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The Yellers: Prologue

The Yellers: Prologue

Posted November 29th, 2017 by nataleegann

by DawnWriter
in Australia

A/N: I finished Nanorwrimo today! This is the prologue from it, it's short, but it helps give context to the first few chapters. I'm not sure if I'm going to post more on here, but I will definitely post a link to the book when I get around to editing it and publishing it as a free ebook or something.


“Welcome to annual meeting for the Undead, Soon to be Dead, and Risers of the Dead. Today we will be discussing the rules and regulations for rising humans from the dead. Does anybody have any propositions before we start?”
Pinnochi Blackheart fixed his tie nervously and stood up. “I have a proposition, sir.”

It had only been two weeks since Pinnochi had joined this association, but he was only there for one purpose. He wanted to found the Yellers.

“Speak and be heard Mr.-”
“Mr. Blackheart. Sir. I am seeking the support of the board to create a new wave of prosperity for the Risers. I have a team already being set in place to found this project. All I need is the board’s approval on it, and we can start within the week.”

“Do you have the paper’s necessary for approval Mr. Blackheart?”

“Yes I do.” More confidently now Pinnochi handed the Commissioner a stack of papers with the description of his project perfectly detailed.

The Commissioner quickly scanned the document. “We will review the document and vote during the next session. Is this okay with you?”
“Yes sir.” With that Pinnochi bowed and walked out of the great hall, trying not to reveal how much he was sweating. This was do or die. This project was going to be a huge success, he knew it in his heart. He just had to convince the board the same. But now, the decision was not in his hands. He had to trust that the board would make the right decision.


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