don’t see an eye,” he said. Tim got up.

“What?” he said. “I saw one on the wall!” Jim looked over. He didn’t see an eye on the wall. “I saw one on the tree outside of our cabin!” he cried. When they looked outside around the tree they did not see it.

“Come on!” Jim yelled. “Let’s get our stuff.”

“OK,” said Tim as he ran to get their stuff. They ran to the shop and grabbed they’re backpacks. They didn’t see the woman who had checked them in. She was gone. When they got back to their cabin, they saw another kid who was walking up the cabin. As they went into the cabin Jim said,

“My name is Jim and this is Tim. What is your name?”

“My name is Kim,” said the boy.

“Hi,” said Jim. “Let’s go down to the lake when we’re done.”

When they were done, they went outside. They were walking through the woods. Tim said, “Is it just me or is there an eye on that tree?” They all looked and saw an eye. Suddenly it started to fade. The boys came running out of the woods. They ran past the wash house and the mess hall. They got to the lake and grabbed their keys and put them on the board. They ran to the water. Kim pushed Jim into the water and Tim tackled Jm into the water. They start swimming to the raft. Then Tim said,

“That water was cold.”

“Do you know what lives in ice water?” said Kim.

“Ice,” said Tim.

“No, a fish called the ravager.”

Then they saw a kid with a life jacket. Suddenly he sank. Three seconds later a skeleton came to the surface. They looked around, then they saw shadows starting to swim around the raft.

“ravager! They’re going to eat us!” Kim cried. One jumped out of the water and Tim kicked it. Jim screamed,

“Help, we’re going to be eaten!” The staff ran and got some shotguns. They ran to a boat. They came out to the raft shooting guns at the water. Jim, Tim, and Kim got onto the boat and the monsters attacked but they were killed.





When they got to land they got changed and had lunch. They played a game. After dinner they were walking through the woods. Kim said,

“Sools come out at night.”

Suddenly they heard a shriek. Jim turned the flashlight around. They saw something heading toward them. They all ran to the cabin and slammed the door.

At midnight Kim got out of bed. He went outside and started to walk to the wash house. As he walked through the woods he saw the light of the wash house.

When he went in the lights were on. Suddenly the doors slammed shut. Then the lights went out. He screamed. Mist filled the room and the last thing he saw was an evil face. Jim and Tim woke up. Kim was not in his bed. They ran to the nurse’s office to see if he was there. He was.

“He was in the wash house attacking the walls. I made him go to sleep.”

Suddenly he shot up and started yelling, “Face! Evil sharp teeth, blood falling from eyes! Eyes...eye!” then an eye started to show on his forehead.

“What happened?” asked Jim.

“I went into the wash house and then all the doors slammed shut. Mist filled the bathroom and an evil face appeared. Then..” Then they went to the lake. They got on a boat and started to row to the other side. When they got to the middle of the lake Kim said,

“I think bone sharks live here.”

“Let’s go back!” cried Tim.

“Sharks don’t live in lakes,” Jim pointed out. Suddenly a bone shark jumped out of the water.

“A bone shark!” cried Tim. The shark jumped through the air and landed on the deck. The boys screamed. The shark bit a hole in the boat. Kim jumped in the water, then Jim and Tim. The sharks charged at Tim but he kicked it. When they got to land Jim said,

“We almost got killed four times.”

“Well we didn’t die yet,” said Kim.

Then they started to walk around the lake. They got back to camp without seeing a monster. When they got to the rope bridge, Time got on first, then Jim and Kim. There was was little stream in the middle. When Tim got in the middle Kim shouted,

“Look out!”
“What?” yelled Tim. Kim shook the ropes, and Tim grabbed a rope. Suddenly a bone shark jumped up and grabbed his legs and pulled. Jim and Kim came up and started to pull him up. Then the shark saw something and swam away. Jim sat on the rope, then tubes wrapped around his legs and he screamed. Kim looked down and he saw a rock in the water. An eye was on that stone.

“It’s a Sqid,” he said as he jumped down on the rock.

“What are you doing, you’re going to be killed,” cried Tim.

“I’m going to save you,” he said as he ran into the woods. A few seconds later he came out with a sharp stick in his hand. “All we need to kill him is a very sharp stick,” he said. He ran up to the monster then stopped. His skin turned yellow. When he turned around they saw his eyes were closed but the eye on his forehead blinked. Two more hands grew. He ran and jumped on the ropes. The Sqid pulled Jim into the water.

Suddenly Kim went back to normal. They went back to the beach. Then some hands grabbed the raft. Kim and Tim ran to the water. They swam over. Then they got on the raft.

“Let’s pull him up. You get the left leg, I’ll get the right,” said Kim. They started to pull. When they pulled up Jim, he said,

“Thanks, guys.” Tim said as grabbed his knife and cut the animal of his brother.

“Let’s call for a boat,” said Jim.


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