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Year of the Cat (One) (A Fruits Basket fan fiction and a Kyo Sohma love story)

Year of the Cat (One) (A Fruits Basket fan fiction and a Kyo Sohma love story)

Posted August 23rd, 2011 by writergal1999

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by Raven & Willow & Friends
in character while performing onstage with Aaron Tveit, George Blagden, Ramin Karimloo, Hadley Fraser, Samantha Barks, Sierra Boggress, Sutton Foster, and Willemijn Verkaik


    I'd been going to this one middle school with Hatsuharu, Momiji, and Kyo Sohma. Still not clear on the name, but it was a big public school in Tokyo. It was around Valentine's and I'd gotten all of my mates some chocolate. For some strange reason, Haru and Kyo had been really surprised. I'd gotten Haru chocolates every year before for four years, and Kyo was never really that excited when I gave him some (which was the year before).

    “Oh... thanks... Sakura-kun,” he'd said.

    Hatsuharu's reaction was completely different. He'd actually hugged me. “Thanks, Kura-chan! I haven't gotten anything in a while!” Haru told me.

    We'd come up with nicknames for each other (Haru-chan and Kura-chan). The last four letters of our names with the suffix “-chan”. It sort of sounded like we were boyfriend and girlfriend, but it was just easier to say than “Sakura” and “Hatsuharu”.

    You know, I should explain how I met Haru....

    When we were both around ten years old, I'd gotten lost on my way home from school. At the time, I was still living in London, so I'd spoken with a really obvious British accent. I often used British slang, too (Hold on... I still do that). While running around, looking for my flat, apparently Haru and his family was visiting mine (his parents were family friends), because I ran straight into him.

    “MIND!” I'd yelled before we both collided.

    He tried to get me off him, but since we were both from the zodiac, nothing happened. “I'm so sorry!” I apologized.

    “It's fine,” Haru said.

    Once we were both standing, I noticed we were both in front of my parents' flat. That evening, I saw him at my place again. “Hi! My name is Sakura Sohma,” I introduced, bowing.

    While standing up straight again, I accidentally hit him in the face with my own head. I apologized a lot. “You apologize for everything. I'm Hatsuharu Sohma,” he said, laughing.

    “Wow, we're both from the same family but I've never met you before! I'm guessing you're from the zodiac, too?” I replied.

    Haru nodded. “I'm the Ox,” he explained.

    “I'm the Panda.”

    “That's cool.”

    “Well, it's been very nice to meet you, Hatsuharu-san.”

    “Oh, you can just call me Haru.”

    “Okay, Haru!”

    I'd thought he was really cute at the time, but I fell for someone else before I was able to confess that to Haa-kun. Besides, with school, viola, piano, and flute practice, homework, and my friends, I had no free time. Ever. Instrumental practice were the entire weekend, and after six years of it, I was better than anyone else I knew.

   Anyway, back on topic. Momiji had gotten chocolates from my cousin and one of my best friends, Miyuki Takahashi (I call her Miyu-chan most of the time). She's the most amazing of friends, although all that came out of her mouth when it came to smart stuff was absolute rubbish. Miyu-chan enjoys making moves on guys our age, if they're single or not, and she's notorious for really popular boys getting off on her.

   Momiji had the hots for Miyu at the time, so he always bought her really expensive White Day gifts and such. No matter how much he spoiled her, my cousin never took the hint. Oh, also, you can't tell if we're related or not. I take after my mum while Miyuki looks more like my uncle.


   So, moving on.


    Kyo attempted to be around me all the time, and he sort of got in the way of me and Haru-chan studying. A couple days after Valentine's Day, I was practicing on my viola and my friend was listening while at the Main House, but then the Cat randomly came over. While playing “Für Elise” by Beethoven (yes, you can play this on viola), Kyo walked up behind me and stared at my sheet music. “Can I help you?” I asked.

    “Oh, sorry....” he said, backing off.

    I found this rather cute. Kyo was never really that awkward and shy, but this was new. Haru continued to organize my sheet music, trying to ignore the other Sohma. “Excuse me for a second,” I told Kyo.

    “Not at all,” he replied.

     What was going on? Had the Cat gone mental? He was never that polite. “Hatsuharu, what are you doing?” I hissed.

     “Nothing, I just feel weird! You've devoted most of your attention to Kyo, and I've known you a lot longer than him!” Haa-kun protested.

     “So you're jealous?”


     “You're jealous.”

     “No, I'm not!”

     I smiled wolfishly. This was my chance to tease Haru. He rarely went Black around me, so what was there to worry about? “You are, aren't you? You're jealous of Kyo because he's around me more often!”

    “No! I –– what do you mean!?”

    “You secretly like me, don't you?”

    “I like you, but I don't like you like you!”

    “YOU DO!” I insisted, poking Haru with my viola bow.

    He took my bow and viola from me. I tackled Haa-kun, trying to get my instrument back. It probably looked like a sibling fight to everyone else. Kyo awkwardly stood there, and eventually left. Eventually, I had the viola and Haru had the bow. “FOR YOUR INFORMATION, I DON'T PREFER PLAYING PIZZICATO ON MY VIOLA!” I yelled, hitting Haru with my instrument.

    He jabbed me in the ribs with my own bow. Since I'd been pinned to the ground, I had the chance to just hit Haa-kun so hard he just flew off me. But I didn't. Why, you ask? Because I'm nice like that.

    I continuously smacked Hatsuharu in the face with my viola, until we both tired out and stopped hitting each other with instruments. Panting, I put my string instrument down. “Be... be glad I don't play the tuba...” I said.

    Haru got up, still exhausted from hitting me with a viola bow. I stayed on the ground, since I was too bruised to get up. “You did well,” the Ox told me.

    “Yeah, but I don't think I'll be able to get up for, like, an hour,” I replied.

    Hatsuharu sat down next to me and started working on my sheet music again. “Let me see how you've organized it!” I insisted, trying to take my binder of music.

   “I'm not finished!” he protested.

   I tried getting the sheet music directly, but Haa-kun had an iron grip on it. Instead, I just pulled my friend's wrist until he fell over. I stopped trying to get my viola music back, since Haru-chan accidentally kissed me for a couple seconds before I jerked away, incredibly embarrassed.

   “Sorry.... I need to get home,” I murmured, getting up and running to my house.

   Once inside, I sank to the floor, my back against the wall. What was wrong with me!? How could I be going around kissing my best friend (Miyu-chan's my cousin, might I remind you) and then just leave!? I have problems.... But there are bigger problems than teenage dramas like that.






AN: Okay, you can clearly see that there's something between Haru-chan and Kura-chan, but it's not anything too dramatic... at this point.... They're both thirteen while Kyo is fourteen. It's not like there's a huge age gap. Also, Hatsuharu is working on getting Sakura's sheet music organized because she has a performance coming up. And Sa-chan doesn't hit Haru in the face with her viola string-side up. That would be painful. She's just nice that way, as said before. Please comment!

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