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Worst Camp in the World Chapter 3 and 4

Worst Camp in the World Chapter 3 and 4

Posted June 5th, 2019 by Mr.Happy

by Steel
in Wisconsin




When they got to land they ran to the wood shop. As they went in they grabbed some wood to makes some handles. Then they made the swords. They sanded, cut, and glued. “Let’s put metal on the outside.” The swords looked like they could kill someone.

“Let’s go to the woods,” said Tim.

“I hope we find something,” said Kim. As they walked through the woods, they heard something. “A Carma,” yelled Kim. “Get your swords out!” Suddenly a pack of Carmas jumped from the trees. They were like huge dogs with blood dripping from its fangs, More came from the woods. A bigger Carma camp up.

“I see you visited the woodshop, children,” said the Carma.

“Yes, we have and you’re going to die,” said Jim.

“How  cute,” said the Carma. The boys attacked. They went back to back fighting. Kim slammed one in the face. They slashed and slashed.

Finally the boys walked back to camp. They were tired when they got back to their cabin. When they went in they turned on flashlights. They saw some Sools. Suddenly the eye on Kim’s forehead lit up and a Sool went into Kim. Kim yelled,

“Stop, please.”

Two seconds later Kim said, “I am the Alpha and I’m not sorry to say you are going to die.”

“Make sure he doesn’t move,” said Jim as he ran out.

“How bad is that, you’re stuck with me,” called Kim as he attacked. Tim jumped through his legs and hid behind a bunk bed. Kim started to kick the bunk beds over as he got to the one that Tim was behind.

Tim jumped out and said, “Can’t get me.” Tim ran outside. Jim dumped water on him. He went back to being normal. As they walked to the mess hall for snack they ran in line. They had cookies and milk. They sat at the lake and talked.

“What are the woods and water monsters?” asked Tim.

“Well, Sools, Carmas, and the Zorx for water, the Vender, Sqid, bone shark, and Ravagers, said Kim.

“Venders?” said Jim. “What are venders.”

“Venders are little fish that dig into your skin,” said Kim. As they walked back to their cabin they heard a sound that seemed to say,


Mist filled the forest. A face appeared. “The face I saw in the wash house!”

“Well done, Kim boy, but what else do you see?” said the Zorx. Suddenly Carmas swarmed around the boys. Sools came down and went into the Carmas. The boys attacked but they could not kill the Carmas. The boys jumped into the woods and ran. The Carmas ran after them.

“Get to the lake!” yelled Kim. They jumped on a four wheeler and sped to the lake. Suddenly Carmas jumped in front of them and Tim drove away. They drove to the shotgun range. Jim and Kim grabbed guns and hit the road. Carmas swarmed. Finally they got to the lake. Tim and Kim and Jim ran to the water. The Carmas came after. Suddenly the Carmas were splashed with water and turned to normal.Jim started firing.

“You may have killed my Carmas, but you will die from my Lightning Monsters,” yelled Zorx. Clouds flew across the sky and rain fell. The boys ran from lightning. They jumped into the water, the bolts didn’t follow. Tim saw some lightning falling into the water. Lightning ripped through the water.

Tim yelled, “Get to land!” Jim got to land just in time. He look back and saw Tim scream as he was burning alive in the electric water All the people were running around. Suddenly a lightning bolt hit an old tree. Fire ripped through the wood. More bolts hit trees. Fire surrounded the boy.

“No!” yelled Jim.

The flames surrounded him and Zorx appeared in front of him.

“I got you now” Zorx said as he said this Kim snuck up behind him and grabbed him.

Zorx started drawing an eye on Jim’s forehead

“Go Kill destroy”

Jim got up and looked around and saw the fire and destruction and smiled. Then he saw a boy and his father tried to put out a fire. Jim leaped toward them he landed next to them. The man started to run but Jim threw one of the swords and it stuck into his leg. He fell onto the ground. Then he grabbed the boy’s head and stabbed the sword thought the boys head and dropped him.

Jim saw a pair of eyes looked at the fires from one of the cabins then disappear. Jim sprinted to the cabin and grabbed a burning log and cabin then he saw a gas can. He rolled it into the cabin and started running but the can exploded and it sent Jim’s body flying into the lake where it sank to be discovered another time.


The End





“Good story,” said Olivia.

“I’m going to write it down,” Roen said.

“Pass the peanuts,” Jack said.

“It’s time to go to bed,” Dad said. As Roen walked to the camper, I noticed some fireflies. It had been a good day camping and he wondered if this could really happen.


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Interesting end , or is this

Interesting end , or is this the begining?! 

Posted by fire dragon 74 on Wed, 06/05/2019 - 19:42

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